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Below are the all-time best Golf poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of golf poems written by PoetrySoup members

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A golf limerick

While a man was golfing in Fife
a funeral cortege was arife,

       his head bowed in prayer
       at this somber affair

to pay last respects to his wife!

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A Better Putter

A Better Putter

I have an iron which is a nine
Which some say has become benign;
Balls have been slow as molasses
So I had to take a couple of classes.

From the whole course I got cut
Because I never learned how to put.
And you should see the terrible scar
When they beat me for not making par.

All my balls were up against the wall
Until I saw a great, gorgeous gal;
Should we play around for a while;
She sure had guessed my golfing style.

To avoid all of the trash and clutter
I then tried to buy a better putter
But on course dead body does remain;
All my drives had driven them insane.

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A Golfer's Tale

Was out playing golf just for fun
With Father O’Toole in the sun
When club from hand burst
Hit priest as he cursed
And I hit his first holy one

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A Day on the Golf Course

He excitedly grabbed his bag of clubs,
 He drove to the course that day.
 He had no qualms about not going to work
 He merely wanted to play.
He briskly walked to tee number one,
 He smartly teed the ball.
 He swung his driver with gusto immense
 He never saw it off the tee fall.
After time he realized to his dismay
 The ball lay right by the tee.
 He never did completely understand
 Why the ball did not speedily flee.
After quickly replacing the misplaced ball
 He gave it a hearty blow.
 He watched it slice off into the rough
 Where he never intended it to go.
This first hole ended with strokes very high
 It actually was only the first.
 It made him soon begin to think
 He probably should have better rehearsed.
In actuality he should have at work stayed
 And completed those unfinished tasks.
 He probably will this message convey
 In case anyone ever asks.

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"Golf Ball"


                                                     I'm two inches wide,
                                                  and can drive a person
                                                insane. I roll my own way
                                              even slower in the rain. I am
                                             always still when you need me 
                                            too. I spin and slice when not hit
                                           right. I can hook and dive and go
                                           out of sight. I can drop on a green
                                            if the golf gods are there, or I can
                                             land in the sand if they choose or
                                              even care. See a golf ball is bad
                                                and can make a man sad. But
                                                  for a hole in one, I would be
                                                    very happy and oh so glad.

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Golf Limerick

There was a man from faraway lands.

He held a golf club in his right hand.

He said this to me.

What is that I see?

No club in your mitt, or ball to hit.

-For Contest Golf Limerick

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You’re in Palm Springs, not much to do 
But golf and get some sun
Hop on a cart, still almost dark
Get out and have some fun

Line up your shot, you’re feeling hot
You try hard not to push
But half the time, like you were blind
It ends up in the bush

You curse and swear like no one’s there
Dig up a chunk of dirt
You hit a house, feel like a louse 
Thank God no one was hurt

You hack around, rip up the ground
The hole seems ’way too small
You miss your shot and swear a lot
This is no fun at all

Every shot’s worse than the last 
No matter how you try
They don’t go where you want them
It makes you wanna cry

Your buddies laugh, you stand and chaff
You ask them what’s so funny
They grin and say, “Looks like today
You owe us lots of money”

Finally when you make a shot
You think you’re getting hotter
You rip the next shot long and hard
Straight into the water

Every shot makes someone smile
Somehow it’s never you
A foursome comes up from behind 	
Asks if they could play through

You shank and pull you slash and slice
You finally get around
The only part that you enjoy 
Is when you’re homeward bound

You practice ‘til the sun goes down
Determined not to fail
The more you try the worse it gets
You just groove your slash and flail

Today I had a real good day
I’m happy as could be
Had lots of fun, me and my Hon
Stayed home and watched TV

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Hyperbole is a spots cast
Announcers have egos so vast
My ears must have rest
From this lambasting pest
Collection of morons amassed

Author's note: Is it getting worse, or is it just me?

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"Chasing that White Ball"

A strong passion of mine in recent years 
is being on a golf fairway...
Its a place as other golfers would agree
is an escape from stress of every day...
Its definitely a whole new kind of stress
but a hand full of good shots brings smiles...
The friendships found, with either lawyers
or doctors even the bartender who hits it a mile...
We are all even on hole number one with jokes
and caddyshack quotes as one putts on the greens...
The passion for golf runs straight through my soul,
a good or bad day my smile still gleams...
Even if tired or worn out after a long day at work,
nothing stops me from making that four pm. tee time...
Either on a Myrtle beach well groomed course, or 
public one with divots and a green you can't find..
There is no better place to be then standing in a tee
box with your driver in hand..
A full swing on beautiful blue sky day and hopefully seeing
where your ball will land...

"Passion Pit" contest by "Sweetheart of Poetry Soup" Linda...

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A Golf lesson

Over fifty years have passed,
Tho’ it seems like just the other day;
My father gave me golf clubs,
“It’s a game you need to learn to play.”

He said, “It’s very difficult, but so is life.
There’s more to learn than grip and swing and rules,
Like honesty and dealing with adversity;
Then, pointing to his head, “… and how to use ALL your tools.

Play the Course… and Mother Nature…
Focus on just one shot at a time;
Try to learn from each of your mistakes;
Then, do your best to leave them behind.

These clubs will teach you more
Than our ‘man to man’ talks.
This you'll learn for yourself,
So you can “walk the walk.”

“Practice makes better, but not perfect.
And always remember what they say:
‘”Golf is not a game that we can win.
It’s just a game we play.’”

His lessons served me very well,
Took them to heart and played the game.
And life is much like a round of golf.
Despite the bad shots, I’m always glad I came.