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The Best Thing

In search of what comes next, 
I sat perplexed,
reading a text from my ex; 
not knowing what to expect
after the separation had wrecked
my heart, now dark
lonely walks in the park
had sparked thoughts of
darting away like a lark;
a sharp pain my head,
felt dead; staring into
the sky overhead.  Asked
God, why in the hell has
she fled? Now she has
the other man in her bed.
Was blessed, but feeling a 
little depressed, a mess,
also a little bit stressed.
A test? Killing me deeply 
inside; I died, tried to
commit suicide, then cried,
the moment I opened my eyes
surprised, that I was still alive;
survived the loneliest time of
my life that night; I started to
write poetry; that’s right
the best thing that’s happened to me.
I fight to savor the good memories.

Eugene Finley

Contest Entry: Faces of Loneliness
Frank Herrera

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Before I leave
Capture this moment
Like the winds on the beach
Let it waft with chilling breeze
On the shores of your conscious
Stirring a foam of nostalgia
Ebbing back on the sea of this moment
Before I leave
Wrap me in your arms
As a slime trail
May the touch be imprinted on your skin
Light of this moment, glitter with silvery touch
Ages even after we part ways
Before I leave
Let me stay a little longer
As a ripe fruit
The love shared at the moment
Gather scintillating colors
Arousing fragrance
Even after it fall on the ground of loneliness
The birds may soar around it with admiration

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Search engine of the soul

The shaking starts as I think of our past together, as the mental
machinery shudders into action, an organic search engine that chews
through the years looking for clues, as my heart shudders in rhythm 

I choke on these very words, as they run from my heart onto the page,
my tears, the salty lubricant keeping the wheels of torment spinning
in my head, churning out these feelings that will not seem to abate

Our pain was like an avalanche, crashing and smashing everything
that lived on the mountainside of our life together, until it finally 
obliterated the tiny place of hope that we'd built at the bottom

It sits there now, the detritus of a love left out in the cold too long;
frozen to reduce the risk of fire, a fire that had burned out so long
before, that even the sparks of tragedy could no longer set it alight

A wrecking ball of anguish, the agony of two damaged souls clinging
to one another for so long, that they'd pulled the skin off in those
spots where their fingers had clutched at the others battered heart

Perhaps it would have been easier for one to have ripped the heart 
from the other, straight away, ripped it bloody and beating from their 
chest so as to sooner end this unending flood of torment for both
I cannot bear to look at the smoking pile of emotional debris that 
remains, lying atop the memories that were hurtled to the bottom, 
to be buried once and forever; only to keep poking out in the light 

And yet, I must look; I can't look away, guilt won't let me turn my face
fully to the light; what if/what if, my brain asks, when my thoughts turn
quiet in the night, questions the mind strings like a boolean algorithm

Do you cry still, when you hear the roar in your dreams? Have you
found a new memory to dream of, or are your dreams now, of the other
side of the mountain, where, with hope, a new fire is being lit?

I pray that you aren't still looking, as I am, at the underside of your
soul, searching for answers that may never be found, for reasons, 
when there are none but the winds of fate that blew us together

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Half Is Much Better Than Nothing

When a couple got a divorce, the wife was going to have to pay alimony.
She thought that she could get away with murder but that was baloney.
They had been married for twenty-seven years and had kids.
She was going to have to pay $50,000 per year because she earned more than her husband did.
She didn't want to lose half of her salary so murder was the direction in which she went.
But she didn't give the Police any credit, she didn't realize that they are very efficient.
The Police showed their efficiency when they arrested her, that was a painful lesson that she had to learn.
Half is much better than nothing and now she's behind bars and nothing is what this stupid woman earns.

(This is a true story)

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Cursed abscond

Disaffection            Contemptible 
Always disappointing 
 A life filled with abjection 

A bitterness following 
A black clouded – sadness – infliction 
Running in retrogress           run from her apathy 
False heartedness                               filled with antipathy 

Praying for death 
 in my godless ministry 

Suffering so ruthless 
Without any sympathy 
Without you I'm useless 

Opprobrious eyes           demand I abscond 
For she's a shell 
that is now loveless 
Now selfish 
 now dies 
Her hand is now gone 
In my hands now I cry. 

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Sexual Addictions Are Destroying Our Families

Sexual Addictions Are Destroying Our Families!
Many families are being destroyed by sexual addictions!
As they bring into their homes unneeded afflictions!

There are affairs of adultery of all different kinds…
As many allow sin’s pollution to destroy their mind!

Many have no comprehension or fail to see…
The filth of garbage being promoted on t.v.!

Rather than seeking God for his blood’s protection.
Husbands and wives look to others for affection.

God looks and sees the wounded and broken heart.
And before you know it, another family falls apart!

Too much of this is happening in churches today.
Will these families just come together and pray?

It’s time to come together as a family and be strong!
Let’s get rid of the things in our life that don’t belong!

Let’s seek the purity and holiness of God above.
And be strengthened by his majestic love!

Let’s seek God’s protection over our families too!
And speak kind words to another, like; “I LOVE YOU!”

May the love of Christ come and bind us as ONE!
And touch every father, mother, daughter and son!

Lord Jesus, we all need you so much!  This very hour!
We can’t make it alone!  Without your power!

Please Jesus, restore what the enemy has taken!
I’ve never seen your children left or forsaken!

You are the only one that our family has needed!
Only by your love, will our family be completed!

By Jim Pemberton   11/23/14