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Below are the all-time best Absence poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of absence poems written by PoetrySoup members

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~Suicidal Night~

I sit alone in the dark.
In the dark I sit alone.
Nobody sees me.
I see nobody.


Flowers, above.
My eyes have darkened to a color never seen before.
Forever closed!
It Rains!
It Rains!

In this room, I've drowned too many times.
I remember cascades of water under my eyes.
My satin sheets wrinkle and cold.
I die and died every night.
No one sees the pain that kills me everyday.
The wounds that reach 6 feet deep.

Lucid demons
Bleeding wrist
Scary dreams
Is how I live

I'm alone-
No one's around.
My body's like a coffin
Stiff in my own home.

~A Poet Destroyer Collaboration~

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Every night

Every night,the tenebrous land of my inner existence invades my last waking thought Once more this sombre heart seeks you It seeks for you 'neath the silhouette of each sakura tree and in the slow rise of an iridescent moon over the horizon It seeks for you through ashes and embers of a sky's shooting star and through mist ,which spreads your name on my window-pane This sombre heart seeks you through lonely teardrops which fall gently like scented lavender on a worn out pillow-case Every night,desires and illusions live their reality I make love to the wind,to the sand,to the shore where we danced where our bare-toes crunched corals,and your lips brushed my hand Everynight,your evanescent hug is carried by waves, back to me I reach you,I hold you,I breathe once again in a dumb memory Every night, I believe in the next blinding sunrise to run wild,to run free,in evergreen fields where dandelions blossom,and the crimson rose bleeds Ahh,how it bleeds,with its soft scarlet petals and velvets of passion,yet it bleeds With hundreds of thorns,well hid in between Every night,the tenebrous land of my inner existence invades my last waking thought Once more,this sombre heart seeks you It seeks the guitar boy,with those almond eyes It seeks each wrinkle of laughter,its every remembrance, and effervescent smile,without the cold distance and our last goodbye.

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Hiding here inside my closet, I feel safe in the dark knowing on a pile of sheets lies my very psyche; it's only a thought, yet I am unhurt among drawers… so I curl and stare blank, imbibing bits of gentle murmurings that whisper on hangers as they sway with the lint...I strain to listen but prickly voices rush out of reach from the sleeves of a night like a conversation behind closed doors… I hear yet can't quite grasp what my heart wants to say in low dips ; like a tremolo carrying mould of twilight... it chants all sermons of a Sunday church bell speaking in tongues I knew once...long ago. The moon slices the folds around me in black suds washing a laundry of venting desire, only to find myself trapped in pins…I feel a stab, a grating chill: perhaps, I have no language when no one wants to listen.
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Please pick me up!
Never mind I'm gonna fall, anyways
Please show me how to tie my shoes and sing a song! 
Don't worry mommy, I'll walk barefoot and teach myself one day
Please daddy show me how to ride my bike!
Never mind It takes up too much of your time
Mommy, please do not hit me again!
It's okay, I need to be taught a lesson
Cousin please do not touch!
Go ahead, they won't believe me anyway
Teacher, please defend me in school!
Never mind, my body is used to the abuse
Please don't tell me sleeping with you is the only way! 
Okay, I need to be loved even if it's for one night
Please teach me how to raise a baby!
It's okay, I can't blame others for my mistake
Please don't get violent when you drink tonight!'
If it makes you feel better hit me, 
I'll hide the bruise with makeup & tears
Please tell me that I'm beautiful!
Wait! Your right I'll never look like her!
Please someone call 911!
Never mind, it's only a broken bone
Officer, please don't take my husband?
Don't you know it was my fault, he loves me and won't hit me again
Please don't ask what happen to my face!
That's what I get for standing up and defending myself
Please God don't take my baby!
Go ahead and take her I don't deserve her
Please don't tell me your not in love with me!
I understand I'll never be worthy of your heart
Please don't walk away and break my heart!
It's okay, I never made progress or was good enough
Please someone help, I'm hurting inside!
Never mind my feelings don't count
Please God, can you hear me!
Please God, can you rescue me!
Please God, can you walk with me!
Please God, can you show me the way!
God- I was a baby, I was weak, and did not talk
God- you didn't protect me on my first fall
God- I was abandoned and neglected before I learned to crawl!
God- even you rejected all my prayers and call
I understand now I don't need nothing! 
I don't need no one at ALL
So PLEASE, PLEASE leave me alone, behind these walls 
.                              **
Please! If you read this teach me how to smile
WAIT! Smiles don't come with self blame & guilt


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Meet Me Half Way

erased for publishing

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Girl, Interrupted

Girl, Interrupted-

Deep cuts from within.
She faced bravely the many hardships of womanly life. 
How did she end up here?
Severe depression after her first mental breakdown.
Sorrow oppressed what was left.
Now in the parallel universe, 
Never aware of the world left behind.
She will catch a brief glimpse of this world where everything is different.

Losing the veil in which includes time, 
Aging without caring death awaits!
Her different personality replaces reality. 
Things appear normal in her the eye. 

Although captivate in her own mind,
She feels this is freedom.

Being heavily burdened--
Every day she stares into different mirrors,
Smiling in her bipolar face.
Without knowing insanity put her mind at ease.


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A Gentle Death

Avenge me not, for death has been a friend
and anger ill befits love's gentle wine.
All lovers true or not, must part, ascend:
rise, or fall, as life's trials their paths assign.

Still as bone, white as winter's snow my skin
by candle light, one can almost see inside.
My hair a gossamer halo, so thin, 
my eyes, my blue eyes, still contain the tide.

I am your fair Persephone, your wife, bride,
and soon I will return to you Hades
to rise born on cherry blossom tides;
when in the earth, I can no longer bide.

Bless gentle Thanatos for his death sublime
and Hypnos, as in sleep, I do recline.

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This Gypsy Soul

This gypsy soul is on the road It leaves castles far behind It abandons ghostly mist which sabotages the caravan of life It passes along the mountainside by golden hay fields where daises bloom by stream of waters which sweeps a withered rose towards the decayed lumber flume This gypsy soul is on the road from Edinburgh to Lochlomond against high winds,against the rain against aquatic monsters of pain This gypsy soul is on the road to the woodlands of your heart where I would camp inside your tent as our blissful thoughts impart This gypsy soul within myself and all the woman in me would wantingly await your fingertips to compose soft pastel fantasy The smell of early coffee then fills our empty cups The song of the cicada would echo in the shrubs And as the chimney smoke drift sideways in the breeze as warm dappled light filters through purple pansy leaves The pressing of my lips would leave their crimson mark below your sun- kissed cheek My arms would cling around your once a muscular physique We laze upon a hammock strung between two old oak trees I play on your guitar,my hundred melodies As the incandescent half moon rises above the dusky hue and orange paper lanterns float high in cobalt blue We'd chase the opalescent glow of a million firefly You'd be able to touch me before last embers die This gypsy soul is on the road in search to be set free Across bridges,on a journey your compass-my destiny.

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You are my longest night

You are the shortest day
but longest night
within a memory
of my four seasons

Every cell in my body
remembers you

It remembers
Your amorous glance
Your ardent touch
Your effervescent kiss

and even your last whisper

a careless whisper
which sickened my thought
and pained me with grief

Every breath from my lungs
remembers your absence

How can I  forget it?

I live with it
I die within it
It surrounds my existence

Your absence - Bitter !  Dark!
darker than death itself

You-Solstizio d'inverno
Where is your promise
the promise of new beginning?
Where is the light of what was pure?

I know you!

I know you enough to know
you still feel me in your bones

I know you enough to know
you bury me in your soul

Then you dig...
you dig crazily
beneath poured dusk
which fills the hourglass
beyond your veins

You dig deep
to find me again
You find me,You hold me

I know you !

I know you enough to know
You hold me to your heart

I know you!

I know you enough to know
I am still your life-line

Your love goes as far as stars
as distant as God
and undiscovered orbits

But was that yesterday's illusion?

For how long should my little candle 
How dim it glows now

Low is the voice which calls the sun
to rebirth prisms from droplets'dew
Weak are these footprints
which mark our path on moonlit 

I should stop calling

I should stop walking

Stop believing

Stop wanting, needing

Maybe the Sun sank
in the stillness of a crimson horizon
in the solitude of the tide
never to dawn in these eyes again

Soltizio d' inverno
Winter solstice
You are my coldest  verse of silence
My longest night of rain.

This fiction poem was inspired by a 
poem about
Winter Solistice

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Like Zephyr Breeze

Before I ever saw those eyes How deeply I loved you Before you read my first thought I found you Before you ever dreamt of my lips I kissed your smile I meant nothing to you and you were already my world I lived through every breath you inhaled till that same breath became a ghost from our past Tonight,I exist to live for what was Tomorrow,I live to exist for what will be I stopped calling your name I stopped searching your footprints Stopped seeking your arms I stopped believing in stars Yet, Sometimes in my soul's dusk of night through your cold absence,I feel you within me ever so soft, just like the wind Like zephyr breeze which left my cheek yet never gone.