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Tanka 1 about Smudged Roses

From between pages the forgotten petal falls on an empty shelf settled dust is today's mud where the priest smells a smudged rose
Inspired by Chris'tanka contest ~Now, for the contest :)

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Black Rain


Another rainy stormy night,
nothing will ever feel the same.
Thunder makes me fear with fright,
Theirs no way to call your name.
To be alone is no delight,
here I am alone with shame.
It runs trough me like day and night,
lonesome here for playing my game.
I wish you where here to hold me real tight.
Forgive me for I am  the only one to blame.

A darken rainy stormy night!
Here I whither away in the BLACK RAIN!
In that selfish moment I did not realize,
all I was doing was causing myself pain.
You took and shook me with a big surprise!
And, showed me that my cheating had nothing to gain.
With you in distance I lose my self,
sitting all alone in the BLACK RAIN.

Please stop the pain, its my love I want to gain.

Tears from me you wouldn't take.
It was my fault to take the fall.
It does not mean my love to you was fake.
Without you I feel real small.
The hurt runs deep~Deeper than a lake!
The hurt runs high~Higher than the tallest wall!
The hurt is heavy~something you can't shake!
The hurt is like a mystery~you can't solve at all! 

How these cloud posses my days,
I have no one to blame
If I knew exactly what to say,
I would not be feeling all this pain.
is here to stay!
I have lost what took long to gain.

please go away!
I want my lover to come back my way.


inspired by:  Rain Rain Go Away.... :)

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You speak as if you've read all the pages.
All knowing; bestow yourself this grace.
Beneath that serenity lies an abandoned cage.
Don't try to hide what's scrawled across your face.
I've forsworn myself, now I'll tell the truth.
The only reason for love in this world is you.

Do you want to see my eyes shaded from the sun?
Take this love and concern from deep inside me.
Tear down these walls, show this damaged heart is done.
Prove it's not "you and I" and no longer "we."

A tomb is set in earth, shuddering beneath you.
A souvenir of your self-inflicted ascension.
Housing the victims you so lovingly slew,
Demons overtaken; yearning for redemption.

Please don't tell me it's wrong to keep holding on.
Don't say those feelings were never worth the fight.
Even when the pain is numbed and gone,
I'll still need and bleed to feel your sunlight.

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I had a love, but it flew like a 
out of the cage, but never 

I had a voice that spoke with 
rendered softly, but now I 

I had a charm that melted like 
Now it's forming artery clutter.

I ballooned lungs, possessing 
your air,
but your absence left a 
pulmonary tear.

I had wide eyes endulged with 
but they can't relay what a 
heart can see.    

I had a heart that beat like a 
but it's been chewed like shoe-
stuck gum.

I had honey dance in my 
playful mouth.
Now it's tasted onion, hard to 
brush out.

I had a belly that held 
Now they've come out like once 
hidden lies.

I had tickled ears filled with 
your melody.
They pranced like deer, into a tree.

I had pennies wasted on vain 
Now they're poisoning the 
I had a nose filled with rose's 
but it blew with the breeze, a 
memory spent.

I had smooth arms secure in 
your care.
Now they're free, yet lonely, 

I had soft hands, interlocked 
with yours.
Now they hold open their own 

I had silken legs you loved to 
I keep them neatly under my 

I had eyebrows raised with 
Now they're abased, full of 

I had a smile, like a child's for 
I still wear one, but it's a fake.

I had instincts, but I let them 
like a rambling tongue, for 
ego's show.    

I had a feeling this would end,
but remained devoted like an 
owing friend.

I had deep wounds, dripping 
with blood.
The stains are hidden under the 

I had regrets of the worst kind,
but I've released them, lost in 

I had a self, differently sorted,
vibrantly alive, now aborted.

by Juliet Ligon
for Giorgio's "Favorite Poem" 

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Think of Me

Think of me and smile
Our time was shortly spent
Think for just a while
Of all the things we meant………
To each other we were Love, 
Laughter, Smiles and Joy
Think of all those things
Then think of us once more

Remember our first kiss
Remember our first time
Remember I was yours, 
Remember you were mine
The things that we would say
The things we use to do 
I heard you sing a song
I wrote a poem for you
Didn’t think we’d be together
Didn’t seek, but we did find
A precious hidden treasure
A love so true and kind

Now when the Angels come for me
My home now in the sky
Don’t hang your head in sorrow
For me don’t even cry
I will send a signal
And you will know the sign
The Sun will shine its brightest
The humming birds will sing
Midnight will be the darkest
Think of all those things

The wind will blow so gently
I’ll Whisper in your ear
You will smell the roses 
And feel my presence near
For you have known my spirit
For you have only seen
The beam of light now shinning
A dream that came to be
So just in case you’re wondering
It’s not because I’m free
But that I caught you smiling
And I knew, you had thought of me.

Patricia Templeton

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Letting it out

I wrote these poems because the words were screaming
The feelings were rallying in my chest to get out
And I'm happy I let them out, I'm free now
Like linen and lace I sew them into a few lines
So that at least they wouldn't rot away in a drawer in my heart

I wouldn't want my heart to be a home for rotten words and feelings
Know that as I share these poems, I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve
And I'm baring the most vulnerable face of my heart
But, my mind says I have to, even if people will talk about this
Because I want to find peace that I'll only find if I set these words free
To share them for other people who can relate to me
The words will leave me in peace and never haunt me again
And maybe haunt the boy in the stories instead

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The Unmasking

The Unmasking ~
A Poem by Debbie_Philly 

Lives laced with indiscretions the dance has begun.
Liars take the lead my muse sings the song.
Deception pierces the psyche wavering on the
edge of insanity.
The muse has been unmasked reveled is his
morbid soul. Contents purged of it’s deceitfulness.
Lost love’s obscure, soul mate obsolete in this
malignant web of duplicity.
Cruel heartless muse , why do you ridicule
your beloved? Fixation on unattainable acceptance
Chasing contaminated dreams that render you
inadequate of ever knowing truth.
Truth in life, love and real undying loyalty.
Incapable of true intimacy , bewitched is your
brain by meddlesome hags.
Your thirst will be unquenchable all your days
and lonely apathetic nights.
My muse has been unmasked, seen for what he
really is. I wish him well on his journey for love.
My heartbroken soul wonders aimlessly through
this realm. Numb, disillusioned concealed in a shell
TRUST may never enter my world again.
By: Deborah Kelly 

© 2009 Debbie_Philly

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I am sorry

The truth 
It will destroy you
An August day
While you sweep up rose petals 
On our Sun drenched porch
You look at me from under heavy lashes
And say it's ok
You don't wish to be without me
It's ok your always want me
Your never stop

I'll bask in this glory
Thanking God for you loving me
As tears prick the back of my eyes

The hand around my heart squeezes a little tighter
Until I am breathless with it

In time
There is a difference to us
Making love is no longer rushed
I look at you, looking down at me
But neither of us say it's pointless
Your days a little darker
A little longer
Things a little more useless

The hand around my heart squeezes a little tighter
As the truth picks away at your dreams one by one

At Christmas we pretend we are still happy
Completely in love
While in the garden with your sister
The truth pours out of me in great sobs
She says it's ok your get through this
We both know she's lying
Inside she's crying

I had no right in making you love me
So the hand squeezes a little tighter round my heart

Somewhere along the way
Anger rises
The tension surprises us
You begin to resent me
Hate me for letting you love me

And I am sorry
I stayed a little too long
Cared a little too much
I needed this whatever it was

So the hand squeezes a little tighter round my heart

Invisibly I collect my possessions
Storing them
They lay in wait

Courage appears 
At three in the morning on a Tuesday
Quietly I get my things
Wait by the window for a taxi
As the hand squeezes a little tighter round my heart

The knowledge erupted
Watching you hold your new Godson
Looking at me longingly
Knowing I can never give you this
Tears glazing your eyes
Looking so proud
It's wrong for me to keep you
With me this is all your ever be
A childless man

In your hallway
You help with my bags saying nothing
I will never be wife, bnever be a mother
Without you I'll never be anything

As the cab pulls away
You say your always love me
I say I know
But I have to let you go
I'm giving you a chance of what I can't give you
The most precious thing
A family

So the hand completely squeezes my heart

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I Can't Count the Tears

Unlike the Drifters and Smokey Robinson of previous years, I am unable to keep track and count the tears. They say a man is too strong to cry. However, crying is something I cannot deny. Ever since you went away, I have been missing you each day. The flame in my heart continues to burn, as I optimistically await your return. inspired by another member's poem

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Fancy Light - A Repost

Fancy Light - A collaboration Fancy Light - Dr Ram - Fancy Light (COLLAB) Dr Ram by~ DR RAM: Once her tumbled hair was bright with flame That her eyes sapphire with twinkling stars And her lips were never to be missed to kiss. She accepted a man who offered her bounty Knowing there was a beast in him though. She thought he is a changed man now And he has sloughed off the skin he wore. As the time passed when her beauty faded...... by~ POET D: She became one again, no longer a pair Two strangers all over again, Walking a path alone in her hall way. Pleasure in the dark * alone * tonight! A beast she became in her own world Wakening to the morning bells of Spring Unchained from a bounty without promise Removing all doubt, the milk on her face begun to gain color.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I have reposted the poem a collaboration between me and P.D sometime in Sept.2011. I dedicate my part of the poem to you sweet Linda. First Place win Contest: That's All Folks by P.D. A Collaboration with * P.D. Fifth Place win in the contest: ~MY COLLABORATION CONTEST~