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Best Kwansaba Poems

Below are the all-time best Kwansaba poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of kwansaba poems written by PoetrySoup members

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New Kwansaba Poems

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What Cause, then by Leteng, Mpho
The Space Between by D., Nathan
Easter on the Cape Flats by De la Croes, David
Haunted House on Top of the Hill by Sivey, Russell
Sound Swells by Guzzi, Debbie
High TIDE that Binds by Mister ROBOTO, JSLambert
Is There Any Peace by Owens, Marty
LUCKY TO HAVE ME by curtis futch jr, kurtis scott aka
Pops Barbecue Grill by Pettit, Robert

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The Best Kwansaba Poems

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The Space Between

I gather up all of my courage
My gaze drifts to the evening sky 
All that space there between 
Alien visitation must be a lie 
The sun and moon still shine for us 
Eventually they burn out and die 
Everywhere a sea of murkiness 
With little spots of distant light 
No comfort in their glowing beacons
They lack warmth beyond their sight
All the wisdom in every book 
Can’t make sense out of a starry night 
We may someday sprint off this rock 
Conquer every planet to the last 
Our population my even explode 
An empire that will be unsurpassed 
The only thing worse than a prison too small
Is a prison that is too vast 

Dedicated to the Messiah.....He knows why 

Copyright © Nathan D. | Year Posted 2013

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'Kisses of the Rain'

After a night of rain, the sun, its shimmer, a welcome like no other. A new day starts with such promise, an array of flora across the pasture a gazelle leaping all over the place. The kisses of the rain still visible a delight for my eyes to behold.

Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2011

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Pops Barbecue Grill

Each morning just before lunch at eleven, I can see the black smoke rise. Pops has his large grill fired up. Chicken and ribs sizzle over the flame. Just come here to satisfy your hunger. Pops is not skimpy on his sauce. The man is the boss for cooking.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2012

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Unite and create a blue ribbon dance
Life spins so minute within dark space
Sync your hearts for its beat depends
On steps as one with ancient rhythms 
Feet once moved to drums long silent
Now ghostly bones just rattle a warning
Restore Earth’s faith or stay still forever!

(5/2/2016 – Kwansaba)

Copyright © Sun Woods | Year Posted 2016

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hey little black girl

Hey little black girl keep your head up and walk proud the ghetto cant break you 
and the hood cant make you who you are stay storng little black girl keep faith walk 
the walk of proud sisters talk the talk of black queens a man cant define you and a 
man cant break you hey little black girl only the strong survive like the color of your 
skin that runs like the blood in your body deep like the waves in your hair look up 
little black girl you only have to be you not them they or he can change that no 
tears little black girl your beautiful you'll see love yourself first and others will follow

Copyright © carmen perry | Year Posted 2011

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bolts of thunder light up the sky splash of colour visible as rain fall rain supply its own kind of music lyrics the trees sway and dance to as flowers smile after months of drought one thing on nature's mind is renewal it is time to enjoy every facet...

Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2011

Details | Kwansaba Poem | |

High TIDE that Binds

Rhythm develops 
heavenly thoughts
tones of home vibrate
livelihood exists inside
ambiance waves crash
tear shorelines
sliding through marinas
ships live n' die
by rhythm

high tide
to low the sailor knows
to schoon the great deep sea
respecting nature's violent blessing
the Bind that won't untie
excitement for the divide
all there
inside the rhythmic ride
arithmetic and music
cruising ocean blue
with the muse
the full moon at the side
providing just the perfect stride

Copyright © JSLambert Mister ROBOTO | Year Posted 2012

Details | Kwansaba Poem | |

Is There Any Peace

Weeping willow growing outside my office door
blows in the wind like angel wings.
Each wing unfurls as though taking flight
to some haven where there is peace.
And with this peace comes perfect rest.
The kind of rest given by God
as His gentle breeze blows this tree

Kwansaba-  7 lines with 7 words per line 
and no word has more than 7 letters.

Copyright © Marty Owens | Year Posted 2012

Details | Kwansaba Poem | |

Haunted House on Top of the Hill

Haunted house on top of the hill Scares many kids that sure walk by Ghouls and ghosts make their display known Deep inside this hold there’s all sorts They moan and groan and carry on Loud enough so many others may hear They bring life of misery to all
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2012

Details | Kwansaba Poem | |

Shiny Minded Stone

"What's your story?"
she questions,
"you seem interesting."

wildflower eyes
I reply, "NOW."                                                                    (Kwan$aba! Ha! Really, 

often people become confused                                                    
by such a unique response                                                            
not this one...                                                                                
she's a beauty                                                                       
shiny minded stone                                                                  
lives warm under veins
lacks definition of alone

tho solo she stands
tallest green blade
each time the oily blade passes above

she stays the same
tingling pulses exhale her pores
she'd rather sink
than have to think the way of worldly whores

malice skips her
no ripples in the lake
dripping from her face
sunshine slips across tangerine cheeks

gold flows throughout waves 
streaming locks
sky clear eyes surprise those
choosing to be consumed 
by her entice

hands free of envy
no webs to spin
hips unmolested
thighs slick

be warned
she will divide you
no voodoo 
or silly twisted games
though safe may escape you

the girl
baby of zero maybes
she knows

as clarity lent us its giant umbrella 
her lipstick smacked my tongue 
from there
we never looked back


Copyright © JSLambert Mister ROBOTO | Year Posted 2012

Details | Kwansaba Poem | |

Sound Swells

Dark skin sweats in a dark night
as around the fire, they drum on.
They drum their pain and their joy.
Red sparks fly birthed by the log.
Hearts entrain to flying palm beats.
Eyes closed adrift in the sounds swell.
Smack, slap, tap, ping, begin again.

White skins sweats in a dark night
joining each other in delight, drum on.
Dancers rise to stomp the dry earth.
Dreads fringe faces with coal black eyes
as golden locks and blue eyes smile.
Eyes closed adrift in the sounds swell.
Smack, slap, tap, ping, begin again.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2012

Details | Kwansaba Poem | |

Environments Verse

Can a word be just a tree?
Is a forest any form of poetry?
Where the soil adds imagery of style,
Rains make the flow of each line.
Light the feeling that reader reacts too.
Warmth of summer the deep rich stanzas,
Winters frigid ways the ending of strength.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2011

Details | Kwansaba Poem | |

Easter on the Cape Flats

On Good Friday after church we eat
curried pickled fish and hot crossed buns
and drink black coffee because we share
in the painful agony of the Lord.
On Easter Sunday after church we braai *
meat and drink like fish and rejoice
in the victory over death and grave.

* (rhymes with "bye" ) - barbeque / barbecue

Copyright © David De la Croes | Year Posted 2013

Details | Kwansaba Poem | |


am nices
so think twices
before dis repect
and don't forget
all i have for you too
just let me be
to my heart you have the key

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2012

Details | Kwansaba Poem | |

Fall of a Lion

Great lion who once ruled the land, you are a serf to your lord. Gone is your kingdom where you reigned. You now serve new masters these days. You fell from your once proud throne. Your home is now humble and plain. Among those who serve, you’re not alone.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2012

Details | Kwansaba Poem | |

What Cause, then

What cause to thrust me off my narrow road?
When truth, factual actual truth unto me bestowed,
In my inner deep’s deepness such sowing sowed,
What cause then, to have me in hysterics of unknown kind?
Far-off the clandestine black where my road I cannot find,
What cause then, to submit me not here?
Blind me blinded, stray me astray ‘cross clouded roads and rails untaken,
What cause then, Take me far forth and far hind,
Dare take me home faraway far and leave me far behind?
What tale told untold to my furthest mind?
A story I would rummage around and not find,
If stories consigned to me all on form defined,
What cause therefore, untruths familiar not to mankind
Will slay me gone as assigned?

What out-of-the-way cause graze me grazed a lot,
Undo me loose from the genuine ties of my destiny,
What greater sin than a man’s blasphemy?
If any to consume my inward person like the vile when Hades burn still,
If I know me well and I’m without doubt for real
Of how I would feel at the triumph of mine deal
What cause to trade the whole shebang, the lot I labored for?

If with a sweeping heart I sow firstly this seeds,
If too dearly deeds I give arms long,
That will make tomorrow a better day to gift infancy’s years the sunshine song,
For none cause, then has a better bottom than smiles of youth,
Than a walk of freedom,
Than the joy of the Lord,
And the delight of man in reassurance of God’s care for,
What cause then to rub in secular pleasures and hell a forthcoming?
If with this work abused hands I labor like man of roused moral terming
To concept a restored age bracket, a lot on the mend.

What cause, then?
Will divest me of my followed path into wilds deep
What cause to collect me into the sickening heap?
Tow me for its keep into grounds steep, 
For all I will sow is the same I will reap!
And my life then end fairly, and I’ll go to sleep
In the earnest hold of my ever alive redeemer!

Copyright © Mpho Leteng | Year Posted 2015