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Day of Reckoning

Above bleak pastures, A cobalt coliseum: Warriors are unleashed. · Aggressive brave clouds, Battle for the dominance: Vanquishment is vague. · Conquest of power, Clash of divine elements: Battle in the sky. · Sun and clouds collide, On a battlefield landscape: The land prays for reign. · The golden swords pierce, As injured clouds hemorrhage: Pelting the pastures. · With sharp swords of light. The golden gladiator: Obtains victory.

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My Saddest Day

I had to leave him

at the adoption drop-off

of the place I’d entrusted

with his safe-keeping. . .

    his mournful howl followed me

    as I exited the door

For the Choka Contest of Dr. Ram Mehta
Form: 5/7/7/5/7/7

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Ocean Waves

In perfect rhythm
A gently flowing ballad
Perfect melody

Tugging at my heart
Softly lifting my spirit
Tickling my senses

A song of beauty
Calling to the universe
To maintain all life

Everlasting tune
Beckoning for all to see
Shimmering with hope

Singing out for peace
In harmony with the wind
Conducted by God

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

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Acid Rain

*/·) */ ·| */ · \ *(_·_) .| · | .| · | .| · | .| · | .| · | .| · | /#|_.| · | /\ (##(_| · |,_))) \###| · | /&/ \##)&__&&( )##&__&&\ /#|&&&___.&\\ (##\_&&&_'._)| \ ######## // "+,_____,+" Psychedelic notes, Strummed with creative wonder: From a lonely soul. · Music for the world, Crying guitar solos hum: Raining energy. · While his audience, Awaited the finale: Burning his guitar. ____________________ Inspired by Jimi Hendrix

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sari of morn floats
draping temples with rumdul,
as Angkor Wat breathes its glow
to flame coned incense;
and in the still of homage
pilgrims wander with their gods.

Angkor Vat, Cambodia
Rumdul---national flower

Dr. Ram's Choka Me Contest
by nette onclaud

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The darkness seeps wet
stains on tissues of regret
inked pores secrete rain.
A blurred dust of pain
edging storm clouds all absorb
the hail of the Lord.

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God's Promises

He pours out a world Fresh colors and blazing suns Emerald landscapes Seas of blue and green All of God’s promises drift Across my mind’s eye
Choka Me - Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Dr.Ram Mehta

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old gnarled bench - choka contest

a large old gnarled bench
by a much older gnarled tree
where the old men sit to dream
of happy boyhoods
love was foremost in their  minds
now keeping awake is hard


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Blame It On the Moon

I dare you to say,
"It's because of the full moon."
My heart is not made of iron.
No magnetism 
Pulls me like the ocean's tide,
Holding me here by your side.

Instead, please tell me
That our hearts will beat as one
Regardless of the moon or sun.
Say that you'll be here
When we become old and gray...
Then, say the moon made us that way.

Ray Dillard   10-13-11

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No need to pretend
She had seen me at my best
and my very worst
"So what?" She would say
"Don't you know that I love you?"
and then she would smile...