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Below are the all-time best Divorce poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of divorce poems written by PoetrySoup members

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-Divorce Club-

~~ Divorce  Club~~

Haiku   * divorce trip *
broken promises
eclipse of the sun and moon
dreams that fall like leafs.

Limerick  * never settle*
Like a  gun to my head of course
I married the end of a horse
love was never real,
kids no big deal.
Wow! I gain more money after divorce!

Couplet   * forever vows *
I meant them words "for better or worse" during our holy matrimony
The better now has hit me, once  the Court ordered alimony:-)


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Cheaper To Keep Her (Divorce Club)

(Haiku)- * Motive, infidelity messing with the Queen Bee's Honey*

Queen Bee sits on throne,
Bumble and drone bees as one
Sample flowers dew


(Limerick) - *Admission of guilt leads to compensation*

Indeed this is how the story unfolds,
Pete said, "It's a poor rat with only one hole"...
Love had taught a sad lesson;
Divorce court was now in session,
Judge rules favor, Pete's pockets full of holes...


(Couplet) - *Take vows seriously payback often belongs to Spouse - Queen Bee*

Love said, "Pete too late you've opened your peepers"....
"Man, you should know it was cheaper to please her"!

Submitted for P.D.'s Divorce Club Contest (Haiku-Limerick-Couplet)

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a divorce was the best thing for me then

kitten left for cat
i got the knife in my back
no she can't come back

when we were married she did'nt cook or clean
fact is: she was only good for one thing
when she left i cried and cried
maybe once or twice thought of suicide
many years latter it was realized
my divorce was really a reward in disguise

i cannot say i hate you, but i will not be your friend
it was very distasteful, the way you treated me in the end

( for the divorce club contest)

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Night Time Divorce Benefits


empty spot on bed. . . 
with TV remote in hand
she sprawls across it


He used to steal every top sheet
and the blankets that covered her feet.
But now that he’s gone,
all the covers stay on.
Even sleeping, she now finds life sweet!


Divorce might leave a gal lonely and poor.
At least, she won’t be aroused by a snore.

For P.D.'s Divorce Club Contest

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Ship Ahoy Divorce Style

<                                              Haiku

                                          sea's tranquility
                                   bestows harmonic balance
                                      amidst  tides rising


                          aye ye matey walking its own plank
                          let not ye other take thee to bank
                                raise thy anchors set sail
                              give heeve hoe to those failed
                         find ye other sailor's who's yet sank  


                    shivery timbers captain bow is about to break
                    toss overboard it's ye baggage holding thee dam weight 

Entry For
{Destroyer { Poet's
Divorce Club
Haiku /Limerick/Couplet Contest
G.L. All

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'Divorce Society'


your love flew away 
like a migrating bird
and never came back...


Your lack of love pushed me to the floor
I couldn’t take it anymore
I signed on the dotted line
You were no longer mine
Why don’t you just hit the door?


We entered into a partnership
Six months down the line you decided to jump ship

7th place
Contest: Divorse Club
Sponsor: PD

© November 2010

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The Divorce Club

with rings we were wed
until death do us depart – 
the love died too soon

There once was a romantic wedding
We mistook love for what was in the bedding
But outside the sheets
We were incompletes
So the marriage license we are now shredding

We join many others in the divorce club membership fold
Mistakes so many repeat when the love story is said and told

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Running Straight to Divorce Court


a final lap---
the race ends before
crossing the finish line


They finally took the marriage leap!
They said the vows they hoped to keep!
But while in bed
She acted dead!
He claimed he used his best techniques!


They ran in circles on frozen ground
But when the marriage ends, winners crowned.......

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North Pole Divorce Club

Snow everywhere
once joined, now melting apart
causing much distress.

Santa got divorced and also got fixed
too many little Santa's running around because of his tricks
  Santa liked the women.
  Too many little guys were swimmin'  ;)
Now we all know how Santa got his kicks!

Santa slept around and ate too much grubb
His wife finding out made him join the North Pole Divorce Club!

*For PD's Divorce Club contest.

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Honeymoon or Divorce----Footle



© kash poet(15th July 2011)

Placement: 5th ;(July 2011)

Contest:A Free Choice

Sponsor:Brian Strand