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How much do I love thee

How much do I love thee
Let me tabulate all the ways

I bought you a new Mercedes
	With gold plated tire rims
I bought you a humongous diamond ring
	The size fit for all Royals and King
I bought you a store of the finest lingerie
	Secrets still held at the door by decree
I bought you a garden of roses so red
	My love was surely in bloom, or so they all said
I bought you a ticket to heavens pearly gates
	So that in paradise you’d have not to even wait
I bought you your very own private Lear jet
	To see the world through champagne eyes
My love was a vault and you emptied it dry
	My heart has now learned to never cry

How much do you love me?
Your lawyer seems to know

You claimed mental duress
	Suffering under such stress
The Mercedes was the wrong color so I am told	
	I should have known, pink, not gold
The diamond ring was too heavy to wear
	Your back injuries caused you painful despair
The lingerie didn’t cover you just right
	So medical ailments kept you up many a nights
The roses in bloom where not the right flower
	Your allergies they caused, thus making you sour
The ticket to heaven you plain out refused
	Said it was one way, and that just wouldn’t do!
You had no issues riding my Lear jet 
	You rode the pilot as well, a mile high kinda bet
My love you tossed into the bin out in back
	The divorce lawyer smiles at me, saying she sure is great in the sack 

The moral of the Story is this!
If you are sitting at the table, and
You see a few beetles scurrying about
Maybe even whistling a tune or two
Listen carefully to what they say

Copyright © arthur vaso

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Sexual Addictions Are Destroying Our Families

Sexual Addictions Are Destroying Our Families!
Many families are being destroyed by sexual addictions!
As they bring into their homes unneeded afflictions!

There are affairs of adultery of all different kinds…
As many allow sin’s pollution to destroy their mind!

Many have no comprehension or fail to see…
The filth of garbage being promoted on t.v.!

Rather than seeking God for his blood’s protection.
Husbands and wives look to others for affection.

God looks and sees the wounded and broken heart.
And before you know it, another family falls apart!

Too much of this is happening in churches today.
Will these families just come together and pray?

It’s time to come together as a family and be strong!
Let’s get rid of the things in our life that don’t belong!

Let’s seek the purity and holiness of God above.
And be strengthened by his majestic love!

Let’s seek God’s protection over our families too!
And speak kind words to another, like; “I LOVE YOU!”

May the love of Christ come and bind us as ONE!
And touch every father, mother, daughter and son!

Lord Jesus, we all need you so much!  This very hour!
We can’t make it alone!  Without your power!

Please Jesus, restore what the enemy has taken!
I’ve never seen your children left or forsaken!

You are the only one that our family has needed!
Only by your love, will our family be completed!

By Jim Pemberton   11/23/14

Copyright © Jim Pemberton

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Things We Like

Birthdays, reunions, vacations and hikes.

Weddings, divorces and photos of tykes.

Vids of grandkids on their skateboards and bikes.

These are the things every cyber Friend 'Likes'!

Copyright © Lycia Harding

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Love once was the focus of our lives till marriage became contentious; two sharp knives piercing the heart of it, killing it. Teamed hardhearted misfits dualistic by nature, antipathetic where love’s the casualty and we, just another statistic.

Copyright © Albert Ahearn

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Spare Nails and a Hammer

Your mother always yelled at your father to fix the nail protruding from the kitchen floor.
“It’s going to hurt someone someday,” she would bicker,
but your father hid his face behind his newspaper as she spoke. 

The nail remained sticking up from the ground,
but you taught yourself how to walk around it
just like you taught yourself when to exit and enter the room.
Your mother’s heavy voice was like a fire alarm
telling you to evacuate the scene and leave your father in the flames,
but there was nowhere for anyone to go---
he forgot to build a fire escape. 

She tried to leave hints for him around the house:
A hammer on his pillow,
spare nails in his pockets,
but naturally his fingers picked around them
like playing a guitar.
She had given him all the notes,
but he preferred to play his own tune.

Eventually she had given up on shouting,
for she was tired of hearing only her echo.
Each couldn’t feel the other.
He could not hear her words that dropped like stones,
she could not hear his weightless language of silence,
and you could not speak in a house enclosed with two deaf parents. 

One day you came home and saw that your mother’s side of the bed was made nicely
like it hadn’t been slept in for days.
It was cold and stiff, preserved like a shrine.
That same day you went into the kitchen to reach for the phone,
but tripped over the nail emerging from the floor
and went clattering down beside it.

Copyright © Kaitlyn Fox

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I should be hating all
Who don't love me,
Should I?
Not care about them,
Who doesn't deserve my care,
Should I?
Not respect them,
Who don't respect my thoughts,
Should I?
Not love them,
Who can't love me,
Should I?
Not leave them,
Who tried to capture me or
Whom I try to live with and
They don't,
Should I?
Not free myself from them?
Should I?
Now,not blame them
Who blamed me for every bad luck,
Should I?
Not listen to them,
Who took me fore granted,
Should I?
Not forget them,
Who never kept me in their memories,
Should I?
Not talk with them,
Who always talked with conditions,
Should I?
Not forget all and move on,
Or stay there for revenge,
Should I?
Move on for me,or
Sleep in past forever.



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In the dark I sit and think of what I have done, 
It will look worse in the morning, in the light of the sun. 

I did not know I could make such a mess, 
But tonight did nothing except cause me stress. 

I see him in the distance kissing her lips, 
And watching his hands touch her hips, 

It tore me apart, I needed to hurt him back, 
I ran to my car and took out my jack, 

Smashing his car windows felt so great to do, 
And I was so careful, he don't have a clue, 

I drove back home as fast as I can,
Thinking of him, what a horrible man. 

I opened my door and sat in the dark, 
I heard him come home, our dog began to bark. 

He was so mad about the damage that was done, 
Little does he know, I was the one. 

Tomorrow I'll pack his bags and tell him to go, 
He does not deserve me, but I will miss him so.

Copyright © Debra Baviello

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A Broken Relationship

A Broken Relationship

Soft tears rolled down her cheeks
as she rolled over to face his back,
For she knew in her heart so deep that
a love for her he did lack.

She had felt the relationship break
with the husband of her youth,
but how can it be Lord?  He is father of my children
but, all the while she knew.

She thought, they used to be so happy
when in their youth walking hand in hand,
thinking nothing could touch them
when their love brought them wedding bands.

Yes, they had spats and arguments
along the way,
but thinking nothing so great
that away from her his love would stray.

Then physical abuse and threatening
from his mouth,
came and changed this fair romance
from what it once was all about.

So with tears streaming don her face
and a heart that was broken completely in two,
Wondering Lord, will I ever be loved again
will I ever be able to say I do?

When he found his excuse to leave
stating because of her belief in Jesus the King of Kings,
he said, “it’s either God or me, you can’t have both,”
so she chose to give up her once precious wedding ring.

For she knew no man is so important
as harmony with God,
and she wanted to commune with Him forever
and to walk with Him on Heaven’s sod.

Yet thought my life has not been so perfect
since I’ve given up my wedding ring,
I have peace with my Father, joy with His Spirit
and love from Jesus Christ, my King.

And now, the painful hurting memories
my Precious Lord did take,
and replaced them with some fond remembrances 
all of His Wonderful Name’s sake.

Written by:  Marilyn Jennings

Copyright © Marilyn Jennings

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Letter to dad and stepmom

Over the years I have felt your disapproval. You have impressed upon me that I should own my mistakes and take personal responsibility. The problem I have with this is that many of my actions as an adult are a direct result of childhood wounds that I have tried to shoulder alone. I never wanted you to feel that weight I carry. I have not been able to place the responsibility on the true responsible party. As a child, I should have never been blamed for all my shortcomings as a human being. I believe a child cannot be fully accountable for their bad behavior. Environment, parenting and nature versus nature plays a huge part in the person I had become. By the grace of God, I have done everything in my power to overcome my wounds. Now forgiving and forgetting, as Jesus does has been my mantra. Forgetting has been the hardest. No matter how much I try to do this, I am sometimes incapable of this. Playing a blame game is not what I am trying to achieve here. I am simply attempting to make peace in my life. The secrets I have kept have been a source of obloquy for most my life. These things I cannot tell you because I don't want you to feel the pain of my hurts. Just know I have tried to protect you, as I felt that I wasn't protected enough many times. There are serious issues I cannot bear to voice. Carrying around this yoke has been exhausting. I will take many things to my grave. Please know daddy, all my actions have not been all my fault. I was a child once, a very broken one at that. I have acted out and been passive aggressive in way to many instances. I tell this confusing information now, not to make up excuses, but to repair our relationship. I need your forgiveness, but possibly unbeknownst to you, you need mine too. I love you unconditionally and miss having my daddy in my life.


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From Bitter to Sweet

From Bitter to Sweet

From one who knows.
The pain of separation – divorce.  One friend said, “death”
would be easier.  The husband of my youth.  There were happier
times.  Fleeting memories, of laughter, sunshine and lingering kisses, 
pictures, walks, talking, discussing all things.  As thoughts rushed through my mind
of the day we eloped to be married, oh, we thought, we knew it all.
We had the world by the tail, why did it fall apart?
The fact, people and circumstances change.

For me – I was the mother of four children; I was forced to grow up
with my children.  For him, he had a desire to remain young and 
But children bring responsibility.  Little ones depend on you and you are so
busy just trying to live.  Dinners to fix, groceries to buy.  Bills to pay, children
to raise and love.

Then the years pass, you realize that he doesn’t love you, he never really did.  He
doesn’t know what love really is, and never did or ever will.  He thought
that lust was love.  What do you do?  You have little ones now.  You’ve
never worked outside your home.  You don’t have any money.  Your
health is not good, are you trapped?  Do you stick it out?  Do you run
away?  Do you give up?  What about your babies?

It was then; I found new life in Jesus Christ.  I found hope for tomorrow and
help for today.  I found more love and acceptance than I had ever known.
I found a new way when there was no way.  I found a door of hope for
my children.  Did he?

Unfortunately, no!  He hated the Christ in me and told me so.  The more that 
Jesus loved him through me, the more he hated me.
But, you think that the LORD will change him.  You pray and fast for him.
You love him with God’s love.  You stand on the Word of God for him
to be saved.  Surely, everything will be all right.

But, it falls apart, he wants to leave.  He is taken out of your life.  You feel
anger, you feel despair, and you feel so all alone.  Then, you’re angry of how
he really treated you.  You didn’t know how bad it was until he was gone.
But now, you know that is where God’s precious Spirit takes over.

You pray, Father God take this anger away.  Father, I don’t want to lose You
to, and Your fellowship and with my Jesus and Your Spirit!  I’ve lost my 
mate that was terrible but, Father if I lose You, I will die!

Our God is so Faithful!  You cry out for help and for His strength to forgive
this husband of your youth.  Two months, no change it seems, the anger is still 
there, but six months now and there is a precious healing and the anger is
gone.  Forgiveness replaces it!  Oh the Love of the Master!

You learn again, God’s mercy is so great!  What you clung to was really killing
you.  You wanted to believe only good.  You wanted to see only good things.
You were lying to yourself.  But, seeing with God’s eyes slows us to see the bad to.  
Your life had become something with a bitter flavor.  God wanted a sweet flavor
and a sweet incense unto Him.

How hard it is to love and show His precious love to others when you’re being
stung all of the time.  Always in pain.  Always bearing a broken heart within.

But, oh the sweetness of deliverance.  The joy of broken shackles, for the bitterness
of imprisonment falls off when you’ve been totally set free.  Your life truly turns
from bitter to sweet.

Written by:  Marilyn Jennings
Copy written

Copyright © Marilyn Jennings

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Women are not just mothers
they are not just a companion
they are beloved
in the soul, in the eyes and in the heart

Do not underestimate their roles
they are power  of the world
their power masked by the eyes
the effective power of love

Remember who are those women
their services are not just a parable
do not forget their roles
they are one to rage war

Why women are not just mothers
their heart are soft like a wind
born leaders strong and firm
from stomach of these queens

Only questions can be afford
a man born in time they hold
born to take care of the world 
these women indeed are like fort

Women kept everyone’s name
if forgotten will shake the world
they have the power of words
in their heart to sail the boat!

Copyright © Neldy Jolo

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Broken vows Marriage is over Together for many years Goodbye to cheating, lying, crying Time for us to both move on We both sign papers It’s over Contest:- Give me a Sign Sponsor:- Nette Onclaud Checked: with How many Syllables 15th May 2015 Jan Allison

Copyright © JAN ALLISON

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For Affection
Self-denial, Self-afflicted, Self-fulfillment
What condition caused deprivation?

Copyright © Yvonne Clark

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The man I once loved

Walking into the room she stops in her tracks 
looking dead in the eyes of the man who claims to love her 
red lipstick smeared across his lips, with a half dressed woman in his arms
“Its not what it looks like!” 
“Well it looks like you have made it very clear that I am not your one and only”
She looks down and the ring on her left hand shining like the brightest star in the sky
She slips it off of her hand and then throws it onto the ground
Tears began to fill her eyes
“Don't cry”
“You aren't worth my tears”
“then why are you crying?”
“I'm crying for the man that I married, and that is not you.” 
She then turns away and walks out the door.

Copyright © Sadie Fox

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Love is a Killer

Pain, Pain, Pain 
Carly Button

Sit up in his bed and breaks the alarm
blood flows to the brain and he tries to stay calm
but the pain doesn't go away that quick in the morning
even on the inside the rain begins pouring 

and the lights are off but they're on in the mind
Of the man who devoted two years to a lie
On his face he feels every kiss, knows every line
Bruises on a heart that has grown smaller than mine

Eyes that dance with memories hard to forget
Black spot on the white page of love and regret
No matter how hard he tries, they stay on his mind
Images of a happiness it took them years to find

Every kiss they stole under the midnight sun
Every time he looked at her and said “you’re the one”
Spun a dagger of pain that tore at his chest
Like a demon that had no reason to rest

She would be happier with him, he tried to think
He tossed away her picture and poured another drink
Who was he kidding, there was no life without her
His life was a disease, and there was only one cure

So he stepped on the chair with the rope on his neck
And wrote a letter to the girl that he could never forget
With hands behind his back and a soul done crushing
He said goodbye to a world that gave him absolutely nothing.

Copyright © Carly Button

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You Only Have Yourself To Blame

You're mad because I told your husband the truth.
You cheated on him and I showed him the proof.
Instead of being angry, you should be ashamed.
You cheated and you only have yourself to blame.

You tried to convince your hubby that my proof was misleading.
But he could see the truth and he started divorce proceedings.
Because you were unfaithful, the judge didn't give you squat.
The clothes on your back were the only things that you got.

Your good life is gone and that's something you regret.
You once drove a Porsche but now you drive a Chevette.
Because of your infidelity, you were tossed out into the street.
If you ever find another rich man, you'd better not cheat.

(This is a fictional poem)

Copyright © randy johnson

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Cupid's Arrow

                                     All my exes were pros of the game,
                                  Spending years at perfecting their aim.
                                          They thought it was funny
                                             To take all my money
                                  When the judges said I was to blame!

"Insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."  - Albert Einstein

Copyright © Mark Ackerson

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May Forever be Our Happy Ending

We had something
and whatever it was
is sustaining me
through this lonely moment
of mourning.

You touched me
And you spoke
You loved me
And you wrote
You sang to me a sweet song
and that memory is helping me
keep on.

I don't want you to die
I don't want you to cry
You are my answer to that question "Why?"
What kind of romantic story
Could we to our children tell
if we wound up in paradise together
        if we actually both survived this hell.

I realize I loved you tonight.
Everything that went wrong
went wrong
But today I understand
You were something I did right.

Because if we had never touched
If you had never loved me that much
I wouldn't be able to survive tonight
A night so tough.

That memory of that moment
is keeping my sheets warm.
It is keeping me from tossing and turning
I can whether this storm.

This is why Jehovah created me
I am your Eve
Please don't leave...
I need for our story to survive.
I need us to remain the once upon a time.
Please let my loving prayer
help you survive...
Please stay alive...

Copyright © Tyshawn Knight

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 When life's lights goes out
And death is crowned in shame

When the clock's last tock halts
And the shadows fade in sorrows

When the last candle falls
And my heart beats no more

When you hear my voice no more
And yet nowhere to trace me

When the eternal gates shut close
And you feel my breath not

When the pictures paint my smiles
And the inks write my words

When you call me
And hears my voice no more

When I am laid lonely
And no one ready to stay with me

When you know I am no more
And you have to move on with life

When you know I love you
But death separates us

Patrick K. Atsu ©9/2/15

Copyright © Patrick K. Atsu

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a tough cookie

A Tough Cookie 

On the surface of life, my mother was a tough cookie 
of three children she lost two when they were fairly young.
Tearless she attended their funeral and people thought
she should have cried more. 
I heard her tears the pain from her heart that could not
be stopped, an ache so painful that no pills could stop it. 
One night I went into her bedroom in the hope of stilling
her grief, she had a pillow over the face to stifle her yammer.
told me to leave the grief was hers alone. 
 My mother kept her sorrow for herself she was unable 
share her grief with anyone least of all me who for reason 
I shall not understand she kept me at a distance and I had
to watch as she sunk into the mess of alcoholism, this was 
her answer to a world not of her creation. A contrarian
 few came to her funeral, those who did has been blessed 
with the good fortune of understanding that life has many
expressions and you are free to have your own.    

Copyright © jan oskar hansen

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Sons and daughters know
divorce is a dirty word
let the games begin

Copyright © Robert Heemstra

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Let it Burn

life's challenges now fused it'll erupt when it wants allow, let it burn .

Copyright © James Fraser

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When all's Lost

the sharing, caring then there's said life's eruptions when it's lost, goodbye .

Copyright © James Fraser

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Dying marriage

they speak in echoes
tightening strands of sorrow
hang the rings of gold

Copyright © Viv Wigley

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Please Understand

Please understand
just one thing
I mean you 
no harm
Above all things
I'm telling you
I hope you're not 
For this time 
has come
For both of us
to part ways
I hold a special place for you
Deep within my heart
So don't you worry now dear
Because I leave with nothing but praise

Copyright © Carrie White