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Premium Member Poem | Details | Hello Poem | |

The New Poet

~Life Support~

Welcome New Poet To Poetry Soup, 
I offer you a warm smile, in hopes you come back another day.
From the moment I spot your name on the new poet list,
I roll out the welcome mat, in hopes you will stay
I am not  afraid of you, I will approach you, and say hello
I will Annoy you, until you stop by and say "YELL-OW!" 
Please have patience, when my ink has no flame
Don't be intimidated by The Poet Destroyer's name,
I'm sweet looking like a lollipop, and fun like a kitten
"Warning!" Don't get too close or you'll be totally smitten, 
You can choose to adore me, or instigate petitions of envy
Even then I am a friendly poet, protected by God's loving levee

It's time to introduce myself, call me Linda, or PD
Unless, you're in constant warfare for the dominance of poetry
Then by all means, express yourself retard-ly  
Verbalize my name, in any which way you like
Call me The Poet Destroyer, when tapping the mic.
All though many here know I'm more of a Poet Supporter 
A comment crusader, a poetic hoarder
I have no shame in my game, 
I give, I love, I treat everyone the same

Unwind, Enjoy all the Xoolness coming your direction
Inspiration, Contest, Friendly Poets, Poems, and Dedications
I am not a mentor, I'm not a preacher advocating the perfect poem
I am me, original as can be, in time you will seek out my troupe
Reminiscing, over the time I was your first,
Regale me with loving respect, don't judge my hunger and poetic thirst
To all the new poets, I promise, I'll be faithful and follow you like a star
Unless, you forget to put gas, while side-showing in my crystalline car

Don't worry, New Poetic Poe, I got your back
Taunting you with a copy paste smack
Call it a "--Statement--" call it what you want
I call it, Love From PD, enjoying the community 
With a simple hello, and peace out spree
CONGRATULATIONS, to all who made it through the years
Ain't nobody here worth more than you, and your poetry
Take this time, and introduce yourself my new friend
Remember New Poet:
If it weren't for you, this place would be 2005 all over again

Always & Forever 
Age Of Poet Destroyer

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Goodbye Moon Hello Sunshine

Adoring the night skies, tried to reach the moon
Within my universe I spread my thoughts
The inspiration floating through your beautiful noon

My days may be soon gone like a fading fogs 
But not for my night which always lingered by your magical motion
Within my universe I spread my thoughts

The colors of those verses are the rainbow of your creation
Even night might lullaby you too fast by its tender grace
But not for my night which always lingered  by your magical motion

Day is your strength which I borrowed to enlighten my moon in  phrase
Your day may be lingered for greeting my beautiful night
Even night might lullaby you too fast by its tender grace

You may say  bye to your sunshine and hello to my moonlight
Night now begin to caress through your sweet wonderful dream
Your day may be lingered for greeting my beautiful night

Day now is opening my window towards to the memory of your sweet sunbeam
Night now begin to caress through your sweet wonderful dream
Adoring the night skies, tried to reach the moon
The inspiration floating through your beautiful noon

January 11, 2013
Dedicated to sweet Richard Lamoureux who shines my moon through his warmth reflection and wishing him a gorgeous day for his beautiful sunshines

Premium Member Poem | Details | Hello Poem | |

Goodbye Sun Hello Moon

As I say bye to the Sun I greet the moon
It's the end of another day
Winter is here so our visit was short
I hate when the Sun goes away

I trust it to Yanny on her side of the World
She patiently waited to start her day
The moon was her companion
Thankfuly she sent it back my way

The moons lesser light
Is not it's light at all
It has been borrowed from the Sun
A mere reflection of perfection
That's meant to be shared with everyone 

I smile at the Moon
Yanny greets the Sun
It's time to put my computer away
I say good morning to Yanny
And wish her an extrordinary day

Dedicated to Yanny a Ray of Sunshine from the other side
of the World. 

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Hello, January, We Need To Talk

I've been waiting up late for you,
watching the clock like a featured film.
Suspense waits no longer.
Here you arrive at 12 am
with a firework's bang.
At this hour,
this is your greeting?
Hello, January,
we need to talk....
I haven't seen you in months,
and you come barging in.
You come on so strong,
but sometimes you can be so cold.
You let me down last time you were here,
like torrents of hail and snowy hills.
Snow can be fun, though,
and you did warm me up
with hot cocoa and a blanket.
Thanks for your reviving comforts.
What I'm trying to say is
that I've missed you,
and I forgive you.
I hope you can forgive
my past as well.
I'm sorry about my negative attitude
and my disorganization.
We should go on walks more
and eat healthy meals together.
I promise I'll be kinder,
and I'll try to appreciate
all the good you offer me.
Can we now start anew?

| Details | Hello Poem | |


goodbye i'd rather die stay away from me from my abandoned arm
it's taken way too long to say so long i finally know this is wrong in my arm you don't belong
you wher my friend for years drying all my tears numbing my fears
this will be harder to turn away but i'm sorry i'm searching for better days
you cannot live here anymore for there is somerthing else i adore
never leaving me wasted on the dirty floors you've done nothing but complicate me
finding the sinner withen mechewing me up spitting me out leaving me exposed and in doubt
i tried to hide you but you were on my sleeves more and more
the days got so hot i just forgot to cover you up
people could tell how much you really loved m,y by the tracks on my arms
they could tell how much you made me feed youby the bruises counting the number of uses
i was driven by your emptiness your nimbness i was raped by your security
now i'm driven by someone elses this is no gamecall it lame you make me ashamed
ashamed to know i trusted you all i wanted to do was die with you
i just want to try a new and see what's it's like sober
we can no longer sleep together no matter the beautiful sunny weather
i am gonna start over and learn how to grow older so goodbye to you please stay away
forgat my name forget your game having something else beside me 
for my sobriety will never lie to me never hurt me never desert me 
your every promise empty you've taken all my money it's no longer funny saying it's better
than sweet sweet honey 
i get so sick after your every prick you're never enough making my life extra hard
only satisfied for a few then back out searching for you only i can let you in
somehow you always seem to win all the dreams i had were taken away
it seems in just a blink of an eye then you find me and i'm all scattered and torn
feeling so good after trudging through the hood i sit with your company and drift off
addicted to the unknown that has always been shown now i'm flushing you out
i'm brushing you off it's my time to shine thanks for the memories i'll bury them with you
don't you get it you're all alone you creep around like a stalker i'm prepared for you
hear my words get go be gone now i'm strong and you're dead wrong 
someday i'll shine and sobriety will be mine

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There sits my bonnie girl, frilly, lacy, all pink and pretty She boasts of an enviable collection of cute stuff - all Hello Kitty! A pearly, stone-studded shiny pink Kitty bracelet With matching rings and hair clips to tame her silky ringlets, A stylish pair of pink comfy kitty flip-flops To go with her smooth stretchy night wear tops! A sassy little Hello Kitty cross-sling bag she wears Pairing up with chic pink-framed kitty glares, Kitty pencils, erasers and rulers in a well-stocked tuck box Her fancy kitty pouches and folders she invariably locks! A multi-compartment kitty wallet to hoard her loose change All geared for summer with her Hello kitty swimming range, A glittery Kitty lunch box to pack her school snack As she sets off with her pink kitty back pack, Water tastes better in a kitty sippy water-bottle Pink all the way, for nothing else she'll settle! She'd paint the world kitty pink, if the choice is hers Well, I wouldn't be surprised if one fine day she purrs!! 19th Jan 2013

Premium Member Poem | Details | Hello Poem | |

'Hello Chris' - dash or no dash

Anxious looks and sweaty palms I am sure there is no need for qualms This man might be a mystery Surely there is no need to feel so jittery Eventually he showed up I was staring at him over my coffee cup Nowhere near to what I imagined My mom always said it’s wrong to sit and examine So tell me Chris, should I remove those dashes? Or will my poem end up in ashes? By: Wilma N. Neels
Contest: First Words over Coffee - 5 Couplets Only 7th Place

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High wire acts, of the acrobats....

Born into the family, of what has always been

Welcome to the nighttime, in the days of sin!?

Creased and folded handkerchiefs, to keep the dust at bay

Hands reaching as they turn, from within their open graves....

And now watching from afar, those ones who knew?!

Carved into their shadows, this black and blue

Waiting upon the platforms, with their bleak made eyes

Dulled by the flavours, of such crashing skies....

High wire acts, of these acrobats

Tumbling and falling; spinning, into what has always been!?

Calling wrong numbers, in this world, of sin....666....




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hello hello hello

Hello hello hello
Can you see me?
Darling please
Just look at me

Did you forget?
What we had
Did you forget?
That I am yours? 

Months ago, just a few a years ago
I thought we were friends forever
Now days ago, just a few hours ago
I was forced too let it all just go

You me took me in
Forgave my sins
Then broke me down
Until I was fragmented 

You didn’t give a thought
To the strength inside my heart
You were weakness pulling me
I was alone, and I almost caved in


| Details | Hello Poem | |

Farwell 2011 and Hello 2012

In a wink of an eye 2011 went by
Wasn’t it just yesterday I gave 2010 away?
2012 is now replacing you
There is still is so much I wanted to do 
Ooh well I am not in a hurry
Because if I do
Time will be very blurry
A lesson learned well
Carefully taught by 2010
Timing is everything
What, How, Where and When!!!

2011 I thank you
You made me see what is true
I am grateful
Explaining to me how to be faithful
To the teachings of life
So 2011 I say Farwell
To you my dear good friend
With all my heart
I’ll cherish every moment in time we spent

2012 in a week you and me will finally meet
I am pretty sure
Our time together is going to be SWEET
2011 has been talking a lot about you
Dreaming of the things we are going to do
Can’t wait to get to know you
What will you bring me?
Where will you take me?

2012 I am ready for you to show me
Everything you are supposed to be