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The Older I Get

I once heard the whisper of falling snow,
saw a spark in the eye of a coal-black crow,
felt the power and awe of a swift river's flow,
the older I get, the less I know.

My hair was once braided in golden cornrows,
by Jamaican friends in an island below,
a psychic once asked me about Jericho,
the older I get, the less I know.

The hot southern asphalt that scalded my toe,
the rope swing that swung us, to and fro,
Christmas Eve and the tree in the firelight's glow,
the older I get, the less I know.

Everyone's gone, but where did they go?
Why is my spirit sinking so low?
Is it true we reap only what we sow?
the older I get, the less I know.

©2010 DanielleWhite

Copyright © Danielle White

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Imperfect as we are, how can we
begin to grasp the intensity
of His pain, that immense agony
of suffering for humanity?

To be unblemished, yet have to be
the one to bear such cruel mockery,
body nailed to a cross unjustly,
His heart and soul pierced for you and me.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich

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Una and the Lion

This world of trouble soon will pass
For there beyond the crystal glass
A lamb and lion tread the grass
Beside a lass, beside a lass

This cord of present time shall break
And hate and fear shall flee and quake
Oh, may all vice this earth forsake!
And love awake! And love awake!

Oh, see him walk 'neath mighty trees!
The king of beasts; what strength and ease!
Yet now content this lass to please
Her hand to tease, her hand to tease

Behold! A pleasant form and face!
The child of beauty crowned with grace!
Fair Una treads at even pace
A better place, a better place

~ The form is Monotetra~
~Based on the painting 'Una and the Lion' by Briton Riviere. 

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst

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My mind deforms in Malimar
    Where people bathe in caviar,
        Inhaling hash from her cigar -
            I bow to Runt, the three eyed Tsar

The captive kiss of Princess Mars,
    Who speaks in tongues at seminars,
        Burns red within her Blue Boudoir -
            I writhe beneath her pale peignoir.

Her Maids tint lips with cinnabar,
    Brew tea within a samovar
        Secrete their heat within a jar -
            I’m thirsting at the reservoir.

Her Genies play with gold dinars,
    Disguise themselves in suits of tar,
        Bedizen me in stares that mar  -
            I plea before the commissar.

At Princess’ neighbourhood bazaar,
    Shades drape their dreams in wooden char
        While shadows kneel at doors, ajar -
            I’m waiting for the Avatar.

Her Merchants, panting pale Hussars,
    Paint screens of broken VCR’s,
        While strumming strings on warped sitars -
            I’m sailing ships to Zanzibar.

Her Prophets sometimes cruise in cars,
    Or while at each and every bar,
        To talk of time and things bizarre -
            I pass my pride for small pourboire.

Her Necromancers sprint and spar,
    With tales of wisdom flung afar,
        They’re numbered by the registrar -
            I’m dangling from her handlebars.

While Princess conjures crude memoirs,
    In never ending repertoires,
        I always seem to think they’re ours -
             That ‘hers’ and ‘mine’ are on a par

My Princess sometimes cuts and scars
    While weaving webs of au revoirs -
        I often wake to ask ‘who are
            These Gods that sail the distant stars?’

Copyright © Terry O'Leary

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On Our Friendship For Jan Allison

You were eyes for the man I was - blind 
And always without strain you were kind 
Love from the heart with no edit of mind 
What a day it was I met you - what a find 
In awe of your aura - to mesh I was inclined
Our souls with ease from day one intertwined 
Faith insisted on our meeting, solid, underlined  
There were no keys on backs one had to wind 
To say that I am thankful would be misdefined 
A new word I would create for us for all mankind  
For our story must be familiar one predefined  
From up above written in stone and preassigned 
I am writing this in monorhyme perfectly designed 
Like our friendship it is one, neat and consigned  
For you now - delivered, dated and proudly signed 

With Love Armand 
Sponsor: Judy Konos
Contest: Write A Poem

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne

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~ ~ through eyes that glow ruffling your hair we warm the room with luminous stares a gentle ambrosia drapes the fragrant air with wine from your lips --- and just there this need to melt in immortal surrender kindles as rows of candlelight declare kept promise of twenty years deeply shared and while laugh lines crease slight wear and tear the charm of life’s interludes makes me aware ~ how we glide together still burning and bare ~ Russel Sivey’s Candlelight Contest By nette onclaud

Copyright © nette onclaud

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Shadow to Shadow - Shadows Contest

Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
In youth the Eden where you played
was left bereft, destroyed, decayed,
by trusts malignant masquerade

Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
Sweet grass dies in your fallow glade
as opportunist needs invade
and bleed the life from every blade

Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
First, victims surging song is brayed,
then dirges of the helpless fade
and urges pant their serenade

Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
Agendas you've arranged cascade
to keep your motives undisplayed
and cover cracks in your charade

Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
You've planted with your soiled spade
slick seeds of doubt in hopes that they'd
conceal the putrid plots you've laid

Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
Your blighted past will be replayed
and every bloom on whom you've preyed
must lie now in the beds you've made

Copyright © Lycia Harding

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Dwindling Away


On final day truth in display: "Growth and Decay" Going astray cure fades away too late to pray Without delay under its sway the worms buffet Vain D.N.A. from our null clay ashes in gray
I too have days of depression! : )

Copyright © Ruben O.

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The Life I Love

(In the words of a happy little mermaid)

I slide through silky cerulean seas
Silently swimming wherever I please;
I glide through water with buttery ease,
With skin that is smoother than ivory keys.

There are secret gardens I love to explore
Far below the world on the ocean floor,
Where are colors no man has seen before
Hidden in an underwater treasure store.

Deeper down in the sea, where I go on a whim,
The light is so far it is grayish and dim;
There the masts of shipwrecks rise dark and slim,
And coins of gold line passages I swim.

On tropical islands with flowing waves
I play in uncharted, mysterious caves,
Or nap in the sunlight's golden rays
In a silent shoal on balmy days.

I pick pretty flowers to put in my hair
And splash in the shallows with never a care;
The droplets shine like diamonds in the air,
Rising and falling like a crystal flare.

When the day is over, the dolphins sing mass
And the sun sets fire on the leaping bass,
Then I lie in a bed much clearer than glass
And pray a sweet dream for this mermaid lass.

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst

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Let it be


                                            World of Insanity
                                          Cold war,main destiny,
                                          Death is the symphony,
                                         Blood shed and heroes be
                                           Great men in history.
                                         Mourn's drums in melody,
                                         No peace for you and me.
                                             If only it could be
                                              not just a fantasy
                                             lit candles by the sea
                                             White  flags of Victory
                                             Nations in Harmony
                                             One world,One family
                                              the voice of let it be.

             I was inspired by Carolyn Devonshire's  last contest,a Monorhyme with a message,
I don't know if this poem passes as a Monorhyme.. I tried.. and the message is for peace..
Inspired by the BEATLES  song too..Let it be... One of my favourite songs.. Charma

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop

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Sweeter Than Wine

He pops the cork from vintage vine, then bubbles dance in scarlet wine I look his way, his eyes find mine The stars align, the stars align! He pours the glass, and as it tips one drop remains there, as I sip I leave for him upon my lips My heartbeat skips, my heartbeat skips! The wine my lips had not yet met becomes a bliss, I'll not forget A kiss that tastes of sweet claret Not one regret, not one regret
________________________________ Inspired by the Contest: Monetetra Sponsored by Kim Merryman 6/26/13

Copyright © Carrie Richards

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Just Another Routine Day

Just Another Routine Day

September 8, 2001
It's a newspaper shopping ad Saturday
At Bloomie's a nutty Mad Hatter day
A playbill shows a new drag queen play
In New York just another routine day

September 9, 2001
I've got my Times and coffee on Sunday
It's my bifocals and big sticky bun day
I'll take the kids on out to the greenway
In New York just another routine day

September 10, 2001
Back at work on the cell phone, it's Monday
I sold thirteen thousand shares of Hyundai
A few airline stocks are in disarray
In New York just another routine day

September 11, 2001
World Trade Center is crowded on Tuesday
Broken pencil, another slow news day
Hi, Honey! No, everything's okay 
Don't worry, just another routine day...

October 30, 2014

Copyright © Roy Jerden

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There's a monster beneath my bed
At least that’s what brother said
Mom said-" now that’s just silly
You know your brother Willy,
He just tries to make you shiver"
"But Wlly said it 'd eat my liver !"
You know I couldn’t go to sleep
In case the monster made a peep
And sure enough, round midnight
The monster gave me a terrible fright
The thing let out an awful roar
And pounded on the bedroom floor
Then the monster began to giggle
And my whole bed began to jiggle
You guessed it, out popped Willy
The smack I gave him was a dilly,,,

We're grown now, its been awhile
But silly Willy still makes me smile..

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick

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The Difference Between You and Me

You hug and slug me
You hot and cold me
You love and loathe me
You calm and craze me
You feed and starve me
You kiss and hiss me
You heal and hurt me
You praise and raze me
You fill and kill me

I hug and tug you
I heat and hot you
I love and live you
I calm and psalm you
I feed and fill you
I kiss and miss you
I heal and feel you
I praise and raise you
I fill and thrill you

See the Difference?

Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian

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Make It Count

line count and word number are equal in this selection....

"Make It Count"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

Man may
Come to play
But if you say
Oh no baby, not today
Do you think he would stay
Or would he go so far away
In search of another lover he could lay
Doing everything associated with rolling in that infamous hay
And if push came to shove, maybe he would pay
To relieve all the stress stemming from your hips' distant sway
Because something must give, there are more than fifty shades of gray
That's common knowledge to the freaks and all those upon which they prey
And once you learn them all, I promise your lover will never ever stray
But if you miss just a single one, then you may experience that dreadful day
Where you lose it all so try to find True Love and remember to always Pray

Copyright © eric boddie

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Color Me Blue

Color me blue
As I think of you
A love once true
Has lost its radiant hue

Tomorrow I begin anew
How?  I haven't a clue
A love once true
Has now faded blue

Where is the joy we knew
Happiness that grew
A love once true
It's gone; it flew

I know we're through
All around I see blue
A love once true
Leaves me longing for you

Wondering what I can do
No more to pursue
A love once true
Has left me so blue

I eat my words, I chew
Taste like a worn shoe
A love once true
Has gone askew

Did I misconstrue
I strove to continue
A love once true
Until you withdrew

Color me blue

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire

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Cleaning Solution

Sticky smears on the table top.
on the couch spilled soda pop
one chewed up shoe and one flip-flop
I’m doomed to clean this mess non-stop
Greasy dog bones gone astray
found buried in the rug today
the hamster made a getaway
where he’s gone it’s hard to say.

The shower drain is plugged, I swear
the tub has grout and needs repair
dirty laundry everywhere.
it really is a mess out there.

Under beds dust bunnies show
all closets are on overflow
the fridge is packed with things that grow
dishes clog  the sink, I know.

Spaghetti sauce dumped on the floor
12 eggs broke, need I say more
fingerprints on every door
this place,  a never-ending chore

Just when I think things can’t get worse
the leaking fish tank cracked and burst
40 gallons was dispersed
I think this house is cursed.

In every corner, ledge and groove
dirt and grim must be removed
there’s one solution I approve
pack your things, we’re going to move!

Liz Relly – 3/06/2012
“Cobwebs and Dust”  Contest (new start)

Copyright © Liz Labadie-Reilly

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Your Hunger for Me

Your hunger for me...
Feeds the woman in me
Feeds the goddess in me
Feeds the dreamer in me
Feeds the fighter in me

Your hunger for me...
Feeds the giver in me
Feeds the pleaser in me
Feeds the teaser in me
Feeds the mistress in me

Your hunger for me...
Feeds the hunger in me
Feeds the fantasy in me
Feeds the power in me
Feeds the passion in me

You hunger for me
Feeds me

Eileen Manassian 

Copyright © Eileen Manassian

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Monsoon Mojo

Let's go out and frolic in the rain
Shove aside all cares and be vain,
In this stormy night from nothing refrain
Neither cry foul nor complain,
Drench to the core and raise cain,
Clap with the thunder once again
And blaze a trail in the lightning domain,
Drive this sassy storm insane
Within our palms its tears contain -
And then...ha, kiss the rain!

~"Your Best Poem" contest by Shadow Hamilton

Copyright © Abdul Malik

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Under Stars One Autumn Night

Under Stars One Autumn Night
One breathtakingly beautiful Autumn night, When sublime supernovas wondrously ignite, Showering the universe with blazing orange bright, Enveloping all with total madness and moonlight, Precisely at the stroke of mystical midnight - Just love me totally holding me tight, ‘Neath a warm starry blanket of heavenly autumnal delight!

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez

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Luna's Eclipse

Luna, to the depths 
     of my fondest delight,
You are regally dressed 
     this beautiful night.
Your beaming full face, 
     frosted splendidly bright,
Causes Venus to become 
     pale in your sight.
Your reflection shining down 
     from your lofty height
Dances on the swaying sea 
     in bejeweled light.
Known as the `beaver' 
     full moon eclipse tonight,
In awe still am l as your
     shadow takes flight.
I rejoice in the return 
     of your graceful might.

© Connie Marcum Wong

**Why is the full moon known as the "beaver" full moon?
The U.S. Naval Observatory's Geoff Chester offers the reasoning behind the name:
"[The] name comes from Native American skylore reminding trappers to set their
final traps for the season before the beaver ponds freeze up for the winter,"
Chester writes. He also notes this moon is sometimes also referred to as the "Frosty Moon."

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong

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The Quiet Beat

Listen to the beat of life, hear its thunder,
yet underneath lurks a murmuring whisper.
Some days almost unheard, others louder
always there it taunts, teasing like a lover.

Deep within you know  who makes this whisper,
it is life itself ticking away as you falter.
Yes now it shows its face as it comes closer,
our old friend death claims us with loud clamour.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton

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Things We Like

Birthdays, reunions, vacations and hikes.

Weddings, divorces and photos of tykes.

Vids of grandkids on their skateboards and bikes.

These are the things every cyber Friend 'Likes'!

Copyright © Lycia Harding

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He has learned to earn joy from paying sorrow's fee
He has learned to turn and fight and never to flee
He has cast off the burden of false royalty
Dropped at low-tide to be swept out to sea
His bended back straightens to a minute degree
He walks a bit taller, a better man to be
With nothing to lose now, with no guarantee
A battle-scarred prince bows to one helpless knee
At last feeling worthy to request it of thee
To slip on your slipper, it fits, you will see

Footnote: It DID fit and she said yes!

Copyright © Tim Ryerson

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Greatest Transport

I like to be somewhere were I can't be traced
I world of magic or stuck in the replay of my outtakes
A thousand pictures saved and phrases enjoyed take place
I could be a mystical being or an animal having race
I could be a goddess, or remembering when I ate Daddy's plate
Pretending I'm kissing a movie star or the kisses of my love; can't replace
O yes, my funnest and greatest transportation, are the ones that my mind would make.

Copyright © Jessica Arteaga