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-i miss u-::a poem 4 my friend ty in jail.::

when i write you
and you write me
it always makes me happy
happy to hear your doing alright
and happy to hear,
you get a good sleep at night.
im so sorry to hear that your birthday was so bad
hearing what they did to you
really made me mad!
hearing u got hurt,
really made me sad.
i just wrote this to you
to let u know i miss u
and i hope u miss me to!

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It's a Wonder I Didn't End Up in Jail -

When Popeye whipped Brutus's ass
I shoulda' promptly been sent to mass
Wiley C. gets flattened by a safe?
What a horrid, repulsive disgrace!
Elmer tried to murder Bugs Bunny
You laughing? You think this is funny?
When Tom tried to terminate Jerry
Were critics amused? Not very!

Cartoons were my video games
And yes, I am duly ashamed
One reaps what he sows as they say 
(But I think I turned out okay)

Yasmen's contest

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Oh Lord,forgive the arresting officer
who first caught me when I committed crime__
for destroying my future.
Again,I pray to blindfold the inspector of police__
that He may order police officers to delete my 
picture and name from the 'wanted persons list'__
Also, make lazy police officers assigned to arrest
me from my hiding place__
Jail changed my life!

chipepo lwele
*Dedicated to hardcore Jailbirds

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..jail house preacher man

jail house preacher man
ring the bell of freedom down
King's hallelujah

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"I'm told I'm free to try, so try I did,
    but then the shrewd wins with the highest bid;
        I'm tired of being told that I am free,
            living free is the worst jail term for me."

These were what our friend, Honesto had said
    to drunken ears of addled, groggy heads;
        teasing him, we laughed and shouted, "Come here,
            Philosopher, beat it, knock down your beer!"

We knew the guy was simply down and out,
    his eyes betrayed his raging silent shout;
        the gang screamed, "Why don't you give life a taste?
            Philosophizing's such a wasteful waste."

"It's best for you and us to laugh and drink,
    kick out them blues and woes, don't brood, don't think;
        cursing your fate and the world's but a trash,
            we've got our beer, brother, and lots of cash!"

"Tonight let's smash some doors and hit the road,
    rev up them hot engines, burn down the load;
        let's break some wise guys' ribs and crack a nose,
            a boring thrill, but man, that's how life goes!"

Honesto swayed, stood up, drew out a knife,
    and from his bleeding wrists oozed out his life;
        we thought it was just a quick tipsy trick,
            but he died, leaving us guiltily sick.


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Cook County Jail

I’m in Cook County Jail and don’t know why
All because of a devious lie
When I bend for the soap
It’s the only one not on a rope
The one eyed pirate gets a poke in the eye

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The Jail Bird

My room has been my prison cell 
many a day 
lying, sitting, sweating, crying 
it takes me at every turn 
alone, unkept 
a pig stay with no pigs
not eve a sound 
except keys and cans 
echoing across 4 corners 
my sad little prison 
my dog, the guard 
her collar jingles like the
tempo of a baton across spaced 
Iron, grinning like terrible teeth 
in the night 
the door is closed 
and I sit, looking for any exit 
the window?
to far, the knob?
to much work
I lay, I sleep, at, type this poem 
Repeat, the cycle of the prison

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Hey, I got a 
House but you still
Go to hotels
Now I am on community treasure chest
And you are way over there
Paying again

We seem to go
Corner to corner
But you been around
And around
When will you land on me

Hey, I got paid
This must be my day
I try to save my money
While you’re out spending
Honey, I know it’s just a house
But to me it is a home

I have a card that says get out 
Of jail free
Now where are you 
I still have 200 bucks
And it adds up to a lot

And now I got my 
Train together
And you are off
The track and in jail

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U CAN PUT ME IN JAIL but u cannot stop my face from breaking out

I am so mother ******g fed up
Fed up with an overflowing cup
Filled with ******s who open their mouths just to prove how stupid they are
The one’s who can’t even twinkle yet think themselves a star

I am so ****i**ng fed up their galactic depravity
Women who think they are angels but are defied by gravity
They can all kiss my sexy white ass for all I care
Because these women make their feelings clear

They’re all the greatest, the smartest et. al.
And when asked to leave, while rejoicing, I shall
Ms. Perfect, Ms. Intelligence and Ms. Hypocritical Jew
Oh, and don’t forget the bi*ch Ms.“I don’t want to change you”

They should all stick their fingers in their mouths to muffle their verbal vomit
And as for me I want to vomit because their intelligence is as rare as Haley’s comet 
My last “client” at least paid very very well
However  I would rather be destitute then to become Mr. I’m married to Ms. Hell

Then there is the latest pool who phools only number one
And believe me, with all the lies about not changing me I wish I had me a gun
She shoots off her self-serving lies with an agenda apparent
And quite evidently she makes as good a lover as she does a parent

Sorry baby, but you’re simply the latest lady lacking a brain
Another imbecile who let love eddy down the drain
And honey there are thousands of you………… Ms. Stupidity
But baby, unfortunately for womankind there’ a precious few of me
  © 2012.…..Phreepoetree ~free cee~
 pad and float away FREE CEE

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we got locked up
stuff  and cuess
it was by sungun
who try tomake us run
yes we ring the bell
cause it was hell
in a