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a farmer once lost most of his crop in a storm but he didn't complain
he knew never to count on the might have-beens just thank God for whatever remains
we need to learn to count our blessings for those things we have in hand
and to thank God for all He has done and what for us He has planned
the sun won't always shine down on you there will be darks days and some rain
give God thanks for each day He wakes you up and for whatever time you have that remains
for storms are always popping up, passing through or pouring down
just have an attitude of gratitude that you're standing on higher ground
God is watching over you and will send Angels to keep you from harm
just trust in Him and thank Him for His ever-present loving arms
Jesus healed ten lepers one day but only one came back to give Him thanks
all ten recognized Him for Who He was and all ten addressed Him by rank
they knew what He was capable of when they asked for His mercy and grace
so why did only the Samaritan return to thank Him face to face?

we live in a time where the economy has literally fallen apart
homes in forclosure, millions of jobs lost and that's just the start
the cost of living has escalated but our pay checks have stayed the same
we need to place our faith in God as only He has the power to make change
to have an attitude of gratitude for the God Who is able
to sustain you when the world is in chaos and unstable
to have an attitude of gratitude in moments of pain and despair
knowing that you can count on God to give comfort and care
He's aware of your doubts, depressions, heartaches and your fears
He has the power to help you heal, recover and wipe away your tears
we need to stop putting all the focus, emphasis and stress
on that which we do not have but on that which we possess
we need to have in our hearts the spirit of thanksgiving
and praise Him for all we do have and for all to us He's given
we need to give God all the honor and all the glory
that we even have the ability to give a testimony
so thank Him for your sons, daughters, your parents, husbands and wives
thank Him for giving you the gift of the breath of life
thank Him for the food that you have to eat
thank Him for the clothes on your back and the shoes on your feet
He has done so much for us the we can't even measure
He has given us an abundance and many blessed treasures
so fall down on your knees and give thanks to the Lord our God
with an attitude of gratitude and the spirit of thanksgiving in your heart

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Need An Attitude Adjustment

I feel like a mean old woman sometimes
Shaking my hard-knotted fist at the world
Yet feeling sheepish over my attitude
Shamed by the angry words I've hurled

My feelings get hurt and I strike back
At other times Ill just sit and cry
Turn my face to the darkened wall
And I'll continually question why

In solitude I usually get answers
If explanations are there to find
Some things are hard to even fathom
It's better to simply clear your mind

So let me have faith in the world at large
And not show anger so easily
After all we are only human
If I learn forgiveness then I'll be free

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Positive Attitude

Is a way of thinking

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What Attitude These Journals Have Today

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an attitude of gratitude

possess a disposition of agreeability
have a position of hospitality
take a stance on being pleasing
with an outlook of sound reasoning
a viewpoint of compassion
an aspect of courtesy
a posture of kindness
and stand on congeniality
to have an attitude of gratitude
to always be kind
to love your fellow man 
to always have God on your mind

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Autumn’s attitude

Changing the colours 
of seeds and leaves
… tough clothing for kids and kings