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Sweet Taste of Love

   "Sweet Taste of Love"

sweet taste
of true love
is divine essence
sprinkled from heavenly skyline by Angels.

thin line
severs love
hate resonates heart 
dagger thrusts ---

love conquers life if hearts remain faithfully
as the golden arch shatters dreams caged in death.

*For 12 lines or under Contest. 

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The Classical Argument for LOVE

let me make an argument for love you can’t refute
I want to win you
I want you to be convinced
I’m the best thing that there is
give heed to this, my argument of logos
for in that you will find peace
it makes sense
I can satisfy your needs
a good arrangement
I know the empty spaces
of your heart
I will make you whole
completion is within reach
I am here

and what of ethos?
am I credible?
are you scared to trust in me?
afraid you will break
like before
By others who were untrue
stop keeping the score
I am not of the same hue
my color is faithfulness
I will never let you fall
ask anyone to testify of my honesty
ask now
I am the real deal
rest in this my bed of honest devotion
trust me
in my eyes truth lives
I am credible
let my actions of the past now speak to you
dispelling your doubt
I am genuine
never fear

what can compare to pathos?
my all-encompassing love?
the oceans are impotent
the “mighty” waves weak
so unlike the mighty swells of my passion
that pound
that withdraw
only to come crashing down
Leaving you gasping for breath
pulling you under
again and again
tugging and churning
helpless in my liquid arms

the moon hides
unable to compete with my love for you
shamed by the brilliance
of my devotion
she gathers the stars
my love can illuminate
your way in the darkest night 

even the sun is no match
to the fiery heat my passion ignites
wilder than an inferno
hot flares
Oh….so....H O T
it blazes with licking tongues of desire
able to melt your restraint
let it set you on fire
let it sear your heart
let me smell the scent of your burning body 
in my unquenchable flame

I implore you to consider my great love
it is life
it goes beyond life
it is deep
it goes beyond depth
it goes beyond star embroidered veil of night
it goes beyond the horizon of today
and eternity

consider my love
the logos
and above it all, pathos
let them be my voice
open wide your heart to me
don’t wait
surrender to me
s u r r e n d e r
to...M E

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Hymns of Salvation

Hymns of salvation

That  my own  body 
is my greatest enemy
was unknown to me.
O Lord, I  was reveling  in its pleasures.

The ones that
do not listen to Your tales,
never  speak the truth and won’t feed the starving,
worry  not about what is right and what’s not,
would  not obey the Guru,
do not remember  Your name; 
O God, why should anyone care if such folks
are  alive or dead.

O God,  fed up we all are
kinsfolk  with weeping ,
relatives  with cremating ,
moms  with giving birth  ,
I  with getting born.

Form: “Suzette Prime” with the syllable count, per line, of  2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 etc , all Prime numbers.
For: Su Crous’ Prime numbers and Philosophy contest.

By: S.Jagathsimhan Nair.

* The philosophy of the poem is  borrowed  from the  hymns ( in Tamil) sung by one of our( Indian) saints named” PATTINATHAR”, revered for his words of wisdom and deeds of miracles. The reference in the 3rd stanza is to the innumerable incarnations each soul has to go through, age after age, till it gets freed from the cycle of births and deaths on attainment of salvation. Here he is praying to God for his own salvation : ” In this never ending cycle of births  and deaths ;  times without number, have my close relations wept for me whenever I died, my near ones cremated me as many times; times without number, mothers gave birth to me and times without number I was born into this world. We are all totally fed up, going through  this process repeating itself  again and again. O God, deliver me once and for all from this terrible fate”.
Stanzas 1 and 2 are self-explanatory.

For SKAT's contest on 15 Jun 13

| Details | Suzette Prime Poem | |


success is within our grasp the fear of failure should not be entertained visualising the outcome will bring it to pass sharing our success empowers most others thus elevating us to new heights of achievement collectively the engineers of a new nation Ubuntu, the inherit spirit of Africa I’m what I am because of who we all are
Ubuntu: "I am what I am because of who we all are." (From a definition offered by Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee.)

| Details | Suzette Prime Poem | |

All Confused

Time is flying by 
and nothing changes
Everything is just the same
As if it all happened yesterday

Everyday I wake up and I say
“Today is a new day, 
And I shall live without you…
That is the new beginning of the end”
But as morning time goes by,
With every breath I take
Deep inside me, there is even minor hope
That I can never replace
And that is the hope
Of getting back in between your arms
Because that is my home place..

Million tears I cried,
Most of which have dried ..
Thousand ways I tried,
Which all evolves what I internally hide
But I believe
Without even a try,
Everything was so clear and bright

I am tires of the thought of you
But I cannot live without them though
I am so confused..
You stepped back and left me in the middle of the road
You turned your back and threw it all behind
Leaving time to fold it all..

Yet till the moment, I am suffering
Till the moment, I am drowning
Till the moment, I am hanging on 
But to what’!
Maybe to the one who I one day thought he was..

It is hard to replace a true feeling,
And heart beatings with someone’s name
With just couple of friends,
Or temporary moments and laughs
That you simply with them share..

But what about you..
The only non temporary thing in my life
The only constant inside..
But still…
How could you occupy such place
When you did not work hard for it?
How could you be there
When you are way far?
I do not understand
Is it me who doesn’t welcome
The idea of letting go
Or is it you my true soul mate
Who I should hand on to?
I do not know
I am just so confused
And I do really hate the idea
Of extremely missing you!

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the smell of the sea

the smell 
of the sea 
is overpowered by the
watermelon fragrance of newly mowed lawn

hunting for unseen tit-bits 
among shrubs –
an earthworm becomes a bone of contention

a butcherbird swoops – 
swallowing the spoil

if only the wagtails had agreed to share...
there’s enough for all of us to go around

| Details | Suzette Prime Poem | |

moments to reflect

As I look up into the night sky, oh what a beautiful sight the stars shining so bright. I think about my Lord and my heart swells and fills with so much joy that the Father of all created such wonders in the heavens above.
This cause me to reflect upon my existence on this earth, why was I given birth, what is my purpose on this earth? These questions laid profoundly on my mind and brought tear to my eyes.
I got down on my knees and ask my Lord please explain it to me. From my heart came pouring out all of my thoughts along with all of my doubts.
To my lord I did say, what is it that you want from me for I do the things that I do not want to do, and the things that I want to do, I cannot seem to do, why am I such a fool?
What is wrong seems so right and doing what is right is so hard for me to do, am hurting so deep within all I want is this pain to end.
My life is filled with so many ups and down I cannot keep my feet on solid ground. I feel like am on a rollercoaster and it headed straight to hell.
Then as the tears began to fall and my heart started to break all of a sudden I felt this warm embraces I have never in life expedited such love, such comfort and suddenly all my pain was gone and I heard the angels singing a wonderful song and in my mind eye I could see my Lord and savior sitting on His throne.
He smile and said to me , life is worth livening this is why it was given trails and tribulation are just part of the deal and I know that this is a bitter pill .
It in your nature to sin my child but this you can end if you walk in the light and let me come in.
My yoke is easy and I make your burdens light so just ask me to forgive you of your sins for with me in your comer this fight you will win then you will be heaven bound... The guide if you decide to be at my side is written in my living words.
Read them and heed them and satan will frown and you will no longer be hell bound.
Then the Lord said to me , I tell you this my little lamb,  I Am, I Am and I came into this world a long time ago. My Father sent me to earth to show His child the way. I became a living sacrifice and paid a debt that was not mine. So that you might find your way home and be by my side. Rejoice; rejoice all is not lost,
If you think that the star in the heavens are a wonderful sight; you now see what {I see when I created thee. My love has no boundaries it all for the asking if you put your faith in me. Trust me with all of your heart and in this you will find the ultimate peace of mind. Bless you my little lamb your time was well spent praying to upon your knees. The seed has been planted and I will harvest the crops and separate the wheat from the weeds and cast them they into the lake of fire where them will suffer for all eternity 													

Premium Member Poem | Details | Suzette Prime Poem | |

Make Way for the Dolphins and Whales -

we don't think
therefore we are not
descartes is dead and gone
machines and computers work and think for us
our minds are shrinking, withering and decaying from lack of exercise

...A rather feeble attempt at Su's poetry form...
Okay Su, lay it on me! I'm tough...I can take it! (but I may retire to my bedroom to whimper and whine if you don't like it)

Premium Member Poem | Details | Suzette Prime Poem | |

A Primed Pump

speak out
silence hangs


*if you are not part 
of the solution, you're part of the problem

act with mercy and kindness but, do act non-the-less
you were born with mind and spine, so soldier on doing what needs be done 

*Philosophy Of Eldridge Cleaver [1935-1998]

| Details | Suzette Prime Poem | |

Divine Love

situations change
we are driven to despair
when we forget His infinite love for us

His divine plan is not for us to divine
our destiny is ordained

great is His Grace
all we need to do, is ask