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Day of Reckoning

Above bleak pastures, A cobalt coliseum: Warriors are unleashed. · Aggressive brave clouds, Battle for the dominance: Vanquishment is vague. · Conquest of power, Clash of divine elements: Battle in the sky. · Sun and clouds collide, On a battlefield landscape: The land prays for reign. · The golden swords pierce, As injured clouds hemorrhage: Pelting the pastures. · With sharp swords of light. The golden gladiator: Obtains victory.

Copyright © Raul Moreno | Year Posted 2010

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Ocean Waves

In perfect rhythm
A gently flowing ballad
Perfect melody

Tugging at my heart
Softly lifting my spirit
Tickling my senses

A song of beauty
Calling to the universe
To maintain all life

Everlasting tune
Beckoning for all to see
Shimmering with hope

Singing out for peace
In harmony with the wind
Conducted by God

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

Copyright © Lena Townsend | Year Posted 2009

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Acid Rain

*/·) */ ·| */ · \ *(_·_) .| · | .| · | .| · | .| · | .| · | .| · | /#|_.| · | /\ (##(_| · |,_))) \###| · | /&/ \##)&__&&( )##&__&&\ /#|&&&___.&\\ (##\_&&&_'._)| \ ######## // "+,_____,+" Psychedelic notes, Strummed with creative wonder: From a lonely soul. · Music for the world, Crying guitar solos hum: Raining energy. · While his audience, Awaited the finale: Burning his guitar. ____________________ Inspired by Jimi Hendrix

Copyright © Raul Moreno | Year Posted 2009

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sari of morn floats
draping temples with rumdul,
as Angkor Wat breathes its glow
to flame coned incense;
and in the still of homage
pilgrims wander with their gods.

Angkor Vat, Cambodia
Rumdul---national flower

Dr. Ram's Choka Me Contest
by nette onclaud

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2014

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Blame It On the Moon

I dare you to say,
"It's because of the full moon."
My heart is not made of iron.
No magnetism 
Pulls me like the ocean's tide,
Holding me here by your side.

Instead, please tell me
That our hearts will beat as one
Regardless of the moon or sun.
Say that you'll be here
When we become old and gray...
Then, say the moon made us that way.

Ray Dillard   10-13-11

Copyright © Ray Dillard | Year Posted 2011

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Moonlight On The Ward

Midnight. This white ward drifts softly through chalked moonbeams shifting walls argent to cream, sifting sterile halls. Full moon fingers reach within touching each silvered sheet-shroud. Jaded nurses drowse, vials drip crystalline hope elixirs into sick veins, bedside water jugs shimmer with ivory pearls, glimmer-gentle light soothes pain. Shades of frailty flit, whisperings of the once-well; escapees from harsh daylight's hot taunts of the sun. Reality receding, moonlight kinder to dreaming. Caught between two worlds, health and no-way-out unhealth; fear smoothed by the balm of calm. Lustrous illusions, in this vault of dream we wait for morning's impending fate.

Copyright © Charlotte Jade Puddifoot | Year Posted 2011

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God's Promises

He pours out a world Fresh colors and blazing suns Emerald landscapes Seas of blue and green All of God’s promises drift Across my mind’s eye
Choka Me - Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Dr.Ram Mehta

Copyright © Regina Riddle | Year Posted 2014

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The Day I Saw the Earth Move

I watched a sunset
on the beach at the ocean
The sun touched the horizon
one quarter, one half
Bright, blazing red-orange clouds
Almost down; the sky now pink
when I realized
I was really observing
our mighty planet spinning
My mind blew gently
in the eternal present
the day I saw the earth move

The rotation speed of the earth is 1,038 mph at the equator
By: tryerson

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2013

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old gnarled bench - choka contest

a large old gnarled bench
by a much older gnarled tree
where the old men sit to dream
of happy boyhoods
love was foremost in their  minds
now keeping awake is hard


Copyright © SEREN ROBERTS | Year Posted 2014

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Carried by the Wind

An ascending seed, A ball of life wandering, Floating through the air. * Floating through the air, In search for its’ field of dreams; Whispers to the earth. * Whispers to the earth, It’s story awaits to spring; Searching for soft soil. * Searching for soft soil; Waiting for climate and light; On the hardened earth. * On the hardened earth, Anticipating its’ birth; A gust comes again. * A gust comes again, With unsuccessful attempts; Carried by the wind.

Copyright © Raul Moreno | Year Posted 2009

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Awaiting Dawn

The heat of today, Shall vanish, as the day ends; Coolness shall return. · Coolness shall return, On shoulders of tomorrow: While night exhales dawn. · While night exhales dawn, Breath on invisible wings; Discharges fresh air. · Discharges fresh air, The lungs of the forest breathes; Scorching regions praise. · Scorching regions praise, The arrival of coolness, Their faith awaits dawn.

Copyright © Raul Moreno | Year Posted 2009

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Storm Climax


My closed eyes can see
Lines and rows of running rain
A rainbow of sounds

On roof, leaves, and ground
Song of rain falls everywhere
A restful white noise

Unseen lightning brings
A roar to mate land in heat
Primal shiver-sin

Reverberant sound
Sky has been ripped and shakes
Waves of noise collide

Furious moans fade 
Thunder’s ecstasy’s over
An exhaust lover

Tomorrow morning
Bliss of children will splash sky
Puddles of heaven


Copyright © Usual Suspect | Year Posted 2009

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Lunar Beams Riding the Waves

Moon beams in distance. Carried by glittering waves, Reflecting an ageless tide! Rays of moonlight fall, Caressing, soothing, calming, Man's broken, weary hard heart! He stands in the sand Moonbeams touching his shoulder One giant step for mankind! The moon is falling, from the sky coming down fast! Can the mighty ocean last? Surf's up came the cry, Many feet come running by, Can we catch that last big wave?

Copyright © Marty Owens | Year Posted 2009

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Black and yellow bands
my flight in the summer breeze
enjoying the job

Strongly attracted
your corolla's depth and width
and sweet scent nectar 

Through tender skilled sips 
slowly brushing your pistil 
to forget-me-not

In my body hairs
will remain your sinful dust
always open bloom

You'll be another's 
as you've been before I come
while Sun shines your treat

Bumbling through the air
still tasting the fleeting trance
I will think of you

Copyright © Usual Suspect | Year Posted 2009

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The darkness seeps wet
stains on tissues of regret
inked pores secrete rain.
A blurred dust of pain
edging storm clouds all absorb
the hail of the Lord.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2009

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Grandpa's Prayer Chair

Grandpa’s chair still there

though stables are empty now

ghostly echoes of neighing

still hear Gramps praying

“Please, Lord, let me keep my farm”

blessings bestowed on our clan

*Entry for Rick’s “Chair in Shadowed Room” contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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My Saddest Day

I had to leave him

at the adoption drop-off

of the place I’d entrusted

with his safe-keeping. . .

    his mournful howl followed me

    as I exited the door

For the Choka Contest of Dr. Ram Mehta
Form: 5/7/7/5/7/7

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2014

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In Shadows

He spent long dull days
rigid like the straight back chair
where he sat making his plans.
He dreamed in shadows
and his plans - like the old chair -
never saw the light of day.

For "Chair In a Shadowed Room - Choka Contest"
sponsored by Rick Parise

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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A Tribute to Andrea Dietrich

she’s a faithful friend
a mentor, a confidant
a trusted teacher
of poetry forms
loyal, loving me for me
with no conditions...

on one occasion
she set aside precious time
to study ALL of my work
yes, from first to last
offering kind opinions
on what she thought were my best...

she loathes the lazy
practice of copy/pasting
bland, boring comments
or: ‘Nice work! Love it! Congrats!’
(short but not so very sweet)
enough already!

she’s funny and fun
honorable and honest
sometimes brutally...
(she knows I need it)
confidence sans cockiness
now THAT’S a lady...


Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2014

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Treasure In The Chest

Love your so sweet babe
touching my soul as the heart 
skips fast a beat talks honey

You're one in ten gifts
sweet singing golden classic 
memory stands out inside 

a thousand dreams come 
true May summer heartbeats you
so fast talking beautiful 

New day dawns shining
you're my sunshine fingerprints
darling flower we enjoy 

The sweet tenderness 
we hold in each others love
arms delight your company 

happy baby doll
your around this heart dancing
Your the nightingale who sings 

Dream into nights you 
whom falls A star blazing gem
beauty before one's soft eyes

Captured In sweet thoughts 
in my mind I wake up day
dreaming because your drop dead 

beautiful to be 
In your presence adoring 
breathless stars sparkle magic

in your shine honey 
you're sugar that flows sweetly
from the lips ice melts each word 

Captured in your space 
I cannot help myself babe
around you whom touches 

this soul writes again 
Words just flow from the heart ore
Its so lovely having you 

inside my life brings
out the best to my feelings 
as you are amazing sweet

Like a snowflake gem
your unique one of a kind
Melting in soft gentleness 

Heart touching love suit
All I wish we forever
bond in each others union 

Solid company 
warmed with gold soft tenderness
into the heart touching love

striking feathers dust 
angel brushes deep magic
Each a flickering heartbeat

Dancing Cupid's bow  
tugging deep heartfelt with wings 
it flies amazing grace true
smiles a beautiful treasure 

chain linked thoughts together one story of a jewel grasped the heart in her beauty

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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Not too Late to Change

Forbidden lipstick;
Detrimental to the soul
Powerful than any sword
A near death foretold;
Changes in lifestyle took place
Thanks to God's amazing grace

Copyright © Pace INK-U-SCRIPT | Year Posted 2012

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Sun comes stealthily through dawn’s blush - peeking up over the horizon. Climbing steadfastly to celestial heights - he reaches the crown of day as one who reigns supreme. Extending long arms, Sun shows forth his splendid strength - granting all subjects below. . . . illumination. Spreading his warmth, he exerts “sol” dominion over all. I show devotion baring skin to sky's great light. . . . warmth embraces me.
By Andrea Dietrich Inspired by the poetry contest of Constance La France ~A Rambling Poet~ "Nature, Four in One"

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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Fall Down Together Love

Ruby all boils down 
to you in every dream hot
one vision cannot shake free 

Visiting center 
nerve glows of everlasting
beauty flowering blossoms
Singing jewel gem 
voice of a sweet angel kiss 
eyes faraway mystery 

Rose your soft petals 
touch the deepest chambers 
swept away ocean tides wave
Pearl of the deep sea 
crowning queen between two 
shells holding such rare color love
embracing ring one daisy 

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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Nothing Happened Here

Windowless space screams
Feet spasm in betrayal
It's too late to change his fate
                                Chair pushed to the side
                                Life tossed away in the trash
                                If only the rope could talk...                   

for Rick's Contest "A Chair On A Shadowy Room"

Copyright © iolanda Scripca | Year Posted 2011

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Time to Move On -

if she permitted
i would have curled in a ball
in a dark closet somewhere
and wept my whole life
“too many tears are too much“
“grief is a bottomless pit”....

i read a MAAD book
that lectured me on coping
with a loved one lost
of an only son
‘lean into it’ they advised
i learned not to lean

i learned my lesson
the lesson was not to lean
on anyone but myself
and my late lost wife
i knelt face down on his rug
she came and knelt over me
when we heard the news
the news of our worst nightmare
our nightmare come true
six months of eternity
so it seemed----she knelt once more:
“it’s time to move on”...

(to this day i’ve not heeded
her advice twelve years after)

Submitted for: Anthony Slausen’s 'Moving On’ contest

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2014