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Bowled by a cricket hat

I had a favourite cricket hat wearing it always enhanced my batting, never did I forget to wear that as if it was the key of run getting, but one day something happened upsetting. I was batting that day so well and was heading towards a sure ton, I went for a hook and my hat fell directly on the stumps and I was gone, without picking it I headed for pavilion! **Hope most of you are familiar with the game of cricket which is like a religion in India © kashinath karmakar 2011 =========================== Placement:8th (April 2011) Contest:My favourite hat or bonnet Sponsor:Carol Brown By :kashinath karmakar (14th March 2011)

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All Hail dearest lions...!!( a tribute to the SriLankan Cricket team)

All hail! dearst Lions; 
From the land of peace
Who plays the Gentlemens' game...
They play for our land,
To make us all proud
Not for money or not for the fame..
Who made thou skins?
So tough and strong
And hearts so calm and mild..
You attack them all
With the bat and the ball,
You make them loose and wild..
All hail dearst SANGA, 
The great captain
The sailor of the Lankan Ship...
Adore you MURALI,
Thy bat is more like a whip...!!
AJANTHA is the hero,
And SANATH the golden name
MALINGA is the stylish boy..
MAHELA the magician,
VASS the revolution
Together you bring us Joy..!!!

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sing sing cricket sing
in my care
lonely no more

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A Cricket Symphony

Out for a romantic walk
Under the evening moon,
We came across a street
That presented a pleasant tune.
The air would fill with rapture
It would capture every heart,
My husband and I
Couldn't wait for it to start.
At just the right moment
The Maestro rose His baton,
In melodious overture-like chirps
The crickets chanted their song.
They sang with tenor voices 
As they called out to their mates,
The symphony completed
As we walked on past the gate.

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in a rumpled,
black city
homes are sliced in half
the equality demands
the rights of people

sometimes you love a 
he will be able to wed, albeit
shyly, with the physical
cleaning the love’s deficit

how far the waiting will go
skirting the mist
it was there
in you
in me
a rapist
a serial killer

Satish Verma

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a cricket maddening

twasn’t an absence of belief in
hexes or voodoo shit, black magic,
witches or warlocks,
which brought to mind the maddening
of the crickets, for
900 species of those sinister gryllidae 
couldn’t be wrong &
they came anyway---
chirping their nocturnal nonsense &
forcing the writer to rack her brain,
as all she wanted was to keep the
to the
metal &
yet, nature allows no rest for the
proverbial wicked---
with said writer being the type
who would stick it out to the last 
moment of supposed sanity,
she finally snapped!  

not being able to get a word down
because of those damn crickets,
not being able to get a sentence down
because of those goddamned crickets,
not being able to get a paragraph down
(with a deadline at hand) in the middle
of the goddamned morning, 
amidst the noise pollution just outside
her window,
all because of those
god****ingdamned crickets!!!

so swiftly, 
like the wing’s flap of the most 
eloquent great bird which comes to
she jumped from her seat & went to the
gun cabinet---
there, she kept a bb gun, a fashionable
revolver that once having the CO2 capsule
popped in, looked menacing enough
(she felt) to fend off an intruder,
whilst at the same time, it didn’t really
infringe upon her stance on gun control.

with this, she went outside, 
bb gun in hand &
started blazing away
without any real notion that what she 
would put any dent in the insanity that these
goddamned crickets
had manifested upon her
as the chirping sounds did not &
would not cease,
she dropped to her knees after her 
bb gun was empty,
weeping, sobbing &
slobbering tears & spit all over herself,
curled up in a fetal position right out 
there in her back yard,
submitting herself to the servitude of
the insects at hand. 

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The Cricket's Hymn

The mountains were asleep, 
in the night when sparrows weep, 
for if they hungry they mayn’t eat, 
for they haven’t eyes but have they feet, 
to brave the night but not defeat, 
during a quiet summers’ eve, 
a little cricket took to the leaf, 
to sing a song a song to sieve, 
a heart from hearts like a common thief, 
on that quiet summers’ eve, 
a little sparrow took his leave, 
during night-time whilst the light was dim, 
he couldn’t see well; no he couldn’t, 
but he could hear well; the cricket’s hymn, 
he followed the little critters’ song, 
not knowing if it were right or wrong, 
to go for a meal so late at night, 
whence the sun was out of sight, 
the cricket though wasn’t wary, 
for he was in his little quarry, 
not realising that his singing, 
was drawing him closer to a dining, 
then came a ladybug who happened to pass, 
the little cricket without a lass, 
she told him of the gaining bird, 
but to her great dismay she could not be heard,
for the crickets song was far too loud, 
even louder than thy common hound,
the little sparrow was now, 
an inch away from the cricket somehow, 
and in a flash, 
the crickets' song was as dead as ash,
the poor critters’ short existence, 
is now the ladybugs’ reminiscence.

Written by Sunil Rao.

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A Cricket Lies Dead

A cricket lies dead on the sidewalk...


Gwendolen Rix