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Silently, silently, behind the bed stead of night,
Without any howling of moon,
Besides, walk along the clouds.
Walk silently, melt silently.
At the half- lighted pure hours of darkness.

If sun departs, night would not come,
Evening primroses open forever.
If twilight departs, sun would not come,
Nightmares shine forever.

I wish, the night is admirable,
I wish life ending moments with you,
I am afraid of death without you,
because, I do not know,
What has happened after death? 

Without you, the winds are mischievous,
They come and ask me:
Create situate for me in your heart.
Why do not you come to me like them?

Oh! Listen to me, my life:
Yesterday, I did not sleep at night,
Ask me to come to you.
Place my head in your arms,
And sing a song for me.

Silently, silently, hug me for the last time,
Behind the bed stead of night,
Without any howling of moon,
Besides, walk along the clouds,
Walk silently, melt silently,
At the half- lighted pure hours of darkness

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A Brief Description Of My Week

Passed this week by slow
like honey poured out
Monday over oats
and figs, milk, bowl
of mixed up fruit with.

Tuesday drinking
I two coffees
by day making
way for scheduled

busy time.
Busy week
came Friday

at last


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Jacob's Description

Skin as smooth as a skipping stone,
Lips like the ocean waves,
Eyes as bright as the stars above,
Hugs-oh so warm and kind,
Ears as keen as a hunters,
Jokes funnier than a joke book, 
You are perfect in every way,
      And I LOVE YOU... all the same

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Vivid Description Feb 23 2011

Sometimes I question what happened that night,
did I deserve everything he did to me.
I ask myself that question over and over again,
the answer I never did recieve.

I opened the door without hesitation,
and instantly my body froze with fear.
My mind wnet blank and I couldn't move,
my heartbeat was all I could hear.

There he was starring me in the face,
with his hands around my neck.
With a half crocked smile and evil in his eyes,
that was the moment my life became a wreck.

Tears filled my eyes with a lump in my throat,
honestly I didn't know what to do.
I wanted to scream but the words wouldn't come out,
I tried to prepare myself for what I was going to suffer through.

Holding me down with his hands still around my neck,
which was slowly killing me inside.  
I remember thinking that I wanted to die, 
to crawl into a hole and hide.

For hours I had to suffer through,
his payback, his torture and the pain.
I lost myself that October night,
only pieces of me remain.

Finally it stopped and he let go of my neck,
he had an evil smirck on his face.
He was looking down at me bawled up on the floor,
he said, "How do you like being put in your place?"

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A description of love

It started with a little flutter
At the bottom of my stomach
That rose upward to my ribs
There became a glowing ball
A little ball of golden joy
That grew and swelled and filled
Until suddenly…. Pop, it burst
Thus expelling its contents wide
A golden liquid like warm honey
Glowing with an inner light
With it touch this liquid spread
Warmth so deep and pleasant
Flowing from chest to every limb
Spreading its warmth and light
Its touch upon the skin makes
Your hairs stand up and spark
Electricity runs down your spine
And back again, twice a second
Slowly a grin creeps across your face
Creasing both cheeks and eyes
In the corner of you eye a tear
Forms to your joyous surprise
Now you’re glowing and warm
To the core and electric to the touch
You’re happy down to your toes
An aura penetrates your skin
Golden and shining from within
All this comes from a special love
Between two lovers so true
This is the feeling that I have
Whenever I look upon at you.