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**Example for my contest.**


chirp chirp!

Visions of my past why are they following me?

Leave me the h3!! Alone,

Let me be, earth is my home. 

I am not willing to fly free allowing my deception to roam free.

A passion I no longer see.

I find myself lying on this grass all alone.

Tears caused by my saddened past.

How can I hear the ocean waves, only trees surround me?

A life I cry why me? 

I have no guide to show me how. 

I have been all alone before age of one. 

I have nothing to call my own. 

What is that chirping sound? 

Allowing me to live knowing my mother, did not care. 

An embryo in her womb, safe in your care. 

My mother's destruction pulled me out of a life that was not for me.

Where is my guide?

Crickets chirping soundly, how is that supposed to comfort me?

Do you not care for me? Why do you send the smallest insect to laugh at me? 

Every time I fall to the ground, a chirping is the only sound. 

I'm not ready to be rescued, I have not found my final stop.

Why is this insane insect in front of me?

Is that an annoying sound just for me?

What a silly way to show me who and what you can be!

Thinking of you in the biggest form.

An insect I can hardly see.
Why did it not come to me, on wings?

Do you mock all those times I fell on to the ground? 

It was not the ocean waves I heard. 

It was always the sounds of millions crickets around me. 

Showing me your power can come in any form, shape, and size. 

Next time sting your way into my life like a bee.

.                  By; p.d.
~~LOL, my worse poem ever~~
~~LOL, what was i thinking~~

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A Hug for the Bug

Many insects creep upon this earth, and hardly anyone refers to them as “nice” or writes a poem reflecting on their worth! Spiders sometimes make me jump as if they were small mice, and how repulsed I feel to see cockroaches or lice! How many cute soft cuddly insects can we find? Worms are soft, but cuddly? I don’t think so! Which bug both cute and sweet comes to your mind? Well, Butterflies are lovely; fireflies have a nice soft glow. But the one that comes to MY mind I bet you know! She is a lady beetle, and when she lands on me, I do not flinch or swat at her or gasp out “Ugh!” People like to count her spots. A lucky one is she. Protecting crops, she is well liked by farmers. What a bug! If she were but my size, I’d give her a big hug. Written 4/16/13 for Francine Roberts' Whimsy in English Quintain Free Poetry Contest

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a brown and curling maple leaf hangs suspended mid-air
in the clearing by the lake, transfixed by the view and kindness 
woven within the web, it watches the gentle rain fall

within the transparent lace-like web, it curls inward
its only movement seems a solemn gesture of reverence
with its last bit of I, it sighs, what better place to die

shielded from the gentle rain within the prayerful curl of sable leaf
the spider waits for the Autumn wind to tear them free, to fly..on
to see the conifers green among the forest's rise

brisk winds rent the leave from loom and upward rise the pair
a spider spinning on the sable leave of maple anchored by a strand
as we our spirits torn, are reborn, within the clutch

the center holds sound its claim nature's umbilicus, man
like the spider's leaf born flight, we seek on unknown winds to rise
gentle the breeze or harsh the Fall's feverous gale, still..we rise 

*sijo string

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When a Man Loves a Woman: A Male Black Widow's Perspective

Gladly would I die
for your love, my dear...No! Wait!
Just kidding! Just kid...

For Andrea's 'Show me the funny' contest

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Rain Spider

At the stump of the fig tree
where sweetness and fragrance
have long departed
a rain spider has built a nest
of autumn-dried leaves
covered with a blanket
of delicate silk.

I stand and watch
the little spiders
coming out to play
in smooth fur jackets - 
first, a game of tag
and then a fencing game
with slender long legs.

Soon they will spread out
and scurry around in the hunt for food;
raising neck hairs and bring shrieks of terror
as they intimidate nervous children and wives.

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Strange Bathfellows

A spider traipsed onto my knee
While I was reading in the bath
Though most might jump and scream and flee,
I just gave a little laugh

A baby Daddy Long-Legs!
(Though really, 'twas just a son)
I shooed him back onto his web,
And continued reading on...

*title is a spin on "Strange Bedfellows" ;)

*Lessons in life are funny contest entry

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Random Steps of Elephants

I know not where a beetle goes,
to destinations random? 
A blind alight, or stranger yet
a path that is predestined? 

And armour-plated passes through 
the singing songbirds innards 
Triumphant on the other side of 
this warm dark world of gizzards

With eggs deposited within 
a most unlikely borrowed womb,  
finds shelters from the the famine 

It is a triumph seldom told 
or seldom quite imagined. 
That safe from harm 
and safe as ants 
from random steps of elephants, 
this tomb becomes a womb 

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The Spider

Hello little fella! hanging down from the roof 
Idolizing brave knights quite similar your spoof

Oh going to weave again? Or it's just for fun?
Little feet you have, working under the bright sun

Running back and forth, driving professionally 
The transparent lines made by your work patiently

Finishing your web to become firm like a wall
Though many times to encounter error and fall

The center point of abode certainly transform
Quirky wall especially in night ready to form

Calling the attention of your favorite meal
Uncomfortable gun target the prey to kill

Your strange beauty tailoring your suitors to loom
An angelic quietness of yours preparing their tomb

The pure work, modest tricks obtain your victory
But move amiss, foes eat you complimentary

Working hard endlessly can't stop the wind and rain
Your brave spirit and entire strength ignore the pain

The Spider by Elai Cee for
"Along Came a Spider Entry Poetry Contest" 
under by Suzanne Delaney

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The Still Spider

A spider on a web I once observed.
I thought about how patient that she seemed
just sitting there so still and unperturbed.
That spider was a clever one, I deemed.

And then a tiny insect came along.
I knew some action I was soon to see!
The little bug did not look very strong.
Once caught inside the web, how could he flee?

I watched with growing interest as the bug
stopped moving. Surely he was stuck, I thought!
That spider only had to give a tug
to get the tasty morsel she had caught.

A slower death the bug would have instead.
It seems the spider sitting there was dead!

For PD's Anything Goes #25!!

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The Ladybug

Eight dark spots
And a faded orange shell
Against cream fabric
On my pillow