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Below are the all-time best Chastushka poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of chastushka poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Words From a Dandelion

I see your pretty flowers sprout, so bringing charm, I put down roots. but hating me, you yank me out. You fool, I just bring more recruits! 9/8/14 for Dr. Mehta's Chastuska Me Poetry Contest

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How To Be A Millionaire: Start Out as a Billionaire

I put money in the stock market, knives were cut sharply diapers remained unchanged and paper was stationery toilet paper touched a new bottom, switches were off feathers were down. the pigs are feeding at the trough
Maurice Yvonne September 8 2014 Chastuska Me - Poetry Contest Dr. Ram Mehta

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Hair there, why cry, pull it out ..try!
Pretty YES on your head but nose?
God that’s gross you’re not a guy
Pull it out you’re indisposed!

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Best Feet Forward

I thought I could love a Russian Girl.
Her lips were divine, pretty like a rose
She was lovely, with the cutest curl.
Why couldn't I stop looking at her toes?

I swear they were twisted, not one was straight.
Sure her dress showed off her sexy form.
Those open sandles, they didn't look great!
Within my mind, I was completely torn.

I may be shallow, a horrible guy.
My foot fetish is far from a joke
Staying with her I would surely die.
If I sucked those toes I'm sure I'd choke

Some like big boobs that flop all about.
For me it's a foot, perfect and petite.
Still others prefer a woman more stout.
I'm cursed to be a man attracted to feet

For Dr. Ram Metha's Chastuski Me contest.  ABAB form

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Surfer chick

He never stopped preaching
About the color of my hair
So I kept right on bleaching
and now there's nothing there 

Contest: Bad hair day
Sponsored by Rick Parise
Form: Chastushka

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He should have gifted something else the gifts brought her an instant fame as she saved those on her 'blue dress', Zippergate was the scandal name! ==============000================ Placement: 6th;(March 2012) Contest:Chaustushka Form-Russian Poetry Sponsor:Gwendolen Rix By:Kash poet

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PrEmAtUrE aGiNg

pReMaTuRe AgInG
an older woman and a younger man are a trix in between because as his love blooms he sees himself aging. _________________________|
penned on august 31, 2014!

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then they give us FORM as if one three thousanth of us know what the hell that is

Velvet fell from the SKY ON a Boston day by the bay
Cotton caressed thy lips gentility so that you might sigh
While you tried to convince me you and I could beg to fly 
Suddenly uncertainty and fearfulness drew night but I never knew why

Other people opined they were warm yet I was cold
I longed to see my arms open wide for you to thusly hold
The woman who tutored ancient men how to produce gold
No statue crafted of such solemnity to behold

To heartbeats beat as one neither ever to cry 
Hand in had that old man called us lovebirds flying high
And you with gold shimmering in the wind with which you vie
When the moon that night told you to tell  me goodbye

The darkened sky stared right at me
And whatever it asked I would cauIdally comply
They ordered me a way, take to the run and flee
And never even  knew fu****g why
   (c) 2011...Phreepoetree ~free cee!~

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Comb Over

Z Z Top and Cousin It took the right approach
     Dark sun glasses and beards detract from scraggly hair
Next time my motley hairdo meets with reproach
     Combing forward I’ll consider, sparing the Nair

*For Rick's "Bad Hair Day" contest

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The Paradox of Fall

Fall arrives today, still clad in green,
Clear skies of impossible blue
Presage the riot of color to come;
Hot reds and golds, yet bitter cold - whom to sue?

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Year of the Wig

(This is a true story from 2001, when I let my
hair grow back to dark, and I fooled a few people
who thought the wig was still my own hair but with 
a different shade of blonde!)

Growing roots meant bad hair each day;
bought a wig to stay blonde at school.
One guy loved my color that way.
Said, "Your hair's never looked so cool!"

For Rick Parise's "A Bad Hair Day" Contest
using Chastushka (Russian form of poetry
with trochaic tetrameter).

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A Stupid Fly

A stupid fly tried to swim
In my glass filled with a beer
But finally the beast made it to the rim
And when flying away it showed me its rear

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You really aren't that smart
And certainly you're not funny
But pay my tuition do your part
It's no joke I need your money

Contest: Dr. Ram's. "Chastuska Me"
Date: 9-7-14
Poet: Lyric Man

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Waste Of Time

A long time he has hung on
It's about time he gets the boot
The rest would be glad to see him gone
They'll team up to say good-bye to Newt
Chastushka Form-Russian Poetry contest of Gwen Rix With visiting Judge Andrea Dietrich co-judging 7th Place Winner

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A Bad Hair Day

Purple spikes pointing toward the sky
Do you suppose he woke that way?
Can anyone tell me the reason why
He'd strive to have " A Bad Hair Day'?

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Pitch Man

He was an All Star Athlete,
A potential Hall of Famer.
He could have made a fortune, if,
His hair was not like Kramer's.

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Beauty is only skin deep

My thighs may slap together My bum, it may be huge But if you look a little deeper You'll find my heart is true My stomach may be rounded My bingo wings? Disaster But my friends will always stick around While yours will leave much faster Everything may wobble On my walk across to work But the smiles I get are genuine While yours are just a smirk I may have got a second chin And be all over flabby But you get your joy from others pain While my friends make me happy So while your comments hurt me And make me sad and worry I can't wallow in self pity As it's for you that I feel sorry

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I've tossed and turned, I need my sleep! A glass of milk, might hold the charm I take a pill, I count the sheep Twelve flocks go by, ...the clock alarms!
_____________________________________________________ For Dr. Ram's Contest "Chastushka Me" 9/5/14

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Great Government Recreate

Boredom, disgust, hearing lies Political debates wait One is good as the other guys Great government recreate Contest: Chastushka Form/Russian Poetry Sponsor: Gwendolen Rix Click on "About This Poem"

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I Think of Her Asleep

I think of her asleep at home;
Full of her warmth, I envy our bed.
Wherever all my musings roam
She follows in my head.

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Sneaky Humidity

“All dressed to kill; please don’t let it rain!”
Hours spent with flat iron
Straightening out the curls
Here comes sneaky humidity to undo this “do”


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In 500 Million Years ...

In 500 million years,
All the seas will boil away.
Nothing is Forever -
Best hit the beach today!

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Political Chastuska #3: No Such Thing As Global Warming

"There's no such thing as 'Global Warming'"
- That "hypothesis" my skeptic friends ignore.
Yet to all those with objections forming,
I suggest you check the price of maple syrup at your store!

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After using that Hair oil

Everybody told me it would do wonder
so I applied it without further delay,
little did I realize that it was a blunder,
no hair on head now, no bad hair day!


Placement:10th ;(June 2011)

Contest:My Funniest Poem ON the Soup

Sponsor:Poet Destroyer

By:kashinath karmakar(11th January 2011)

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Political Chastuska #2: The National Body Has No Head

Try to revive the National pulse -
Next thing you know: "Death Panels"!
Fury, fighting in the town hall aisles;
Best pursue through different channels.