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Y Ddraig Goch -The Red Dragon

Cherish her land, lovely boy!
Never let them come destroy!
Show the Welsh pride, lovely boy!
Sing aloud your heart and joy!

I met a Bard of ancient time
who sang to me in mystic rhyme
as we climbed the mountain road.
He told me tales from long ago
of hidden dragons far below
he bestowed in soulful ode.

Now I had heard the dragon tale
and said to him, let truth prevail
without ale tell me the lore.
With no drink to exaggerate
I want the legends of our fate
tell it straight I did implore.

Cherish her land, lovely boy!
Never let them come destroy!
Show the Welsh pride, lovely boy!
Sing aloud your heart and joy!

He sang of the hidden secret
Three mysteries that have been kept
ne'er forget this land is blessed.
While Bran remains in the White Hill
of London, foes or evil will
their blood spilled, shall not progress.

The bones that lie beside the sea,
Blessed Gwerthefyr, shall keep us free
liberty, for all of time.
And the dragons one red, one white,
buried in Eryri one night
by Ludd's might and magic rhyme.

Cherish her land, lovely boy!
Never let them come destroy!
Show the Welsh pride, lovely boy!
Sing aloud your heart and joy!

The dragons' war raged underground
Red against white, without a sound  
'til unbound, from Earth they flew.
White against red, their battle fought,
supreme power, the prize they sought
as death brought red's triumph through.

The Welsh Dragon, so wise and red,
fair means and true your blessings said
fortune spread though all of Wales.
For those of foul heart and intent
a dragon's curse of detriment
that shall vent their lands with gales.

Cherish her land, lovely boy!
Never let them come destroy!
Show the Welsh pride, lovely boy!
Sing aloud your heart and joy!

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Dream Sparrow

Night-time's mist, shepherd's light of straw, yellow
tallow, all along the moor
dreams roam reckless, dark unsure.

Sea witch calls to the ringing bell to chime,
to thine dreaming heart a spell.
Spectres rise and fall and swell.

Call all the dawn, thine own sweet cry, and dear
heart clear, morning sparrow fly.
Unbidden dreams say goodbye.

Englyn Penfyr - Welsh Form

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Englyn penfyr

10-Wooden basket with swinging handle
7-Bouquet blossoms smells budding
7-Olfactory joy buzzing

If anyone is knowledgable of this type of poem let me know if I got it right.
It is a little tricky.

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The Irony Within A Song (Englyn Form)

I can still hear the song of the spring breeze...
About a love went wrong
When two hearts hid for so long...
Now I hear the requiem's gong

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When you go walking alone in the dark
Sometimes you can feel your heart start beating fast
As your breathing heavy sometimes you run
When you feel like somethings following you,
And with all the sounds you hear,
You never know what could be out there ,
So I hope you are aware that there is 
so many things that creep and crawl around
 in that  pitch black dark  darkness,
Sometimes  its just a shadow,
Sometimes its just a wild animal,
Sometimes you don’t know,
But would you want to see what is out there 
Creeeping around in the dark,
Because it just may make your heart
beat faster,
And as you run it just may creep up past you
So I would rather just know,
and beware that there are so many things lurking around
out in the dark darkness

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Cariad's Spoon

Gnarled hands stained by carbon seams
Harsh life etched into burning eyes
Yet tenderness turned wood
In delicate designs declaring devotion.

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An Elgyn

Shielded, his logic affects distrust - chill resolve
Mine scatters like dust, dissolves
His lust for my mind absolves
Allows this love to evolve.

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Divinity (Englyn Penfyr)

Some worship beauty inside stone temples
pleasing words of tribute said
wishing peace in days ahead,

Devoted faith brings a loving comfort
taught in ways of divine grace
but there is another place.

and so my head rests upon your shoulder
perhaps whispering your name
as we watch kindling flame.

candle lit thoughts ignite passion's desire
fiery kisses I adore,
and I want to love you more.

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Luscious lips Amanda Sullivan 15th July 2012

Smiley full lips,
silky smooth,
luscious and glistening,
juicy and glossy,
pouting and alluring,
succulent and irresistable,
sweet, sexy and heavenly,
that's me and my lips.

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Englyn proest dalgron #1

Stony land and hedge of rock
Remember the souls who work
Perspiring brow and soiled frock
To beautify this bedrock

**There are several types of englyn poetry forms, at least eight.
this form has half rhymes on each end line and seven syllables per line.
Englyn are welch poems/short/repeating pattterns and rhymes.