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Each Day Takes its Turn

Standing firm 
we live 
we give 
we take 
we learn 
we strive to make sure 
each day enlightens us 
and brightens us
even as light fades to gray 
may we keep fighting 
with two swollen feet
beneath the body and soul 
experiencing trials 
and intense life lessons 
meshed with stresses 
may we persevere 
turn off  fear's song 
may we stand firm 
as we glide along 
through shifty winds of change 
that may cause things to sway
but we hold true
inside the values and morality
we stand for 
fall for nothing 
may stumble along the trip 
may swerve at the wheel yet 
do not lose our grip
because no one 
can eclipse the sun 
everyone heals 
before they're done

Just when situations arise 
flooding us with pain we despise
and just when it seems like
our tear ducts are dry 
from ongoing cries
we may think 
things are on the brink of ending
then God shows us the ways of faith
by way of love that he's sending

Standing firm 
we live 
we give 
we take 
we learn 
we make sure 
every day enlightens us 
and brightens us 
as each day takes its turn. 


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I've been shedding snakeskin...
so blind
I've been destroying the noise
my worst enemy

Deconstructing my identity 
soaking shoulder deep
in oceans of humility 
feasting upon fruits of tranquility

breaking shackles  
freeing ankles
from bloody mud puddles 
razor blade anxiety

rising to a  place 
where yesterday 
flees irrelevant 
is insufficient 

this moment 
right now...
forever remains
a fearless paradise

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Elicit Illicit Lucid Dreams -contains nudity-

~JSLambert does not (currently:) use, or encourage hallucinogenic drug use.

    Telepathic psilocybin prescription erasing elastic depression. Competition 
wanes, just when nocturnal emission drains. Lifted poetic wing clipping. This 
party only makes sense to those encrypted with unconsciousness. Scalpel in 
hand, methodical break and entering, break dancing meninges remove 
portions of brain doin' the bitchin'. Ah, this immaculate incision! 

    Lucid dreams vacating turnstile vibrations, deteriorating horrific screams 
douching eardrums. Ultraviolet eyes fortified by THREES---Mind-Body-Soul, 
rolled up into one huge trinity. 
    I'm moving asses fantastic. Call me the "Proctologist of Poetry". 

    Electrify words, regurgitate, choke and vomit the crock of crap-ola. Venture 
down butter slides until the sky goes red. 

    Still too uptight to listen? (don't pretend in comments that you read this 
entire poem if ya' didn't) glisten, be kind, rewind, let liquid swords chop away 
fat weighing upon your forces. Once doors of perception swing eyes wide 
open. Devour the false to magnify hate. I love you the same. I love you, never 
in vain. Hearing your verse lifts a heavy curse carried in shame. 
    As a child, I had no fear of apocalypse, or world hunger. No, phobia meant 
running out of words to give, to receive, from lips. It haunts me to this day. 
Tho' the bliss of poetic language's kiss, soothes the cries. Altruistic sighs! Now 
we dance! Dancing Harmony times three equals harmonize! Tour your Third 
Eye, yir' Karma-eyes!

    To the heads that said, "NO CAN DO!"- We've weaved advice for you. File 
illicit deeds away, for in dreams we are connected, Siamese twins, at the 
wrist, spellbound paradise! Let go of doubt, negativity= below zero. Work it 
out! Crash whiplash angles 'till friggin' rectangles dangle through 
kaleidoscopes of style. Poet trees smear the cosmos. Let go! THREE will never 
be alone. Bestow the glow, thorazine vapors escape secret tombs where 
peroxide cleans wounds. Fusing two Toots in common with Nefertiti. THREES. 
    Elicit illicit lucid dreams gushing ejaculatory melodic screams. Orgasmic 
spasms...vas deferens between actual sacks and Staff of Ra polluted sticky 
streams. Peddle the bicycle high, annihilate attrition, like motivated Mormons, 
door to door men, on a worldwide mission. I love you, I miss you...witness the 
vision...alive in the schism!

*credit A.Horovitz, A.Yauch, M.Diamond, Billy Corgan

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Live each day as if it were your last
I tell you  dear friend time is running  so fast
All of us would one day return to dust
I know it's hard to accept but we must

Tell the people you love about the way you feel
Give them a hug and show them love that is real
Say sorry to those you offended so wounds would heal
Accepting your faults is not really a big deal

Do it now and don't tarry lest it be too late
Sometimes it's not wise for the right time to wait
Because your plans could be ruined by fate
If you do it now you would feel really great

Smell the pretty flowers, listen to birds singing so gay
Enjoy the beauty of nature give yourself time to play
Remember on this earth we can't forever stay
So I tell you  now is the time, go ahead and  seize the day

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It ain’t the way the wind blows
or what’s left when it’s gone
and it ain't in the bank roll
money never tastes that strong
and it’s not in the flowers
that you send her when she’s gone
it ain’t what happens to you
it’s the way you carry on.

A life can bring you trouble
it can pull the other way
and love can beat you double
till you don’t know what to say
it ain’t what you do or don’t do
that will help you win the day
and it ain’t what you carry
it’s what you loose along the way.

Your chains are much too heavy
they’ll drag you to the ground
it ain’t the way you talk to many
it’s the words your leaving’ out.

You can’t climb a mountain
with your head up in the clouds
but you can swim the ocean
without the water moving’ out
it’s not the way you tell it 
when your stories at the end
it’s the way that you receive it
when you make another friend

These weights are old and heavy
they’ll drag and bury me
if it ain’t the way you want it
it’s the way it’s meant to be
it ain’t the way the wind blows
or the sandstorm or the drought
it’s the way that we perceive it
i know this without a doubt.

(c) s.watts

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When No One Reads

July 16, 2014- Inspiration for
 "When No One Reads"

When no one reads, keep writing
right now just might not be the right time.

Poets are currently considered
lowest of low, scum of slums
but that doesn't mean things will always be this way.

Be patient growing your poet trees
doing it for the right reasons
dredge that sludge of truth stuck deep within your gut.

Get it out, get words down
just don't try so hard
and please pay no attention to those lacking appreciation for your goddamned art.

When no one reads
please...keep writing.

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Don't Promise me the World

Don’t promise me the world
That’s not yours to give
Neither promise me forever
When all you have to give is today
Just give me your today
And all it encompasses
And should forever come and finds us here 
Our mere presence would speak of our genuine love


©04/17/11 Audrey Haick a.k.a. Annalise Brigham

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My sister's Smile

My sister’s smile

Fourteen years ago, my sister founded something, something powerful, something she wore everyday, a smile. A smile that could defeat anything that was against her and make everyone around felt nothing but joy. My sister had a disease, there might not be another tomorrow for her but she did nothing but carpe diem; enjoy every single moment to the fullest. I can barely remember everything that passed during that time, I was just four years old but it is impossible for anyone to forget such a unique and beautiful smile. One day she had to do analysis, another day she needed to take about 10 medicines and the next day she was in chemo, this process repeated itself by several months and I was amazed because not a single day passed where she didn’t give a smile. Most of the days she had to go through intense and painful tests so she can get better and believe me they were extremely hard, but she had something that motivated her, a kind of award. She had a little book that was full of happy faces stickers of every single color, size and shape. She loved the shiny ones because it meant not only happiness; there was a little extra that made her feel so good. She wrote on a notebook her daily treatments and she leaved a little space so when her hard day was over, she can put the sticker on the blank space she left previously on the page. She filled about 240 pages with happy faces and every person that went to visit her read the whole notebook and left the place with a smiley face sticker on their forehead. It is a unique and simple daily motivation she had and it turned out that it worked really well for her. Many people find happiness with material things such as new clothes, accessories, cars, luxury things, and etc. They forget that the little and simple things have the most impact in their life. My sister’s happiness was represented by a simple smile and most of the persons that she knew and where present during that time had received that gift she founded one day. Through hard times and sad days don’t forget to smile because one single movement from your mouth can bring the most powerful feelings that can defeat almost everything that stands against you. Just like my sister, she founded her smile and it turned out that it worked really well for her. 

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I Want to Live

I want to live
Not to focus on the end
Or on ENDING it
Not to see what’s wrong but right
Try to see beyond darkness to light
I want to try to dry my tears
To think of the coming years
To make a mark
To be strong
Not give up the fight
I want to live
And even when
I wish for death
There is that voice
That whispers to go on
To survive
To leave something behind
Death will come
Soon enough
In his own time
He will come and call
And take my hand
But till that time
I don’t want to flirt with him
Or be consumed with thoughts
Of joining him too soon
In a bonding embrace

No….I want to live!
I want to laugh
I want to dance
To sing
To write my little heart out
I want to love
I want to make love
With a deluge of passion
That bathes the universe in light
A glowing, pulsating star of the night,
I want to display...every hue of desire
Matching…NO…outdoing the kaleidoscope light show
Of the Aurora Borealis

YES….I want to FEEL
I want to experience
Ebullience supreme
Excitement galore
What’s more
I want to taste
On my lips
The saltiness of my own tears
Tears of joy
Of sated desire, but also
Tears of pain
Yes, even pain needs to visit
The home of my heart
For she makes JOY more precious
Happiness more REAL
For joy and pain are siblings
In the family of feelings
They visit at different times
I accept each call
Each visit
Though unexpected 
I will act the host
And try my best
To focus on each visitor
And converse with my heart
And understand with my mind
The reason why 
And THEN… I’ll determine
To go on….

I NEED to go on……
To give and not expect a return
To lavish and ravish
With all I have
With every minute particle of me
To love…
For I need my own acceptance
I crave my own praise
I desire my own kindness
I must train myself to see
My own beauty to believe
I have something to share
I have words to gift
Thoughts that could light up the world
And if not the world
To light up a face
Oh, what grace!!!

I want to live
This moment
For the fabric of this garment
Is sewn with the thread

Yes, I want to live...
And I will...

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Daylight dwindled and the sky was ablaze 
with colours so warm that memory blistered,
I sipped hanepoot, recalling meeker days,
nearby, a couple grazed on koeksisters.

She, though choty goty, was wholly dof, 
treating her date like he was her boet,
when his eyes said  I can’t get enough,
he, as smaak stukkend as a mal poet.

Ag! How I regret the chances not taken,
a lover left waiting, sweetness not pressed.
Damn those who sleep! We must awaken
each slap gat heart that aches for a caress.  

I turned to her and sighed, “He’s a lekker!”
Then I mouthed to him, “Moegoe! Just kiss ‘er!”

South African words I've used

hanepoot -- a type of wine
graze-- to eat
Koeksisters -- a type of fried pastry
choty goty -- pretty girl
dof-- stupid
boet -- male friend
smaak stukkend -- to love madly
mal -- crazy
press -- ahem, to have sex
slap gat -- lazy arse
Ag!-- Oh!
lekker -- great, good, wonderful
moegoe -- stupid/coward