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Thank you for being my bubble wrap

Egos are fragile things, when new and shaking with fear,
"is my poetry worthy" are my ideas welcomed here.
I know I am a little eccentric, eclectic and unique,
I have been told many times, yes you like what I think.
I believe every hug and I welcome every comment,
From your lips to the screen your heart is heaven sent.
It has been about six months, I've put the keys in motion,
It's like my mind has been supercharged with poetic potion.
To all my friends I have made here, you have kept me going,
Thank you for being my bubble wrap, you keep this glow glowing.
Hugs to all who read my writes and the kindest of this family.
I want you all to know so much, y'all a special part of me.

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The Bubble Burster

In my days of innocence, a man- more a fantasy of flesh and blood- came unexpectedly along and stepped inside my little bubble. At last we had our moment. His mouth on mine, pillow soft, moved strangely out of synche with my own lips, and this was the pin that burst my bubble. for PD's Contest: free verse poem. (15 max lines)

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Soap Bubble Dreams

As tiny globes they float,
Wearing a rainbow coat,
Filled with young breath they glow,
The soap bubble dreams we blow.

Pop! They burst with stranger’s touch,
In the windless sky, away from our clutch.

...Life is rife with lies we tweak,
A hideout from our miseries!
Flightless wings and wailing dreams,
Are a kick back to reality!

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Typically Luke Poem 6 - BUBBLE TROUBLE

Luke always likes To try out something new And today he decided That he would drink shampoo Of course it made him feel quite sick But that’s the least of all his troubles Because now every time he opens his mouth Out float a million bubbles And bubbles come from his nose And bubbles come from his ears And now every time he cries He cries bubbles instead of tears I don’t think he will again Put shampoo in his tum Especially now that bubbles Are coming from his bum Though I suppose there is a bright side He’s sure to impress his friends When they see that Luke Can blow bubbles from both ends.

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Faith, the Hardest Bubble to Burst

Bubbles come in many forms,
some make you feel all fuzzy and warm
others are like ideas or schemes,
most however, are easily torn

Burping baby bubbles of gas,
bubbles blown that pop in the grass
football games, played in a dome,
a snow globe made of hand blown glass

Faith, as we know is a powerful sphere,
it holds us together, in a life full of fear
like a friend, you can count on, when times are the worst,
as like Christ on the cross, sheds a redeeming tear

You can count on your Faith, the Hardest Bubble to Burst,
even when the health of your body is cursed
with just a moment a day, silent in prayer,
believe in your Faith, the unquenchable thirst.

Dedicated to my Poet Friend, Carolyn Devonshire, With Love and Faith,
God Bless....Taz

For Debbie Guzzi's contest

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She (a bubble world)

She is wild but romantic
She speaks nonsense 
but she’s funny
She has a free soul,
But she falls in love too fast
Making a slave of herself.

She doesn’t speak out her mind
She usually keeps in silence,
 Letting her thoughts be free.
She looks for that perfect blue prince
The one she heard in Spanish fairy tales.
She’s a child in a woman’s body.

She still has that naive look
She’s neither beautiful nor ugly,
She wonders what beauty really is.
She gives up before she tries.
And let things pass by.
Still she is a girl with dreams.

She sings with a marvelous tone,
 her voice is like sugary melody.
And some have been enthralled 
by her walking attitude.
She smiles hiding deep fears
But she knows she’s a strong soul.

She is confident and trustful
But she sometimes can be a hater.
She believes in people
but let down easily.
She is a special human being.
She can give more than she receives.

She is the girl in a bubble world.

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Bubble Gum, Oh Bubble Gum

I am a candy that you can chew, With lots of flavors, both old and new. From mint to sherbet, flavors grow every day! In my small cozy package, I lay - You can blow me up and I will pop So if you want a piece, pull off the top. I'll be waiting for you to pick me; We will have a blast - just wait and see! Aunika Alch Age 11

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A Bubble Blown Up With Breath

I will tell of love in fourteen short lines
Remember when you chipped bone in kneecap
So much pain for you and me nothing fine
Knee pain for you for me nausea trap

You had surgery, nausea had me
One baby in arms another womb bound
When you came home, total care you no glee
Beside chamber nausea vomit round

Daily existence for weeks ugly trap 
Baby, husband's care between nausea
Holding baby my only relief gap
Situation had me deep undersea

Love is deep when one gives beyond their strength
Giving beyond the call of duty is youngth

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Becky Bubble Brown

Becky Bubble Brown builds a beautiful bungalow before
Beyonce Baker in buffalo boulevard.In buffalo boulevard
Becky Bubble Brown builds a beautiful bungalow before
Beyonce Baker;But Becky Bubble Brown got blown with
a bomb in her bubble bath.

*this is real tongue twisting~~Bubbling Becky Brown got blown with a bomb 
in her bubble bath.

Contest:"Big Kid Tongue twister"
Sponsored by Gwendolen
3rd place win

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Thought Bubble


You said you’re going for other stop,
When I was about to walk you home
What happened?
Had my thought bubble burst at the top?
And scattered the words, then they roamed
I just needed a friend for my lament