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With Dignity and Respect

Anton walked past the schoolyard
Where basketball, years ago, was the everyday norm.
But, all had changed in this poor boy’s life
To the point that things won’t be the same.
He, now, maintains this school
And accepts the insolence of the 
Students as they sneer at him
Because once, he had a shot. 

He was a good student and athlete,
The road looked like it was paved in gold.
He met this girl that would change his life.
They dated 3 months when she said
That she was pregnant and he,
Yes he, was the only one.
Anton was raised with dignity and respect
And knew no other road to take
Except the road of responsibility.

Now, at 19, this baby in the world
Has a baby to take care of, to raise.
Anton, has proven himself to be a man,
a man willing to accept and endure.
No greater man ever existed.
He’s raising his child with dignity and respect
With his dreams being
That one day his son doesn’t
Make the same mistakes he’s made.

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Dysfunctional Dignity -

I can see us now Luv,
pettin ponies, musing in warm moon light,
free versin in satin style, a smile born from genuine form,

Two hearts too stubborn for apologies or effigies of maybies,
sunburned by stardom, kingdom of monsters fathomed,
forlorn by the "Cloak and Dagger" of fox hunt horn,
withholdin my love from you feels like a wasted martyrdom,

The riverbanks of apocolypse may swell over my joy
but I will not drown Luv, I will not crumple,
winds of hysterical what could be scratch my face
still I do not frown, I collapse not to the ground,

I am not a runaway from your palace of peeps & pain,
nor am I a tresspasser in your orchard of ecstacy,
I can no longer accept lovin you in the third person,
these masks of merrigold manipulation have become dreadful,

Much of my life has been spent defendin
against manipulators, abusers, haters, and mockers,
I needed to hear you say
that my affection for you was not taken for granted,

Thanks for being my Eve on those evenings of earnest thirst,
my Viper Rose, that it was I you chose, as God knows,
my love is not runnin, its stayin,
not prayin or playin
just gainin from the sayin,
love once levied is forever bevied,
gotta keep certain that my spine is mine Luv -


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The day my dignity was swept away

It was a mediocre and bearable day. 
I had sprinkled and smeared tiny fibers on my head to camouflage the humiliation. 
As I sedately wandered down the avenue I virtually blended in with the common folks.
All of a sudden a fierce breeze hit me hard. 
My cover was blown away. A barren field of desolation was all left.
Dear Lord, what treacherous move did you just pull on me?
People noticed me as I stood there bare naked.
I panicked and impulsively decided to flee away as rapid as possible.
I thought I was gonna be okay but then some men in black suits tracked me down.
They abducted me.
Shortly thereafter I was transported to a goverment concentration camp for miscellaneous Incels.
I was to be recycled for experimentation.
They sprayed my skull with some sticky elixir from a flask branded Minoxidil.
This was probably the animal testing phase where I was the subject.
It seems that these chemists where benevolent, chunks of my 
abolished humanity started to gradually restore.
Unfortunately the progress wasn't worth the effort.
I was thus banished back to my cellar. 

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Give her some dignity please

On her hands
And knees
The floor 
Has it crawled 
Into his mound
Her skin
Is bare
Bra is all
She's looking 
For her dignity
It's gone
His smell
His world
So small
She is 
In comparison 
Of it all
On her hands 
And knees
For her dignity

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The Dignity of Living Beings with Regards to Plants

 (The Silent Screams of Asparagus)
4th place in contest

The Swiss, those bastions of “Pease, Not War”
That neutral country to the core
Have gone to the edge – then one step more
On the Dignity of Plants

The killing of flora is morally wrong
The concept of “Plant Rights” missing too long
They’re crying out loud and crying out strong
On the Dignity of Plants

They’ve adopted a biocentric moral view
Living plants are alive just like me and you
So we have to be thinking in all that we do
On the Dignity of Plants

Individual plants have an inherent worth
They don’t just appear, they get here by birth
So when dealing with plants we have to think first
On the Dignity of Plants

They say that the farmer can mow his own field
They don’t explain why – but the hay has appealed
Beheading of flowers – on that he must yield *
To the Dignity of Plants

The Swiss enshrinement of “plant dignity”
Is a symptom of cultural disease
Infecting Western culture
Bringing critical thinking to its knees

The Judeo-Christian world view
Which upheld the unique nature of man
Has fallen on hard times so now we can sue
We’ve no leg on which we can stand

Animal rights from this poisonous soil
Have crippled our courts, caused tempers to boil
Now flora and fauna have joined the coil
On the Dignity of Plants

If animals and man can feel real pain
As PETA explains and explains and explains
Then plants should be treated exactly the same
That’s the Dignity of Plants

Now some Swiss are saying that plants must come first
That “Man” is the AIDS of our dear Mother Earth
We may have to expel him for he is the curse
On the Dignity of Plants

We live in a time of cornucopian wealth
Yet millions of humans suffer in health
So hiding behind “plants rights” in stealth
Is no Dignity of Man

Me, I’ve got my dignity
Plants equal to man is just foreign to me
Giving plants our rights is immorality
And that is my stance on Plants


*   At this point it remains unclear whether this action is condemned because it 
expresses a particular moral stance of the farmer toward other organisms or 
because something bad is being done to the flowers themselves.

This is no HOAX.  The concept of what could be called “plant rights” is being 
seriously debated in the Swiss courts.

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Death with Dignity?

I'm sure there are those who will disagree with me,
but there's no such thing as death with dignity.
All of our bodies eventually shut down.
Sometimes it's in our 90's.
Sometimes it's before we're even born.
It's always ugly every time.
You can live with dignity. You can't die with it.
At least that's what I've witnessed within my lifetime.

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The Dignity Of It All

The Dignity Of It All

Don’t look me in the eye
Don’t look at me and sigh
Or shake your head and wonder why

As I walk along the street
Ensuring our eyes never meet
I frown, and look down at my feet

A mere and simple cleaner
Don’t laugh at my demeanour
Don’t be sad, for there are no keener

No barrister am I
No educated guy
Don’t look me in the eye!

That dirty, menial task
Which for nobody would ask
(Nor do I behind this subtle mask)

I pick your rubbish of the floor
While you hurry through the door
Who am I to ask for more?

But if you gave another look
You’d surely bring yourself to book
For my “lack of pride” you’ve sure mistook

I may clean up all your dregs
But I’m not one who begs
Not while I can stand on my own two legs

Don’t think that it’s a pity
As you travel through the city
Don’t dare question my dignity!

For you see I’m very proud
Of that I’d shout aloud
Above the heads of any crowd

Because, in my mind, I guess
Somebody must clean up your mess
Though it’s me I am no less

An honest person - just like you
Who takes pride in what they do
(Is there a moral in here too?)

Don’t look me in the eye
We just can’t see eye to eye
As I pick up your junk and sigh.

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Their Dignity and Pride: The Irish

No other man could say with pride
How honored t’was to be
That though they suffered hunger
And through their poverty
They still stood tall, to fight them all
The rest… is history

Now, turn the pages back some time
On an island far from here
Where English Lords forced a nation
To sea or to live with fear
They pushed away, even still today
But, the Irish pride is clear

Through all the outward signs of hate
Too, in Boston, where they fled
All of the Beacon Hill residents
Just wished the Irish dead
But, they prevailed, as soon they hailed
The pride of Irish bred

Despite their constant struggles
They never chose to hide
For they knew just who they were
And wore it then with pride
As years went on, the Irish son
In America did reside

They were soon to hold their office
Also Police in New York blue
For they were of the people, proud 
That held the laws then true
Enforcing rules and teachers at schools
As the Irish got their due

Yet, still they’re given just one day
While a month unto another
But, yet the Irish smile with pride
Not standing under cover
They’d never duck, with their Irish luck
To share with non-Irish brothers

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Credo on the Dignity of Humankind

         Credo on the Dignity of Humankind

My task is
to live
to love
to die like that.

It is enough.