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Details | Fruit Poem |

Year One

Year One

Tell me Eve,
Does this Garden have everything we need?
Do you think the walls are too tall,
Are the gatekeepers reasonable, tolerable, right about it all,
What did Lilith know, where did she go   
Far past the mountain snow,
Why does Father insist that we do not bleed,
Why does he profess perfection like a pantomime
Only to reinforce rules that stymie our affection,

The Angels are so quiet around the pond
Musing over our naked naivety
Smirking about our romantic creativity,
I hear things in the shapeless distance Eve, things colorful and unbound,
Father says I'm a feral in my desire, doesn't know if we will shine,
I want you to be mine, out there Eve,
Where the stars seem nervous for our redemption,
Let's roll Eve, take that scroll,  
In our dawn there is no wrong, no ruinous toll,
We're gonna start a New Age,  
Year One, a couple that courage stole....  


Adam, I don't know what I need, what I feel?
Know this, these walls of beauty feel like prison
What is father's real intention?
I'm aroused by the eternity, and divinity around the fountain of youth
Our father is the only one that knows what the future holds,
Do you think life will hold back and not evolve if it's only you and me?
Adam, our father seems to be a bit greedy
He is the Omega, he will bring us Revelation, 
Life is not intended for just one man alone
For, look at the outcome when he got bored of the dinosaur
Right now we have no madness, no reason to cry

Adam, do you sleep well at night?
Father created me to become your better half 
The essence of love eats at me before dawn hits my eyes, 
These walls talk, they paint a glorious picture of everlasting life in heaven
I am not ashamed to bleed, I am hungry
The tree's whisper words, that tempt the most discerning palate
Institutionalized we are, my husband you will follow leaving everything behind
It's not the nudity you will desire, it's the need to breath from the same rib
We need to touch, we need to reach, we are one
These walls of grace, haven't been tainted by sin
Our Father knows, I, Eve, will allow temptation in
I will take the first bite, from the life that will bring us death
I will swallow the knowledge in hopes one day our souls will exceed his light
Right now all I feel is the truth, and yet I yearn to know what Love really is
Adam, take my hand, let's roll the dice, and find another fitting paradise
Let's take that scroll you mentioned while pleasing my ears
This place does not fit us no longer

For at the end God, will see it is I Eve
Who will bare all his children, plus his ghost
A holy feeling that will wash our daily sins 
When we choose to believe, 
Then and only then, our Father will welcome us home again.

A poet's collaboration by: Adam & Eve

Details | Fruit Poem |

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden fruit is sweetest, or that’s what they all say
So I thought I’d give it a try and went for some today
I didn’t know just what to choose something firm and hard or what
So I thought I’d take a sample of everything they’d got.

There was some really hard ones, some were ripe and very sweet
But I chose one in the middle and it looked good enough to eat
I caressed it very gently and waited for it to please
I nearly didn’t go through with it, I was really gonna tease.

My taste buds are not set for sweet they prefer something more savoury
But no I stuck to my guns but I want no awards for bravery
I took one that looked just right, its rich colour tempted me to bite
But have you ever bitten a persimmon, that isn’t really ripe?

It sucks the moisture out of your mouth and covers you teeth in wool
Believe me you just try it; I am not giving you any bull.
Now for those that thought the fruit, would be some other man
Maybe that’s on my ‘to do’ list, before I kick the can……….LOL

Shame on you all, for all your naughty thoughts
Especially for those of you, that can’t keep it in their shorts
To all those that do struggle, to keep the forbidden fruit at bay
Just remember the persimmon and you will never rue the day.
© ~GG~ 4/12/2012

Details | Fruit Poem |

The Cherry Kiss

                                           Closer closer now
                                  Just a touch to the lips dear
                                          Cherry flavor kiss

                                          A little touch love
                                   Delightful fruit 'on tongue
                                           Cherry favorite

For the contest:
A Fruit Kiss

Details | Fruit Poem |

How to Haiku

I tried to find a consolation
                to my frustration

saying to myself that it's not a question of whether it's right or wrong, maybe it's just different. But this constant-reiteration is like a surgical interruption of the nerve tracts of my shrinking brain; once again I make a prefrontal leucotomy to myself  just to avoid the cognizance of my reprehensible ignorance or my negligence

It's neither traditional or contemporary 
nor proper or improper
it's just the prosaic practicality
of a pro-preposterous absurdity

But who am I trying to fool using pretentious and alliterated words? 
How difficult is it to accept that I can't write a haiku?

I know it's unfair to quote out of context but when the master Issa said 
"[...] try to forget all of the rules," he was wrong
I tried it before and I could only get unrhymed footles

The king of fruit, nah!
No metaphors until I could understand what "absolute or deep metaphor" means
To be or not to be a watermelon
No personification allowed
Watermelons rhymes with fellons, nah! 
Those Watermelons...nah! No Caps 
Oops! The kigo! The season word! 
Easy: watermelons are the most popular summertime fruit!
The Kireji, my "cutting word" is typical of an IQ above 140: a knife!
My yuxtaposition: another geniality! 
The watermelons are...are you ready?
The watermelons are yuxtaposed in a "pile" 
side by side one upon the other, showing their differences
5,7,5: 17 syllables! 3 unrhymed lines without a title! I did it! With my own hands!
What a joy!

those watermelons cost ten cents more than a knife the fruit prices rise
I captured the precise moment in which "I" realized that the watermelons cost 10 cents more than a knife! Aha! An instance of apprehending the true nature of fruit prices to raise awareness and a recognition of its essence, which, in this case, is the watermelon scent. Also, as the way the economy is going, everybody can relate to it: a universal haiku! Original focus/experience/clear images/perfect! If somebody has the audacity to haikuticize ME, I can still play the card up in my sleeve:Creativity! Creativity in arts: my undeniable power of unrestricted use to determine...whatever! to transcend traditional ideas, rules, concepts, and whatever! to create new forms: an 8-lines-Nonet, an unrhymed footle, a 17 syllables-Sonnet (Rubenserian), or whatever! A Whaikutever! I think I've created a new form... I(Me)am so talented!

Details | Fruit Poem |

Paradise Lost

Before the days when man first sinned
Angels traveled upon the wind
Everything magic shone in the night
Fairies fluttered, wings shining bright

Eve was perfect with long flowing hair
Sensuous body, delightfuly bare
Adam's body strong, he was a sight
They played by day and made love at night

Everything perfect, living in the trees
Yet trouble called upon a gentle breeze
The serpent said taste, this fruit so grand
Eve so entranced, she ate from his hand

She saved fruit for Adam, he took a bite
The garden went dark, no more magic light

A sonnet in The Wind Contest.
Written September 9th, 2013
Sponsored by: Poetess Darkly

Details | Fruit Poem |

Out of the Sun

             in the sun 
              to long
 The skin became the bark of a tree
 the soul turning to brittle scars
 for uncaring worlds to see.
             my face
            is a pile of 
           old owl bones
sewn into banks of midnight creeks...
even the plump, over ripened ones 
no longer look at me...
but if their car was desert flat,
their oil grim reaper black
they'd paint a wormy, water colored  smile...
slide it through my barbed wired heart
so long as I could spin the jack...
so I spin it until their potholes turn to satin-
              in the sun
               to long
the mind has smoothed over 
like pebbles in Saturn rings..
a forgotten spice in the conversation of life
an hour later the word snuggles up to me

Tomorrow or forever( which ever comes first),
I'll stay wrapped inside
till my skin turns back to ivory
to an easter egg yesterday 
to a time of bouncing ball and spinning jack,
when the mind was a great silky nest...
the face a flowered meadow place 
where watercolors swirled all day, 
the heartworms kept at bay.

I'll stay hidden within the briar, 
till the jewels of memories sooth 
every scar - every stripe,
the molten knots of cruelty,
till the sweetened fruit reclaims the tree.
until then only my curtains breathe...
       ...stayed in the sun 
              to long

Details | Fruit Poem |


luscious fruit of the tropics sphere-shaped, tapered, oval-faced beneath the sun dripping yellow; tangy as the taste of a kiss braised by mouths that crave for its moist sweet marrow... peeled from its curved bodice; sucked juice trickles from the canvas of skin lingering from the very stem that dangles and anchors the nape for a voluptuous season of wild forest heat: sliced, striped , tasted by love's scent—the pulp bits ooze—like varnished ochre that unravels the golden blooms beside it ,filling hungry vessels of tongues: the melting ankle of husk peels slowly as wedges ripen to expose the bulbous tunnels of a seed in a burst of aurora... a mango like this lives inside our own season, succulent as earth's cream relishing every drool of caressed, passionate noon in flushed amber sensation. Colourful Verse: Charlotte Puddifoot 4/ 14/2014

Details | Fruit Poem |

The Forbidden Fruit

Eve presents the fruit, the forbidden fruit A special unknown fruit from that one tree A fruit that God said one should never eat Then the snake came to shower the fruit free Nothing bad, he says, will come from eating God didn’t want the power to be known The snake explained that they would be as God Satan showed his ploy so well, he has sown We took the fruit and ate it and life changed We now have knowledge, of good and evil Pain and hatred also came along too All that is bad sure did come to reveal God cursed the snake, that of the devil’s tool But we must carry our sin for all time The curse from the first bite that we did eat And it wasn’t worth the pain we aligned God was quite disappointed with humans Hating to give us our just punishment But we were now found walking with figs on Ashamed of not doing God’s commandment To this day we are filled with sin each day Starting right from the first couple’s mistake Now we must wallow inside their bad choice Suffering the punishment we did make
Russell Sivey

Details | Fruit Poem |


Self-gratification is the fruit of one's love,
making the artist's delighted face glow...
when every vision has been achieved,
and each intention joyfully revealed.

He will envision the shape and colors,
then transfer those images to canvas;
and with the gentles strokes of his brush...
real faces will appear and suddenly blush.

Thinker and dreamer, let passion and imagination flow,
don't be distracted by worries or external sounds below;
work diligently with your brush, transcending your own credibility...
but later, it would be too hilarious to scream out your insanity.

Self-gratification is the fruit of one's love...
that enduring, timeless legacy hard to ignore;
when others show admiration, you'll be so pleased
and motivated to add more laurels to your prestige.     

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Details | Fruit Poem |

PAINTING: Fruit Pickers Under a Mango Tree--1937

Golden gleams of rays lend a refreshing glow
to leaves that wink and glimmer green
Breeze and shade cool fruit pickers' brows...
a laid back afternoon
for sun-kissed mangoes and Filipina beauties

**inspired by Fernando Amorsolo's 
"Fruit Pickers Under a Mango Tree"
-- he is known to be the painter of Philippine Sunlight