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The Kindness Wave

The ripples grow
When a pebble hits the water
The ripples grow
An act of kindness ripples too
When acted on by me to you
A wave will roll outwards on cue
The ripples grow

Contest Entry directly influenced by Debbie's Kindness Wave.

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Don't Take My Kindness For Granted

You think that you know me
But you don't know at all
Every day you say your sorry
After that I fall
I hate it when you lie
You think your doing good
When all you cause is pain
Just tell me that you hate me
So my life won't be in vein...

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Random Kindness Dedicated to Patti Smith

                                       Into the canyons,into the doorways,

                                       Dollar drunk,blind lady pleading,
                                       Blind eyes bleeding,closed eyes pray,  

                                       Heartless, heartless, heartless,helpless.
                                       Rich man ,wealth less,Oh Lord save him,
                                       Save them,wealth less,helpless,heartless.

                                       Sinners,savers,all one,all sons,
                                       All one,all one,all one,person.
                                       Random ,acts ,kindness heals us,
                                       Heals us,person, all sons, all one.

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The kindness of a stranger

Sitting on the bus with a
thirst. My little girl asking
me for a drink, yet I have
nothing to give.

A kind
stranger over hears. An old
lady with silvery grey hair.
She taps my daughter on the
shoulder with a bottle of spring

It is a lesson learned, giving
from the heart. Sometimes you do
not need to look far. The human
touch can still spill from the heart
with love, meaning so much.

My faith has
increased from that encounter, that
minute in the hour. With an old
silvery grey haired lady on the bus.

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The kindness Dept Collector

Like a store that sells all its good deeds in kind
There is nothing like personal dept to bind
Two people together, when one faces bad weather
Like a knot round the neck, always there to remind.

A silver-tongued fox might get what it desires.
It deceives and it lies and it cries and it bribes
It believes that it's tough, yet it’s not tough enough
As its strength comes from others, when it needs and requires.

What is your need, when you give to receive?
When your kindness needs earning, it's so hard to believe.
If you cant give for free, do you deserve that from me?
If that's true I will write a receipt as i leave.

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In the Queens' cloisters 
Lay a book 
A Book called Kindness and Love 
The greatest of them all 
For you cannot have Truth ,without kindness 
For you cannot have The Wise Way ,without love 

Such a book 
Resting on blue velvet 
Each page... 
Beaten gold 
Letters of jet 

This was a book 
More beautiful than the sky 
More magnificent then a castle 
Touched by a Heartstone 
Passed on by a hundred Queens 
A book , to learn by 

A page turned 
A new verse learned 
Pages turned for centuries 
Yet the book never ends 
Deep inside the message wends 
Kindness and Love 

I traced a verse, 
with a finger 
A strange warmth 
Whispered words 
Filled me 
Love too 
This is not magic 
It is love 
Felt by me 
Felt by you 

A Book of coloured sunsets 
Held in trust by the Queens 
On blue velvet 
A Book called Kindness and Love 
The greatest of them all 
For, you cannot have Truth, without kindness 
For, you cannot have the Wise Way, without love 

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Unfeigned Kindness

You have taken me places where my own abilities or lack thereof, would never have 
allowed me, your greatness going before me, preparing each step of the way.  When 
I arrive to the place, you have carefully readied, with my position secured, I suddenly 
discover that it isn’t about me, but for the poor, and needy.  I have with amazement 
stood by, observing the works of the kindnesses, that You have applied to the hearts 
and lives of many.  Your kindness compares to none other, untouchable. The 
beginning of Your tapestry, sometimes, frightening, sometimes, perplexing.  
However, the outcome is always the same, gloriously unfeigned.

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Your Kindness Is Nothing Less Than Perfect

My breathing's heavy and fast
I want it to always last
This feeling that I have
Is taking over me and grabs
My heart every day and night
When you are in my eyes sight
Emotions start to explode
Leading me way down a road
That ends with you close and near
But your not even aware
This mood and reaction
Is because of your compassion
That I notice every time
Someones day begins to shine
When you lend a helping hand
Picking them up when they land
Very hard from bad distress
Lifting them up from this mess
Doing it unselfishly
Setting pain and heartache free
Your aura surrounds my soul
And it's taken quite a toll
On me from the very start
And it's getting me so hot

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What is kindness 1

What is kindness

What is kindness?
Divine feeling of compassion?
What is kindness?
Willingness to help the helpless?
To the deprived, consolation?
Certain times, an affectation?
What is kindness?

06/ Dec/12
S.Jagathsimhan Nair
Form: Rondelet : - 7 lines,  Rhyme Scheme: A-b-A-a-b-b-A,  Sylls: 4-8-4-8-8-8-4.
For Debbie's 'Rendolets or 7 lines'.

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Killing with kindness- the road to temptation

When a man
hates the world soo much
and it is publicly known....

Isn't it society
whose job it is
to kill the demon with kindness?

and parties
and gifts
and happy smiling we love yous

Whean a man hates the world soo much
it is public knowledge
doesn't that mean he hates himself
so therefore killing him with kindness is like torture
and the greatest act of kindness is allowing him to do something kind for 
someone else
even if it is himself?

Look at Marilyn manson
Look at Aleister Crowley
look at Ozzy osbourne
did we kill them with kindness
Britney spears
did she do it again?

when someone hates themselves or the world 
and it is publicly known
is it societies job to kill them with kindness and how so?

surprise holidays?
and alas when they realize they have become the joke!
the joke where they plan to fail

when a man publicly hates the world
and knowledge of you killing with kindness is publicly known
who throws the first stone?

here i be dressed in suicide
dancing in the mud on valentines day asking why don't you love me?

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The Kindness,The Power,The Man

I once met this person who spoke to me he said 
"believe in what say it will be ok"
Although I  really couldn't see him to be honest
It was more like I heard him speak to me and say this
believe in what I say it will be ok and I saw a hand on my shoulder
This was the most perfect hand I had every saw 
But I must tell you my story of this man's hand I had brain surgery
On the day of my brain surgery he spoke to me when I saw they didn't get 
it all and I was scared and this voice told me to hold on and to believe it what I say it
will be ok so when I woke up I couldn't talk and the Dr. was there telling my 
husband that they didn't get it all and I laughed so hard tears came down my 
face my Dr. told my husband he needed to make me understand that I still had 
cancer but I already knew because HE TOLD ME IT WOULD BE OK now I didn't 
think that it would be easy to recover but I knew that he was never going to leave
me as long as I believed in him that has been almost 9 years my research says I 
have 11.6 years but he didn't tell me that and I have had several bumps in my 
road to life but I keep my eye on the sky and I pray daily and when I struggle
I just pray harder. My faith in him will never change.
Because He is the lighthouse standing up on the hill and just in time I saw the light from the old lighthouse. I know he is the light that shines from that old lighthouse. It sends out a signal that I might not sin. That is why I want let nobody tear down my lighthouse.