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Sexual Addictions Are Destroying Our Families

Sexual Addictions Are Destroying Our Families!
Many families are being destroyed by sexual addictions!
As they bring into their homes unneeded afflictions!

There are affairs of adultery of all different kinds…
As many allow sin’s pollution to destroy their mind!

Many have no comprehension or fail to see…
The filth of garbage being promoted on t.v.!

Rather than seeking God for his blood’s protection.
Husbands and wives look to others for affection.

God looks and sees the wounded and broken heart.
And before you know it, another family falls apart!

Too much of this is happening in churches today.
Will these families just come together and pray?

It’s time to come together as a family and be strong!
Let’s get rid of the things in our life that don’t belong!

Let’s seek the purity and holiness of God above.
And be strengthened by his majestic love!

Let’s seek God’s protection over our families too!
And speak kind words to another, like; “I LOVE YOU!”

May the love of Christ come and bind us as ONE!
And touch every father, mother, daughter and son!

Lord Jesus, we all need you so much!  This very hour!
We can’t make it alone!  Without your power!

Please Jesus, restore what the enemy has taken!
I’ve never seen your children left or forsaken!

You are the only one that our family has needed!
Only by your love, will our family be completed!

By Jim Pemberton   11/23/14

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Spare Nails and a Hammer

Your mother always yelled at your father to fix the nail protruding from the kitchen floor.
“It’s going to hurt someone someday,” she would bicker,
but your father hid his face behind his newspaper as she spoke. 

The nail remained sticking up from the ground,
but you taught yourself how to walk around it
just like you taught yourself when to exit and enter the room.
Your mother’s heavy voice was like a fire alarm
telling you to evacuate the scene and leave your father in the flames,
but there was nowhere for anyone to go---
he forgot to build a fire escape. 

She tried to leave hints for him around the house:
A hammer on his pillow,
spare nails in his pockets,
but naturally his fingers picked around them
like playing a guitar.
She had given him all the notes,
but he preferred to play his own tune.

Eventually she had given up on shouting,
for she was tired of hearing only her echo.
Each couldn’t feel the other.
He could not hear her words that dropped like stones,
she could not hear his weightless language of silence,
and you could not speak in a house enclosed with two deaf parents. 

One day you came home and saw that your mother’s side of the bed was made nicely
like it hadn’t been slept in for days.
It was cold and stiff, preserved like a shrine.
That same day you went into the kitchen to reach for the phone,
but tripped over the nail emerging from the floor
and went clattering down beside it.

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I should be hating all
Who don't love me,
Should I?
Not care about them,
Who doesn't deserve my care,
Should I?
Not respect them,
Who don't respect my thoughts,
Should I?
Not love them,
Who can't love me,
Should I?
Not leave them,
Who tried to capture me or
Whom I try to live with and
They don't,
Should I?
Not free myself from them?
Should I?
Now,not blame them
Who blamed me for every bad luck,
Should I?
Not listen to them,
Who took me fore granted,
Should I?
Not forget them,
Who never kept me in their memories,
Should I?
Not talk with them,
Who always talked with conditions,
Should I?
Not forget all and move on,
Or stay there for revenge,
Should I?
Move on for me,or
Sleep in past forever.

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In the dark I sit and think of what I have done, 
It will look worse in the morning, in the light of the sun. 

I did not know I could make such a mess, 
But tonight did nothing except cause me stress. 

I see him in the distance kissing her lips, 
And watching his hands touch her hips, 

It tore me apart, I needed to hurt him back, 
I ran to my car and took out my jack, 

Smashing his car windows felt so great to do, 
And I was so careful, he don't have a clue, 

I drove back home as fast as I can,
Thinking of him, what a horrible man. 

I opened my door and sat in the dark, 
I heard him come home, our dog began to bark. 

He was so mad about the damage that was done, 
Little does he know, I was the one. 

Tomorrow I'll pack his bags and tell him to go, 
He does not deserve me, but I will miss him so.

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Letter to dad and stepmom

Over the years I have felt your disapproval. You have impressed upon me that I should own my mistakes and take personal responsibility. The problem I have with this is that many of my actions as an adult are a direct result of childhood wounds that I have tried to shoulder alone. I never wanted you to feel that weight I carry. I have not been able to place the responsibility on the true responsible party. As a child, I should have never been blamed for all my shortcomings as a human being. I believe a child cannot be fully accountable for their bad behavior. Environment, parenting and nature versus nature plays a huge part in the person I had become. By the grace of God, I have done everything in my power to overcome my wounds. Now forgiving and forgetting, as Jesus does has been my mantra. Forgetting has been the hardest. No matter how much I try to do this, I am sometimes incapable of this. Playing a blame game is not what I am trying to achieve here. I am simply attempting to make peace in my life. The secrets I have kept have been a source of obloquy for most my life. These things I cannot tell you because I don't want you to feel the pain of my hurts. Just know I have tried to protect you, as I felt that I wasn't protected enough many times. There are serious issues I cannot bear to voice. Carrying around this yoke has been exhausting. I will take many things to my grave. Please know daddy, all my actions have not been all my fault. I was a child once, a very broken one at that. I have acted out and been passive aggressive in way to many instances. I tell this confusing information now, not to make up excuses, but to repair our relationship. I need your forgiveness, but possibly unbeknownst to you, you need mine too. I love you unconditionally and miss having my daddy in my life.

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Temporary Freedom Like Splashed Water

Anchors drawn, current pulls, wind swells the belly of 
sails. Calmer seas exist where sun sets with moon lapped.

Mate seperated fleeting with Soul, impaling waves
gaining temporary freedom like splashed water.

Alone in depths with only reflection of the firmament,
clouds resemble old skies. Sun rays withdraw kisses

from waves, birds burst through grey cotton weeping 
furiously.  Baritone bolts of light cuts the sky, while

thunder stampede it's acreage in pugnacious fashion. 
Arguing heavens awaken the slumbering sea. Smaller

waves impregnate larger ones becoming tidal. A 
provocative image of nature in the nude, gyrating. 

Mate, did not belong in the bed with elemental
foreplay. The erection of H2O capsized Peeping Tom,

who would've survived as a single vessel; Soulmate.

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The man I once loved

Walking into the room she stops in her tracks 
looking dead in the eyes of the man who claims to love her 
red lipstick smeared across his lips, with a half dressed woman in his arms
“Its not what it looks like!” 
“Well it looks like you have made it very clear that I am not your one and only”
She looks down and the ring on her left hand shining like the brightest star in the sky
She slips it off of her hand and then throws it onto the ground
Tears began to fill her eyes
“Don't cry”
“You aren't worth my tears”
“then why are you crying?”
“I'm crying for the man that I married, and that is not you.” 
She then turns away and walks out the door.

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Before I leave
Capture this moment
Like the winds on the beach
Let it waft with chilling breeze
On the shores of your conscious
Stirring a foam of nostalgia
Ebbing back on the sea of this moment
Before I leave
Wrap me in your arms
As a slime trail
May the touch be imprinted on your skin
Light of this moment, glitter with silvery touch
Ages even after we part ways
Before I leave
Let me stay a little longer
As a ripe fruit
The love shared at the moment
Gather scintillating colors
Arousing fragrance
Even after it fall on the ground of loneliness
The birds may soar around it with admiration

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“Hold on, wait until this game ends”
He said as he he sat at the edge of his seat with his elbows on knees
Hands on his face, just below his eyes so he barely see
All she wanted was a nice dinner with some friends
They talked bad about him but she loves him, she pretends. 
He agrees to parties with ease 
But once it gets closer, excuses are his expertise. 
She was over it. It was time to make amends. 
She packed her bags and stood in front of the door 
She yelled at him and told him that she’s leaving 
He couldn’t hear her, all he cared about was the final score 
She knew he wouldn't do any grieving 
She closed the door. 

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The Day my Life Changed

      The Day My Life Changed.
It was November 1982,
that terrible day that broke my life in two.
My bloke had an accident and broke his back,
And so began a whole new life,
One that was often filled with strife.
No more would we be able to live in the High Country,
Trudging through the Winter snow.
That dream had gone down,
The only place we could call home now, was in town.
Four months of living out of suitcases, not having a home,
Not a great time of my life, but it had to be done.
That was my choice when two became one.
For a further 20 years I stayed, but often unhappy,
My marriage was over. We had grown apart.
I now knew the decision that I had to make.
It was time for me to depart.

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Women are not just mothers
they are not just a companion
they are beloved
in the soul, in the eyes and in the heart

Do not underestimate their roles
they are power  of the world
their power masked by the eyes
the effective power of love

Remember who are those women
their services are not just a parable
do not forget their roles
they are one to rage war

Why women are not just mothers
their heart are soft like a wind
born leaders strong and firm
from stomach of these queens

Only questions can be afford
a man born in time they hold
born to take care of the world 
these women indeed are like fort

Women kept everyone’s name
if forgotten will shake the world
they have the power of words
in their heart to sail the boat!

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Today my heart is aching for the woman in my dreams
she's to far to touch, shes to far see
decisions of the heart it should of been
mistakes of time and ignorance
regrets of all the things that should have been

Tomorrow my heart breaks for the woman in my dreams
for a woman that has always been
her elegance and beaty that of the stars
seductive as a devil with all of her charm
her lips so moist and full of life
only a fool would think twice

Forever I cry for the woman I love
A broken proposal that mocks all time
Bare skin wear a diamond should lie 
but there it sits in a box all alone 
waiting for the day she calls it back home
before I die it will sit yet again 
On the angles hand, the woman I love

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Cursed abscond

Disaffection            Contemptible 
Always disappointing 
 A life filled with abjection 

A bitterness following 
A black clouded – sadness – infliction 
Running in retrogress           run from her apathy 
False heartedness                               filled with antipathy 

Praying for death 
 in my godless ministry 

Suffering so ruthless 
Without any sympathy 
Without you I'm useless 

Opprobrious eyes           demand I abscond 
For she's a shell 
that is now loveless 
Now selfish 
 now dies 
Her hand is now gone 
In my hands now I cry. 

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The Best Thing

In search of what comes next, 
I sat perplexed,
reading a text from my ex; 
not knowing what to expect
after the separation had wrecked
my heart, now dark
lonely walks in the park
had sparked thoughts of
darting away like a lark;
a sharp pain my head,
felt dead; staring into
the sky overhead.  Asked
God, why in the hell has
she fled? Now she has
the other man in her bed.
Was blessed, but feeling a 
little depressed, a mess,
also a little bit stressed.
A test? Killing me deeply 
inside; I died, tried to
commit suicide, then cried,
the moment I opened my eyes
surprised, that I was still alive;
survived the loneliest time of
my life that night; I started to
write poetry; that’s right
the best thing that’s happened to me.
I fight to savor the good memories.

Eugene Finley

Contest Entry: Faces of Loneliness
Frank Herrera

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Please Understand

Please understand
just one thing
I mean you 
no harm
Above all things
I'm telling you
I hope you're not 
For this time 
has come
For both of us
to part ways
I hold a special place for you
Deep within my heart
So don't you worry now dear
Because I leave with nothing but praise

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Chasing a Dream

I chased a dream one day. I ran as fast as I could to catch it, but it didn't want to be caught. I stayed up late studying the most perfect strategy. I spent much time on my knees in prayer. It seemed the faster I sprinted the further it was from me.

One day I grabbed a piece of its tail and oh the sense of great relief! Like there was a chance of achieving my dream. It slipped out of my hands the harder I tried, and it grew into the greatest desire of my heart until the Lord removed it from my sight. He replaced it with a new dream that is more attainable, pure, and true. Not some kind of fantasy that wasn't realistic from the beginning.

Now I am chasing after a real rainbow. Now I can hold onto the wings of a butterfly and coast for a moment while catching my breath. I choose life and I choose freedom in my Lord. Not oppression of the enemy.

Well, I must be going now! I gotta go and catch my rainbow!

gwendolen rix

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For Affection
Self-denial, Self-afflicted, Self-fulfillment
What condition caused deprivation?

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Love Will Come Again

Life is only depressing,
when you let yourself down,
do today, what you know, 
will make you happy tomorrow.

our mind, can go round and round
time and time again, 
looking for solutions,
attempting to control problems,

that is apart of life,
sometime's we get hurt,
break up with someone we love,
the mind looks to understand,

what it can't accept,
anger, bargaining, pleading
is all apart of grief, 
the mind attempting to find,

a pathway to replace the love,
two people together need each other,
when they break, it's hard to cope,
a mind reels through one idea after another,

In life their are day's we do not cope,
you might not shower, 
you might not clean house, 
but you will heal,

there will come a day, 
when you can cope again,
when you can clean house,
learn to change, 

be good to yourself, 
I went to the second hand shop's, 
and brought joke books,
sometimes it's good to laugh,

or at least smile, 
when faced with a million problems.
At one stage, I thought she was lying,
and then I realised 

like me, her desire changed
with her changing emotion,
one minute she wanted me back,
the next she hated me again,

you will heal learn not to hate,
she has made mistakes, 
you have made mistakes,
it's time to let go and move on,

so many people seem to hurt
and kill their family, 
when they break up
granted it hurts,

but hurting them 
will only hurt yourself,
give yourself time
you will love again.

I found the best way for me
was to stop talking about my problems
I went back to school and built 
a new career

I built new friendships
and yes I made more mistakes 
but each time I learned 
and now life isn't perfect

but I'm happy knowing 
that the decisions I make
are designed to improve 
people's live's.

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The Domestic

An exit sign casts its red glow on steel doors that line the hallway,
Their numbers barely visible in its light, the only light.

From 302 comes the sound of conflict,
The loud voice of Anger and the muffled sobs of Despair.

A knock below the numbers mutes Anger and Despair,
Allowing the cries of Innocence to be heard.

Beyond the door, what remains of love watches from frames on a wall,
At its own inescapable demise.

And from a corner of the room, Innocence cries through guiltless eyes,
That are filled with fear and confusion.

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Some days I feel lonely, Some days I just wanna leave. Some days are harmful. I hate this world I live in. The bully’s that call me “Horse Teeth” “Ugly”. Those days were harmful. Where family is cruel. Where you have to be Perfect for everyone. The dad that abuse your mom and you and your brother, and where he only cares for himself. The mom that loves you for who you are and sometimes acts like a teen and go out. The little brother that is just too cute but a pain sometimes. The little sister that is spoiled & mean to you. And say that she hates you when you try to be a big sister, she sweet sometimes. The second older brother that is just like your dad sometimes and only nice when he wants to be. Then there is you. You’re crazy in every way. There is nothing Perfect about you. But there are days when you wanna leave. I know cause this is

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Half Is Much Better Than Nothing

When a couple got a divorce, the wife was going to have to pay alimony.
She thought that she could get away with murder but that was baloney.
They had been married for twenty-seven years and had kids.
She was going to have to pay $50,000 per year because she earned more than her husband did.
She didn't want to lose half of her salary so murder was the direction in which she went.
But she didn't give the Police any credit, she didn't realize that they are very efficient.
The Police showed their efficiency when they arrested her, that was a painful lesson that she had to learn.
Half is much better than nothing and now she's behind bars and nothing is what this stupid woman earns.

(This is a true story)

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burned better half

                  I inhale aroma of fresh caffeine
               I go breathless ,an act ,expecting
              you to walk out from the chinese coffin!

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Rise and Fall of a First Love

At first there's a glance, and the passionate need for the first kiss,
The intense flutter in the pit of your stomach when you both first meet.
The sensitive feeling of their naked body next to yours feels like bliss,
And then yearning for more as your bodies fill with erotic heat.

They are the first thing you think of when you open your eyes each morning, 
They are the first person you want to talk to when you're excited, afraid, happy or sad.
When a crowded room is filled with hundreds of people, but they're the only person you see and the only voice you hear talking, 
When everything they do is fantastic, and they never ever try to make you mad. 

The years go by and there's the hard times and the good, 
The sex is still amazing, but doesn't happen as often as it should.
The main conversations you have relate to houses, kids, bills and food, 
Planning a night out together is hard work, and you'd rather be with your mates if you could. 

Then something changes, you can sense it but nothing is mentioned, 
The staying out late, the excuses and the guilty looks you constantly share.
You talk a little less, shout a little more and there's an empty feeling inside, 
The thoughts that you are in a nightmare when you realise you no longer care. 

The realisation that you don't recognise the person who was once your hero, 
The boy you loved with all your heart and were inseparable with, has now grown into a stranger.
The looks of anger and feelings of hate when you argue over nothing take its toll, 
That moment you know you don't love this person anymore and the marriage is in extreme danger. 

When the ending of a marriage is harder than you can ever imagine, 
The best friends and lovers you once were is now like a distant dream.
Your heart hardens a little and the beat changes into a bitter symphony,
Lying on the floor in floods of tears, wondering where it went wrong and wanting to scream! 

They say you never get over your first love, you may always compare it to the rest. 
Life shouldn't be written like a book, it should be filled with happiness. 
Although the breakdown of relationships can diminish your heart and damage your trust with all that's said and done.
But you must remember that life isn't over until death arrives, so we must believe that the best is yet to come.... 

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Hateful and Pain

You feel pain and hurt
You hear anger and hatred
Sometimes its a lie, 
or its the truth.
Mostly it can't be true,
but you might feel it may never be gone.
But most of the time,
you be forever be alone
for the rest of your life.
Or never be cared for, hated and talked ever.
But forget the past of your pain
Move on and try to be a good friend
Mostly push the pain away and live life

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Search engine of the soul

The shaking starts as I think of our past together, as the mental
machinery shudders into action, an organic search engine that chews
through the years looking for clues, as my heart shudders in rhythm 

I choke on these very words, as they run from my heart onto the page,
my tears, the salty lubricant keeping the wheels of torment spinning
in my head, churning out these feelings that will not seem to abate

Our pain was like an avalanche, crashing and smashing everything
that lived on the mountainside of our life together, until it finally 
obliterated the tiny place of hope that we'd built at the bottom

It sits there now, the detritus of a love left out in the cold too long;
frozen to reduce the risk of fire, a fire that had burned out so long
before, that even the sparks of tragedy could no longer set it alight

A wrecking ball of anguish, the agony of two damaged souls clinging
to one another for so long, that they'd pulled the skin off in those
spots where their fingers had clutched at the others battered heart

Perhaps it would have been easier for one to have ripped the heart 
from the other, straight away, ripped it bloody and beating from their 
chest so as to sooner end this unending flood of torment for both
I cannot bear to look at the smoking pile of emotional debris that 
remains, lying atop the memories that were hurtled to the bottom, 
to be buried once and forever; only to keep poking out in the light 

And yet, I must look; I can't look away, guilt won't let me turn my face
fully to the light; what if/what if, my brain asks, when my thoughts turn
quiet in the night, questions the mind strings like a boolean algorithm

Do you cry still, when you hear the roar in your dreams? Have you
found a new memory to dream of, or are your dreams now, of the other
side of the mountain, where, with hope, a new fire is being lit?

I pray that you aren't still looking, as I am, at the underside of your
soul, searching for answers that may never be found, for reasons, 
when there are none but the winds of fate that blew us together