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Maybe You'll Laugh


I need you like I need air
Close my eyes, your face I see
An unexplained obsession



Long distance relationships
Test the limits of the mind
When bodies can't touch in person
Thank God for web cams



An arrow to the bullseye
A basketball to the hoop
Whichever game you're playing
Give it your best shot


I jiggle when I wiggle
I got some bounce to my ounce
Having sex is not sexy
Porn is deceiving



If I could have some ice cream
With a piece of chocolate cake
Cover it with caramel
The perfect threesome.



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Sugar and Spice

Spicy experiment! 

Victoria secret bra
Love, toy with hidden pleasure 
sweet surrender to my taste 
grenade ecstasy. 


Spicy taboo!

Sticky forbidden kisses
buffalo breath down my neck 
leak like a water faucet
time to get a fix.

ladies'  CONTEST!

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of love of war

of love of war
the staff of a prophet, seen fairness not imagine, sings shouting out, obscenity recognized, yet in search of fame, seeking stance the moment arises, seek of voice of power, godsend renown supremacy, yet prophet not acknowledged, kept desire of a great life, sought skill of voice, articulate hardly ever, cheek no longer free, famous self seldom bite snarls dogma, link of country of faith, kinship all that’s true, fair play desired fame acknowledged, pent the home front, covetousness war or peace love or hate, just yelp puppy love, nice _________________________| Penned on September 28, 2014!

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Ru-Bee-n and the Dove


                                Broken Butterfly feeding
                                on nectar from my flowers
                                _"These are my...Don't bite me...Ouch!

                                I will keep my proboscis
                                and my stinger for the spring
                                when the Maltese dove returns
                                Charmaine, where are you!

Ruben Ortellao

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Those Old Cold Men of the Woods

Against a night frightened white, a tall tree stands - skeletal - transfixing me one winter on my woodland walk. Small trees surround the tall one. They extend icy fingers as if to help point me out to the taller tree. The hairs rise on my arms as I view the long black limbs of those old cold men of the woods reaching out for me. For the any poem contest #2 Poetry Contest

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Chasing the Dark

O’ dream, of the languid night I chase the dark to find you…. Do you also wish for love this lonely hour? There is darkness on the stairs, but I will gather the stars, The moon will be my candle- I tread unafraid With the friendship of the night I tread these stairs in silence- moon and stars my companions, until I find you
_____________________________________________ Carrie Richards 9/17/11

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The Colour of Love

The Colour of Love

Kaleidoscope of spectrums
On the outside... looking in
There’s only one colour—Love—
Bound by prejudice.

Archaic transmutations
Bequeath this cancerous blight 
Upon each generation
For mass genocide.

Rose-coloured glasses can not
Tint the mind of the insane…
Only the revelation 
Of true love unveils.


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Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours
Autumn’s rich brilliant palette, showcasing a masterpiece of fiercely blazing colours - boastful foliage!
Leaves through a kaleidoscope, pirouetting in wind-blown gowns of gold, orange, brown, red - Oh! Autumn colours!

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Face to face body leaning
Clothes flying fast to the ground
Breath becoming loud and quick
Disappear in love

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Dodoitsu Collections

Drink It Up

Optimistically seeing
A new hope for the future
Sip from love while it's pouring
The glass is half full


Born as a caterpillar
Cocooned by the world changing
Emerging into beauty
Butterfly kisses

Music Man

You sing musical kisses
Captured me with melody
Hanging on your every word
Lyrically lovestruck

Posing in designer clothes
Perfect photo shopped figure
Cover of a magazine
Teenage beauty queen.



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Graceful woman with long hair.
Eyes turn in her direction.
Gold rests upon her finger.
No trespassing sign.


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Blinking and Winking

a new riddle for the Sphinx concerns terrorist high jinks when our free-world countries blink does bin Laden wink?
*For John Freeman’s Dodoitsu contest

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Seaside Love

On our skin gleams pearl white sand
in the sheen of setting sun.
From sea deep as our love - come
waves caressing land.

For Brian Strand's
A POEM YOU LIKE any form/theme MAX 7 lines Poetry Contest

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Green, but No Envy

Had my hair color treated To surprise the wedding guests Shock came at the rehearsal Groom wanted to leave His once-blonde bride had green curls She’d been hoping for brunette Oh, how the bridesmaids chuckled Wig worn at wedding
Sadly, a true story. By Carolyn Devonshire For Dr. Ram’s “Wedding Rehearsal” Dodoitsu challenge

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Red Sun

**Sun Tan**

Forceful ray printing dark skin
Sunbathe, aquarium sky
Peaceful trace beautiful line 
Sun comes alive

**Hourglass Horizon**

We sit embracing sweet time
Beautiful amber lit eyes
Red dawn mist, loving moment
Holding mommy's hand

SPONSOR: Russell Sivey

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The Money Tree

Economic woes had struck

She couldn’t feed her children

Purchased a small “Money Tree”

Hoping it would grow

*Entry for Francine’s “Flowers, Trees, Grass or Bees” contest

The "Money Tree" can be found in California.  It’s actually a rather small tree similar 
to a bonsai.  Photo of the Money Tree can be seen at:

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White Wedding

Confetti flutters the sky
A bride dressed in pearly white
Footprints pave bright virgin snow
Steps to her future

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Loves Reflection

Behind me in the mirror 

Hot breath gently on my neck

Red satin bow falls to floor

Exposed gift adored... 

Contest: Red

Sponsored by  Francine Roberts

Form: Dodoitsu

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' ' ' ''''''''' '''' '

to dear soupers of winged hearts

     holdings hands with charmed moments

          drenched in laughter bopping sweet
             …valentine huggs from me!        



PD's Leftover Valentine's from nette onclaud

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The Wedding Rehearsal

with her Mother's heels and veil
   she holds his hand solemnly
tells him forever they'll be
   ... they are five years old

two decades later they laugh
   remember first rehearsal
again she wears Mother's veil
     ... this time it's for real

by Francine Roberts
for Dr Ram's 'Wedding Rehearsal - dodoitsu' contest

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Star lights twinkles in your eyes
lips tease with tickling tongue
spare not the rods stroking girth
mine the depths of night

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Costume Jewels

Queen smiles, watching court jesters parade in costume jewels upon revolving stage living delusions ~*~
Note: For John Freeman's "Dodiostu" Humor Contest

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'Tender Invite - Wilma - Ric

Your eyes a tender invite Sensual moments ignite Your devotion pure delight Can’t wait for tonight...
Contest: Magnet Marvel 1st Place

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Why Love Is Blind

Diapered kid flies around,
shoots arrows at mismatched souls,
and is supposedly blind?
That stupid Cupid!

For Dr. Ram Metha's 
Winged Cupid" Contest

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Flee, flea, flee

                    .                     .       
        .                        .      ^  ^
.  flea landed on fluffy cat  >0.0< .    
                                                          ^  ^
                             ^ ^                       _0.0_               . 
sour puss snarled >~.~<  said, "Bite >(\/\/\/)< me!"                             .
flea took one sip, and then gagged~.           .
Yuck! (o.0) ! Vinegar blood :p!   .   .     .
.  flea said to self: "Flee, flea, flee!!!!" ~ ~ ~.    ^ > .  >  . ^. ^ > .        .    ^   .
                           .   .         .
^. jumped high ! .       .    . . jumped .    . .low ! for new blood .      .      .      .   . 
                                   .                   .                                             .  .
                                                                                        .    .   .
                                                .              .                  .
hit jackpot on two sweeties:      .      .        .    .           .
.                         .              .            .   .        .      .
  .  .  .  Gautami .   .  .Tirzah!!                            .
^_^   ^_^

--nikko for Linda's Bite Me contest :D


*** dear reader, heehee please do not diss my cat,
 I worked So hard for that cat! when I Should be doing something else...haha
I love that cat now ^_^. 
Yup! That was supposed to be the cat
 (in case you get puzzled what those symbols were in my 1st & 2nd lines...).
  & lol admittedly, I went a bit(?) dotty here (flea to blame) lol...Thank you. :D