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The Best Senryu Poems

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Love Is Free

      a puppet dances

   to its own merry tune

    no strings attached

[Inspired by Jan Allison’s 
      poem “Love is Bind”]

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Always Together

Two peas in a pod
One still on Earth, One with God
Together Always
Inspired By Nathan Leccese"s Contest "Two Peas In A Pod"
                        3rd Place

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                     Feeling deflated
            Needing a breath of fresh air
                 Come and pump me up

Pd's Contest

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The Voice

                                            emotion and tears

                                        the voice of a rising star

                                         time stops in its tracks

                 To those who love classical. On hearing this 15 year old sing. 
                    Her name is Sislena Caparossa. Listen to her on this link:

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The Cherry Kiss

                                           Closer closer now
                                  Just a touch to the lips dear
                                          Cherry flavor kiss

                                          A little touch love
                                   Delightful fruit 'on tongue
                                           Cherry favorite

For the contest:
A Fruit Kiss

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Borrowed Sweetness


                                      the woman next door
                                      asked for a cup of sugar
                                      shoes and socks on floor

(Hai's Challenge)

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 By James Marshall Goff


                    our planet

                                        framed in

                                                    L                  L
                                                    O      our      O 
                                                    V    planet     V
                                                    E                  E

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poor puppet dances to the tune of her master - he’s pulling her strings! Jan Allison 9th April 2015 Contest: - Judy Konos Get Your Senryu On ~awarded 1st place~

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                        shower curtain’s hiss
                        wakes me up, wakes us up
                        king size tent waits


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carved on a willow

carved on a willow
our love growing out of reach

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                                       Turning point in life
                                       Eternal satisfaction
                                            Fuel euphoria

By: Eve Roper

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Life's Greatest Anguish

                                       life's greatest anguish:
                                  passion felt yet unexpressed
                                        harrowing hunger

   love in confinement
   a required sacrifice
desire in f^l^a^m^e^s

                                                                        cravings and longings
                                                                    consume the tormented heart

                                          Jade Celeste

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Bowing Out

       another star spent

 empty spot upon the stage

   when the spotlight fades

Author: Paul Callus ~ Apr'15
Contest: Get Your Senryu On
     Sponsor: Judy Konos
            Placed: 1st

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tears roll down her face yet she grins from ear to ear - extreme emotions 27th March 2015

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Strings Attached

              a gaze felt softly
     pulling on wistful heartstrings…
           your puppeteer eyes

              Puppets Contest
               -16 Dec 2014-

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Senryu Collection


                                  Struggle to survive.
                            The world will eat you alive.
                               Bite back or be dinner.


                                  Forgotten eyes see
                            The shadows are no longer

                                   a concrete playground
                                   Wickedness wilderness
                                breathe, there is no sound



                                  Feed me all my fears
                                  I am too afraid to cry
                                 Release my inner child.



                                     I make the pain stop
                                    Powerful determination
                                       I will not give up.


                                     The skin of the soul
                                     Masculine or feminine
                                            See duality.

Date 07-29-2014

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lady of the night
performs tricks in an alley....
father taught her well

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Ode to Sake from Noritake

invert & impassive,

moon reflective like.. shadow"

taste blossom; copper chablis..

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My Simple Valentine Story

dancing clumsily - shy blue cowboy eyes smiling. . . . he swept me away marriage fast foreknown - no proposal from his lips. . . . just lots of kisses my man of few words tells me, “I’ll always love you”. . . . few words are true words
For the The Story of Valentine Poetry Contest of Olajide Adelana

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Seek Life after life
Illusive task to obtain
Beyond doubts and fall

Start and end dramas 
Decipher complexities
Found partial answers 

Paradigm issues
Confusion overrate quest
Esteem falters wit

Stand mindful actions
Stuck within clearer pathways
A stretch still needed

Persistent conscience
Always craved enlightenment
Recall life purpose.

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Riding A Unicorn

A virginal ride

Holding the mane of a myth

Through fantasy clouds

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East Jesus

Picture 1	the message is sent
		loud and clear to the four winds
		nobody listens

Picture 2	the whirlwind roars past
                leaving in its wake havoc
                and broken spirits

Picture 4	drinking to old age 
                drowning memories in wine 
                that has gone sour

Picture 5	racing against time
                in youthful exuberance 
		life turns to ruins

Picture 7	sought eternal fame
		now, imprisoned in stardom
		she pleads for freedom

Contest: East Jesus
Sponsor: Roy Jerden
Placed: 6th

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tears freely flowing waterfall of emotions pooling my sorrow 8th January 2015

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My maa touches my poems

My aged mother she can't understand English... feels my poems by touch she touches the words her frail fingers caressing... smile in wrinkled face 'write a poem for me'-- 'all the poems are yours my maa... your grandchildren' **My 100th poem here for someone so SPECIAL © 2011 kashinath karmakar (12th May 2011) ================================= Placement:10th ;(June 2011) Contest:My most Inspirational Poem Sponsor:Poet Destroyer

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Murmuring Softly


                                                          Mysterious song
                                                Softly sung by mourning doves
                                                     Soothes my aching soul