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The New Poet

~Life Support~

Welcome New Poet To Poetry Soup, 
I offer you a warm smile, in hopes you come back another day.
From the moment I spot your name on the new poet list,
I roll out the welcome mat, in hopes you will stay
I am not  afraid of you, I will approach you, and say hello
I will Annoy you, until you stop by and say "YELL-OW!" 
Please have patience, when my ink has no flame
Don't be intimidated by The Poet Destroyer's name,
I'm sweet looking like a lollipop, and fun like a kitten
"Warning!" Don't get too close or you'll be totally smitten, 
You can choose to adore me, or instigate petitions of envy
Even then I am a friendly poet, protected by God's loving levee

It's time to introduce myself, call me Linda, or PD
Unless, you're in constant warfare for the dominance of poetry
Then by all means, express yourself retard-ly  
Verbalize my name, in any which way you like
Call me The Poet Destroyer, when tapping the mic.
All though many here know I'm more of a Poet Supporter 
A comment crusader, a poetic hoarder
I have no shame in my game, 
I give, I love, I treat everyone the same

Unwind, Enjoy all the Xoolness coming your direction
Inspiration, Contest, Friendly Poets, Poems, and Dedications
I am not a mentor, I'm not a preacher advocating the perfect poem
I am me, original as can be, in time you will seek out my troupe
Reminiscing, over the time I was your first,
Regale me with loving respect, don't judge my hunger and poetic thirst
To all the new poets, I promise, I'll be faithful and follow you like a star
Unless, you forget to put gas, while side-showing in my crystalline car

Don't worry, New Poetic Poe, I got your back
Taunting you with a copy paste smack
Call it a "--Statement--" call it what you want
I call it, Love From PD, enjoying the community 
With a simple hello, and peace out spree
CONGRATULATIONS, to all who made it through the years
Ain't nobody here worth more than you, and your poetry
Take this time, and introduce yourself my new friend
Remember New Poet:
If it weren't for you, this place would be 2005 all over again

Always & Forever 
Age Of Poet Destroyer

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God's Hushed Hello's

When I smell a scented flower,
or touch the petals of a rose,
I feel I'm touching God's face,
And hearing His hushed hello's.

Listen closely and you will hear,
God whispering to you in your ear.
There is no place you cannot go,
without His voice high pitched or low.

Next to a thundering waterfall,
God's powerful voice can be heard by all.
He speaks to you wherever you are,
by a bubbling brook, or a sky full of stars.

To hear God's laughter and merry mirth,
walk through His gardens here on earth.
Where butterflies and bees buzz and flit around.
Listen and feel God's Spirit, dancing to their sound. 

In splashing rain, or sunny skies,
in singing birds, or smiling eyes,
God's presence you will sense and know,
when you stop and listen for His hushed Hello's.    

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Hello, January, We Need To Talk

I've been waiting up late for you,
watching the clock like a featured film.
Suspense waits no longer.
Here you arrive at 12 am
with a firework's bang.
At this hour,
this is your greeting?
Hello, January,
we need to talk....
I haven't seen you in months,
and you come barging in.
You come on so strong,
but sometimes you can be so cold.
You let me down last time you were here,
like torrents of hail and snowy hills.
Snow can be fun, though,
and you did warm me up
with hot cocoa and a blanket.
Thanks for your reviving comforts.
What I'm trying to say is
that I've missed you,
and I forgive you.
I hope you can forgive
my past as well.
I'm sorry about my negative attitude
and my disorganization.
We should go on walks more
and eat healthy meals together.
I promise I'll be kinder,
and I'll try to appreciate
all the good you offer me.
Can we now start anew?

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Wise Old Owl

Perched upon my window seal while looking up at the moon
I was listening for the night bird's song when an welcoming
"Who", echoed across my room.

Hello Wise Old Owl, with your bright eyes and gentle call.
Tell me how to achieve such wisdom sitting in the trees
that stands so tall.

He turned his head and again he gave a "Who".
You, I said, Your the one I am talking to.
Don't you have any words of wisdom for the one
sitting in your presence and talking to you?

Another "Who" danced into the air and just then I realized
why he didn't share. It wasn't because he didn't care.
He is the keeper of knowledge in the forest place and he
charmingly protects the animals from the human race.

I understood his wisdom and questioned him no more,
and wished the Wise Old Owl a goodnight before closing
the window and heading to bed, across my creaky floor.

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He said, I said

How the housefly gets attracted to organic decay and an infant child traces the voice of its mother are nothing compared to the intense attraction Michelle and I possess on the guy owning not a strand of hair on his head but is in command of all forms of feminine arousal Our weakness was too glaring; our lust, too embarrassing the chance to act rare and expensive we've lost. All we've got is to dance to the tune of his authority as he smiled and consented to our 'not so hidden' desires. Now, he walks straight at us his every step, an additional load on me I seem to carry the entire solar system on my chest. My heartbeat, pulsations and breath are as loud as a live rock band "I've never seen you here is this your first time?"......... He said "Yeah, actually!".................. I said. My friend and I responded simultaneously our answers gushing out like a group of running horses, mine seem to carry more weight as it tames any challenge from hers. "So, how did two love Angels fall in such an unworthy place as this?"......... He said "How unworthy?"........................................... I Said. I've championed the game of words and emotions and just as what inevitably defines the day is sunlight so is my testament. Michelle showed glimpse of disapproval to my replies but my exclamation of her name gave adequate caution. "yes, this place is unworthy, because I need to pass through seven Oceans and seven hills to see someone like you"........... He said. "Then you'll never find me there. I'm not a specie going extinct." ............................ I Said. The gods of luck have smiled on the Lions once again in preference to other cats. The father of favour, shaking hands with the Eagle while by-passing the other birds. This is my exact situation as jealousy builds a castle in my friend's heart. "So, what's your name, sweet damsel?"...... He said. "Anna"........................................................ I said. This is a familiar routine, his plan is as detectable and as obvious as watered grass but letting it turn green is what I must not allow so that the security of my reputation is not compromised. "Anna is a lovely name, do you like poker?"........ He said. "No, I don't!"........... I said. The looks of my friend, spoke 'awe' mine replied in aggression then she flowed in complete understanding on its message on not acting cheap especially to the one we've shown so much likeness. "So what do you like?".......................He said. "Going out to the Cinema or the beach or engaging in salsa".......................... I said. Already scoring goals and dominating the game, I felt my opponent was completely toothless and flattened. But playing along is my aim to make him beg on his knees which adds to my fame. "Can we try any of those sooner?"......................... He said. "How do you mean?"............................................... I said. Another punch brings about another shield and sometimes a strong defence feels more fulfilling than a heavy attack. "Let's go out to the movies this night"............. He said. "I'm busy tonight!"........................................... I said. It feels like punishment to him but he takes it like a challenge and this keeps me far from winning. Being on top is my birth right and a step lower is deemed a sacrilege. "What about going to the beach this weekend?".................. He said "I'll be out of town"................................................................. I said. Persistence could be rewarding but my protective walls are just too thick for any form of penetration; too high for any form of infiltration and too deep for any form of condemnation. "Then, when would you be free to teach me Salsa?"............................ He said. "I'm not stable, neither can I determine my free time"..................... I said. The game of attack and defense is never absolute as the attacker may fall victim of a rare counter attack or the defender, gets wary of his defense with no chance to pull an offensive string. Either, ending up as the vanquish despite the brilliant strategies being set up. "Michelle, are you also unstable like Anna?"...... He said "What!"............................................................... I said. Envy plans on a historic transfer while my friend poised not an aota of difficulty and this makes me extremely furious. She was just at the corner waiting for this opportunity and even before it avails itself, she snatches it into her well guided belongings. Looking at both in confusion and disappointment; they share contacts and crack jokes. "I'll give you a call this evening".................. He said Nothing I said because now, Michelle is running the show.

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She's Gone For The Day

You could see the look in her eyes                  
why'd you look away too soon?
Now you realize           
that she's gone for the day
and before you could say something to her.

You could  read her life in her eyes
why'd you look away too soon?
Now you realize that she's gone for the day
and before you could say something to her.

Time how it flies! How it flies!      
She was gone, before you realized!

You could have the love in her eyes 
But you look away too soon
Then you realize that she's gone for the day
and before you could say something to her.

Time slips away, slips away.
She'll be gone before you think of anything to say.

You could have the love in her eyes 
But you look away too soon
Then you realize that she's gone for the day
and before you could say something to her.

Yeh she's gone for the day 
and before you could say something to her.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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WHEN TEARS TOUCH II Sitting lax, Speakers on ears: "(You should know better) Dream of better lives the kind which never hate (You should see why) Dropped in the state of imaginary grace (You should know better)... ...I'll stop the world and melt with you You've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time..." Then Immediately it stopped cause... [Fasten your belts please.... In five minutes we will be landing.] --------------------------------------------------------- Back, left and right, I walk and glance to search more than five feet tall girl with long jet black hair. She said she will be in purple collar dress With that one in a million glossy awesome smile. Here there and everywhere, my eyes and feet run 'round Tiger eyes seeking at the sea of crowd on the lounge Picturing a tall fair man with some bluish eyes in her mind. He told her he will be in his khakis and blue sleeves My heart flutters high as I pass a gaze with each man I see My diaphragm seems to work twice than usual as I spree. Palms began to warm though outside a shower of snowflakes.. My throat gone desert dry as I am excited of the sight... Around are persons saying warm hello's and some are hugging Each one busy on little chitchat at the lobby ground While some are still carrying some of their bags and luggage. As it's worth the wait... worth the solitary wait... My cheeks and nose turning smokey rosy drifts [as there in the left end corner is he} Thunder eyes sparkle a blinding light [as there in the right corner is she] Wide smile formed in two thin lips showing white teeth Arms and hands on tidal waves as they are running. running. running... Running half-way... Even the ticking clock halts to watch.... Black and blue eyes locked in one steady stare 'till they stopped face to face eyes talking as they shake hands tight eyes and hands together, no one breaking free Seems they are the only ones there Uncaring the others, all smiles then one moment tears of joy touch as they embrace... Soppy eyes converse. Dreaming of better lives the kind which never hate The kind that never had been blemished by such evil from the world Dropped in the state of imaginary grace Shall never try to be that unkind, Instead, this heart pumps to unfurl... _________________________________ *the song lines comes from the MODERN ENGLISH SONG: I MELT WITH YOU © Olive Eloisa Guillermo and James Andrew Fraser Written November 6, 2014

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don't be afraid

I live to please you, 
I live to see the best in you
You and I are the best match
Havens have open mountains
Heavy rains ought to end us
But don’t be afraid

I have created tents to keep you safe
The safest place for you is in my heart
Where only my thoughts and blood play
My blood oozes with oxygen and love
Don’t be afraid this love is forever

I have devoted all my love to you
The clouds have surrendered its beauty for us
This is all for you
So don’t be afraid

This is the love that children will fantasizes 
This is the love that you wished for
Your wishes have come true

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----verse 1
Sometimes some things just happen.
Sometimes we need a touch to help us get by.
When it's not there we wonder why.
I know your hand is lonely.
It's in your touch I see it there in your eye.
All I can do is wonder why.
Why can't we get together?
I don't know.
How did you touch me? I don't know.
If I could reach your mind Maybe we could find it.
But I don't know.
I'm just your Walmart girl.
----verse 2
Smiling is tired and lonely.
There's no tomorrow when there's only today.
It's just a way to get us by.
Scanning goes by so quickly
While I search for words to ask you how you have been.
Then it's too late -- you're gone again.
Why can't we get together?
I don't know.
How did you touch me? I don't know.
If I could reach your mind Maybe we could find it.
But I don't know.
I'm just your Walmart girl.
I'm just your Walmart girl.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Hello to You

When my day is hectic and busy
My head spins and I feel dizzy
Or in the quiet of my solitude
Sometimes I think of you

Just a pleasant little thought
Knowing that I don't but I ought
To find a way since it's been awhile
To say hello and share a smile

Hoping all is good and well
Wishing that your feeling swell
Knowing time just runs away
Remembering you when I pray

So I stop to write this poem
Seeking words like a lost coin
Into the cushions of my mind
Trying to express what I find

Nothing said can replace
A happy meeting face to face
But until that day comes true
A very loving "Hello to you"  .

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Thanksgiving Poem

The Indians and the Pilgrims.
We children do thank.
They've left us with more
than turkey and swank.

They taught us to share
from the Big to the small.
They remind us accept
that there's difference in all.

They taught us to sit
next to strangers we meet.
They taught us our history
depends who we greet.

They've given us fashion.
Put feathers in caps.
We've learned to make buckles
and pants held with straps.

They've surprised us with syrup
they tapped from our trees.
Then added to recipes
of bread just to please.

They've shown us the way
from the fields to the streams.
Made settlements neighbors:
Lands, honeys and creams.

They lived out their life
making each man they meet
look richer by far
just by going up to greet.

Remember to thank them
and ask them for more
because they taught us what giving
and sharing is for...

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Hello, January

Where had you been, we were so keen,
To feel your touch, we enjoy you so much.
‘Til ke Laddu’, ‘Pinni and Kachodi’,
‘Gajar ka Halwa’, ‘Garmagaram Pakodi.
Sweaters and shawls, quilts and blankets,
Everybody is packed in socks and jackets.
Cold wind that blow and faces that glow,
Noses turned red, dandruff that spread’.
Resolutions, commitments and preparations,
Dear January, You are full of celebrations.
You bring with you, lots of things to do,
Hello January, we welcome you.

Date - 18/01/14
*Til ke laddu- eatable balls of seasame seed.
*Pinni- Eatable balls made of wheat flour, lots of dry fruits and ghee (melted butter).
*Kachodi and pakori- Two Indian snacks.
*Gajar ka halwa- Carrot pudding.
*Garmagaram- served hot.

{ These things loose their taste if I dare to write them in English--
 sorry for the inconvenience caused to my English friends.  :(    }

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I am quite the courteous gentleman Not the kind who sends naughty lines; Still, this pretty girl was winking, was I naïve? Being a new guy in the neighborhood, I waved; trying to be nice like Mom said I should. It began with her offer, coffee in the main room Ending with touches and flirting… the rise Of my blood a seismic boom! Clothes ruffled As my hands traveled along her skin, Before I knew it, we were reeling on the floor. I didn’t know her status; she didn’t wear a ring But she seemed playful and thrilled to hear My breath heaving. Then, the front door clicked; A man crooned, “Honey, I’m home.”I suddenly froze while posing behind a tall figurine. Rushing out, the oldest couple from a distance pressed, “Hey Miss, your black stockings are on your neck!” Dr. Ram's Contest: Honey, I'm Home by nette onclaud

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Please Help Me, Re-lyric

Please help me, I've fallen
In Lust with You.
You're just so damn sexy,
That's why I'm hittin' on you.
You don't have to love me,
Some good sex will do.
Please help me, I've fallen
In Lust with You.

Yes, you turned me on
When I saw you walk in...
The face of an Angel,
A body just made for Sin.
Now, I may be real horny,
But one thing is true:
What would satisfy me, Girl
Would be to satisfy You.

So please help me, I've fallen
In Lust with You; 
And I hope that you're fallin'
In Lust with me too;
But if not, then please fake it,
Please don't leave me "blue"...
Please help me, I've fallen
In  Lust  with  You.

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I am but an entity in a vast universe,
human in form, of female persuasion
I breathe, I walk, I run and I talk
of my skin I guess label: Caucasian

I wear a few flaws upon my form
though to some they aren’t seen as such
My attitude much depends on yours
though kindness may ignore verbal punch

I try to treat my fellow human friends
in a way that I’d like to be treated
but I’ll not become someone’s doormat
of this, a warning… not repeated

Brown of hair with two matching eyes
…though at my age grey hairs shine through
Mother of two, grandmother of nine
Great-grandmother of more than a few

I am an accumulation of many things
from birth to this point in my life
I’ve welcomed growth within myself
riddled with life’s conflict and strife

Of the spirit within there’s much to blend
with living challenges thrown in the mix
yet still I’m a soul with infinite life 
that’s constantly in need of love’s fix 

I am a unique and complex gal
labeled and numbered in my world
but none of these can define who I am
I’m still a bloom not completely unfurled

And…In this life I answer to Debra 
© Debra Squyres

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Pretty Love

Pretty Love
Kind touches
Sugar Hello’s
Melodic kisses

Swift feet that run towards peace
Ears that hear that the innocent ones have been released
Eyes that see the goodness in increase
Arms that reach out to embrace and greet

Handsome hearts
Gorgeous souls
Two minds have met
That has made a whole

Lovely is their morning song
Kindness subverts all wrong
How long is long

Forever and a day

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Haiku Wind

         Haiku Wind

To the ground a dive

Hawk, Squirrel struggle soar down

Sky ground merge…. end there

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Hello and Goodbye

Hello and Goodbye The final story of Life As Time marches on Its irreversible path That can never be erased

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Hello January

Hello January, my old friend
Did another year so soon expend
It happens to fast to comprehend
I hope this question does not offend
What oh January do you intend
I hope that you have come to mend
A life which seems but to descend
It's all my fault I will not pretend
But tell me what your days portend
Am I to fall or to ascend
Whatever comes I won't contend
With a newborn and dear old friend
I'm with you until the end
Oh January my old friend

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A Visit From Mother

My mother comes to visit me
I always look forward to what will be.
Leaves of red and brown, as it is fall
Her presence here makes me feel small.

I know she loves me, for that is true
“I’ve come to have a talk with you.”
She tells me dad is doing well,
I know she’s happy, I can tell.

She then asks me how I have been
I respond to her with a wide grin.
She talks about my uncle too,
“He always says he misses you.”

She says that she’s been working hard
Taking care of the house, and also the yard.
Silence echoes as leaves fall from the sky
Now it is time to say goodbye.

I call out to her and ask for her to stay
But she lays flowers on my grave and walks away.

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Angel Words

Angel Words

Luminous sieved light 
through window’s canopy
has moonbeams shifting
silver lights on all below

A draft of cool wind
bringing a chill to skin
acknowledges your presence
as the night begins
An unseen source
stone cold and pale
it’s touch extending hope
that it finds you well

A whisper of words
uttered in your ear
a guiding voice from one
that holds you dear

©Debra Squyres  

Inspired by a picture
of a sculpture. Do not know how
to post it lol   Hope it stands alone well !! 

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if you are a teacher sing this to your class to punish them

O geometry O geometry how lovely are your angles!
polygons we love to tile!
polyheadrens make us smile !
O geometry O geometry how lovely are your angles!

             make sure to sing it nice and loud
                   so they ALL can hear it!!!

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Linda-Marie, my sweet family

Forever my BFF

Your heart
Your smiles
You cared, when others wouldn't 

You are one of a kind,
No one here will ever come close, to the beauty from your heart
Linda my bff, I miss you, and I wish you were here
You made this place a better place
You made this place shine

One day my friend, I will see you and again, 
In a place, where you are the Angel
Welcoming me' for a second time, 
Holding the door to another home, as you did here on the soup.

I love you my BFF Linda-Marie.


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nothing to say

i love my girlfriend
i cannot overstate how much i appreciate those who care about me

you all, and many others, have saved me

i have nothing to say, and i am but words

wipe my tears away
and smile when i laugh

regardless of who you are
or what you are

let us find the truth.


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Vous pouvez sentir l’amour

Je me sens quand nous nous
et quand nous nous


Pour moi,
juste l’odeur de vous cheveux
mon amour pour toi


*Pour la fille Francaise