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I Want To Love You

I want to feel you like a petal feels the wind I want to touch you like dewdrops touch my skin I want to hold you like moon shadows hold a star I want to tickle you like the flutter of a butterfly tickles my heart from fields afar I want to lay my head upon your lap like a child lays his head upon the lap of a sterile mother in her fertile dream I want to miss you like an immigrant misses his home-land The land which deceived his opportunities yet embraced his early footsteps Poured his first tear in a stream I want to think of you,ardently I want to seek for you,secretly In the same way those paramour's enchanting eyes seek and wander for his flamboyant mistress I want to live dying to have you like a hero dies in battlefield dying to capture his daughter's smile knowing that the last glimpse of her is a worn out sanguined picture I want to find you in the same way my faith finds God Without seeing,without knowing With all doubts,questions and mysteries With all that I was,with all that I am and all I ever will be I want to love you

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well i love ya anyways


and it is exactly.

when no one knows what you mean. 

the gate of danger.

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I am so tired. I forgot to peel the banana.
I am suing Chakita for pain and suffering...
Johnny Rhinem. Will you marry me online?
L   :)

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Let It Flow

Just let go! Let it flow! Let it flow! Let it flow!
Everything’s gonna work out right you know.
I’m looking for a better day. You’re still looking at my yesterday.
You’re playing the same old lame games that I used to play.
So lame witches, what do you have to say?
I lost all behind a man who didn’t want me publicly.
Yes in turn he lost all. Every night he calls my name.
His wife calls my work, church, and all spots I go.
I  can’t help that she didn’t earn the title that she no longer has.
Oh Lord, she did nothing to be the wife of the assistant attorney general.
On him I worked hard and nothing about that work was mediocre or trivial.
So lame witches, who don’t love your husbands or give them a peaceful place to lay his head,
Don’t tread or dread my existence because that part of my life is dead.
La dah dah dah dah dah! Let it flow! La dah dah dah dah! Let it flow! Let it flow, baby!
His eyes are no longer from me lazy.
 His wife that sat at her job bragging on the darts that she threw me Are driving her crazy.
Her unfruitful lies only crashed my sense of family, 
sense of community, and sense of spirituality really did nothing to me,
 But made me more of a stronger woman than she already was.
 I’ve regained those senses that I lost because she never paid honor to her given boss.
 Her senses are gone. I’m home away from home.  Yes I am because they just let go and, 
Let it flow! Let it flow! Let it flow! 
The realness of how I was banished from the boot and the place of my youth.
 Yes indeed I tell the truth. Everything’s gonna work out right you know.
My work still flows not on him but on the world. You can’t stop an intelligent hood girl. 
Let it flow! Let it flow! Let it flow!
 I’m straight up reppin the Southside of Monroe to the fullest everywhere I go.
Where in the hell is the work of that stupid  wife and the lame assed pros?
I’ll tell you it is locked up in a vault or behind closed doors.
Mine is on his TV, and in books that are in millions of global online stores.
I’m doing much more. I’m not a belligerent, hostile, whore. 
I lived that life because people behind closed doors wanted me to remain poor. 
One day I’ll say hurray to my letting it flow and that it did work out right you know.

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Life silenced dash-
think and cry 
life is pretty! 
Frustration with life, the life of unrest
The way of life
I silenced a lot Life
Silenced the cast! 
My life is blackhole
....Life in Hell
Life brackets () , the minus _
Silenced the beard.
Life is hard mind
life is open mind
on the sky raft
pretty life, smile life 
Life in the daytime! 
Life in my mid - afternoon, 
Strong heat of the sun
Life plus, life death
dash life size! 
Silenced loses the pulse of life
minus silenced life.
The comma, the colon
bloody life! 
Life cloudy, life ashes
Life dog rain
Life saratakasa silenced, 
What is amazing! 
 my life.......
Life and death trap
Silenced the laughter lines
Eid curved moon! 
Star of Life hash × °
Table of Life
Life is sweet sour life
Talk about life! 
Silenced the heck irritation
The life of heaven.
The comma, the colon; 
zero zero life! 
life is death after ...

(translated from Bangla kobita( ????).

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be Successful

Doesn't it hurt you when you want to do something but you can't because you feel like you are lost in darkness ..
You want to give up but at the same time you want to be Successful....

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he who has own happily
he is happy forever.

he who shocked others happily
never he would not be happy.

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Written Before

Arjun should stay, no way
That Krishna can say

Or even then they all shed blood
On Kuru-ground as in game of war
And we cannot get Srigita yet

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all to go

All to go 

I to go
we to go
you to go
& all to must hereafter.

I to do
we to do 
you to do
all to must good deeds

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cry for Nigeria my country

I wake up every
to ask myself
'what's happening'?
God gave us oil in
the Delta,
waters in the Benue
and Niger,
mineral resources
all over.
Though we've no
natural disaster,
but we got loopholes
that need plaster.
And now we are
falling assunder,
that is making me
am even behaving
strange like an

We still survive
under the millitary
not even to mention
the oppression 
of the wild.
Our politicians are
all of pretention,
our leader are
products of greed
and discension,
when we are called
the giants of
Africa, centre of

Oct 1st 1960 was our
day of freedom,
since then, we threw
away our wisdom,
all in the name of
religion, politics,
what is this?

You will hear
rumours of fighting
in Jos,
killing one another
no remorse,
people are so much
stucked like traffic
in Lagos.
A piece of advice,
dont be suprised.
We gotta move
cos we are left
behind in the

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My Life

Life is beautiful! Like a flower! 
Happiness and sorrows of my color

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You Mean Everything To Me

When People Say Love is Blind,
For me its You whom i have Found.

Now when you are not Near,
I miss you the most My Dear.
This Phase is where i dislike to be apart,
You strike a  light within my Heart .

In every ups and downs you are with me,We  fight ,argue and frown at each other,
but at the end we know we are together,
Our Love is Rare,llike us there is no other Pair.

Its u who never let me go Wrong,
You are the one who motivates me to be Strong.

Its You who cares for me,
even if you are Now not here,
Your presence i can still feel in this Air.

You have not just captivated heart of Mine,You give me all the reasons to Smile.

I am blessed to have you in my Life.Before you,my Life was  in a Mess,
But your love have compressed rest of my Life.

I want to walk miles with you.Without you i am  hostile.

This is true that love never judges,it never hurts,it removes all the grudges within us, and it converts two souls into one.

The gift of Love you have given to me,I will cherish that till i die...

You Mean a lot to me..i may not able to express you how much close you are to me,
but its true for me, you are my world and everything to me...

Sanchita Ghosh

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A relationship reminds me of a flower 
Gets planted and starts to grow
It gets fed with hurt, pain, deceit and more
Starts to wilt and it shows

It doesn't get watered with honesty, trust each day
It becomes ugly and starts to die
Gets uprooted and thrown away

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Love in nothing

Money is nothing
people love the money
many people love in nothing

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Love is link ever
Sometimes tragedy!
when love is link
Ties, combination and branches.
Tragic love story 
sometimes released, sometimes in handcuffs.

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A smile appears for you
A joy only for you
Say all- cheer!

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Bengali Women

                                Bengali women squatting
                                    Pitchers, bangles,gossips
                                            The river Barak indifferent

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Missing My Mistress

Hush! when will this
plane land?
just need my
mistress   around.
Since two, have been
sitted in this
hungry to see her
just swallowing

Stretching my neck
to look,
as if to say am
reading a book.
To God, this is no
am just like a man
on the run.

Champagne shall we
drink, eat and leak
Am in love with this
my mistress,
even in trouble or

dedicated 2 Joy:

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kaunar Allah

"Kaunar Allah", let
me tell u what it
means in English,
its a love like a
fire that you can't
no wonder am a
Nigerian this love
is making me look
I don't have much
but with this love
am been rich.

I wake up every
morning to viewing
ma t.v screen,
only to have visions
that my pasture will
be green.
That time shall come
i shall no longer
my abusers will even
kneel to kiss my

Such an affection
from the God i
even though i don't
really deserve.
Father, of you am so
that's why i've to
write this piece

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Rabindranath Tagore

He comes with pen and left with them
And he miss no pain remain
That we can mark ink to paper again

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the seed caste onto the stone, and
in seed it is on it's own
never to stretch root, or
finding the thinnest stress to
break through

pregnant ground and

the seed caste onto the stone

though no shape will it ever go
oblong roll along a stony
until it is split sent into the high-
flyed sky

and sent again
to descend
from the

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blonde beatrice

to be in love again
like before.  like the movie.
when you can feel the universes are
just the right size
and everything fits like a


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Birds to flowers
Let me smell your
Flowers just Oneshot

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Banana John

There once was a banana
he did not have a nana
until he got a name
john was his name yay