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Below are the all-time best Armenian poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of Armenian poems written by PoetrySoup members

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My Mother's Eyes- Thoughts on the Armenian Genocide

They dragged her away
Kicking and screaming
Arms outstretched towards
My little sister
Who lay dying on the ground
Her lips parched
Her eyes sunken
Her wasted arms reaching out
“Myreik, don’t leave me!”
My father pulled her away from 
The young soldier’s hands
The one who had violated her
The one who now sneered
“Keep moving….she will be dead
Before nightfall.”
I hurried after them
Stumbling through my tears
Afraid of being left behind
I turned for one last look
There she lay…her eyes closing
Left behind to join the
The dead along the path
My sister….
That night I didn’t hear her cry
Or complain as the soldiers
Dragged her away
She was beautiful
My mother
With eyes the color
Of the sea
Eyes that danced
And twinkled
Like stars on a clear night
Eyes that smiled
Eyes that embraced
Eyes that spoke
What words couldn’t say
I fell asleep to the sound of my father’s weeping
“Wake up,” I heard her say
As I fought to keep my dreams alive
My eyes fluttered open
I closed them to the hungry faces
I closed them to the filth on her dress
I searched her eyes
Calm and glassy
They looked past me
Not seeing
In them I read
No pain
No joy
No recognition
Tears sprang to my eyes
Tears for the death of my sister’s body
Tears for the death of my mother’s soul…
My mother’s eyes
My mother’s eyes...
They haunt me still.

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Not Forgotten- Victims of the Armenian Genocide

They fell by the way...
The old
The sick
The famished
Discarded heaps of humanity.
They jumped to their deaths...
The beautiful
The young
The desirable
Preferring to die than be ravaged.
They marched on....
During the day
During the night
With no destiny in sight
Endlessly enduring...
The insults
The beatings
The rapes
The stench of death.
They bowed their heads...
Their blood soaked the ground
Their screams muffled
Their anguish stifled
Their hearts torn
Their hopes murdered.
They still march on...
Through the wilderness
Of our seared consciences
Ever searching
for a final resting place.
Their blood stll cries out...
For justice
For acknowledgement
For restoration
For healing.
The Armenian Genocide
Will NOT be forgotten...
By all Armenians
By me
By God!

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The Armenian and The Liverpudlian

The Armenian and The Liverpudlian 

It’s hard to see sometimes
How chalk and cheese can mix so perfectly
Makes you wonder how the differences of character
Can work together

He, all forthright respect and daily clarity
She, all winsome wishes and artistic poetry

And yet somehow they relate to each other
By default
They weave and intricate pattern  
Of threads in reality
And threads in dreams

Football, Liverpool FC runs in his veins
A passion and obsession 
His pride and his downfall if they win or lose
Staunch supporter he remains
Though quieter now than times gone past

Art and music, a dancer, she, of ballet precision
A passion and obsession
With such flare and grace and delicate turns of love
For the folklore rhythms of ancient songs
A picture of music’s expression in her form

Eight languages she speaks, Eight !
While he falters on Liverpool accent
But captures the essence of a foreign tongue
Chef he is of delicate cuisine
And she of wine’s pallet appreciates

Never have I know two such complex differential lovers
That intertwine and mingle so well
Or seen such ready acceptance of each other
In people prepared to accept any stranger
For who they are

How far apart did their lives begin
Liverpool England
Yerevan capital city of Armenia 
What wild horses drew them together
What turns of fate
Could bring this poetess
And this football obsessed
Man and woman
You have to ask

But through all their trials
They remain together
And in a few months they will be married
Do you know when you know
That something will last forever
They will I am sure

It’s a strange but cheese and chalk thing
That mixes together so fluidly
But of all the things that brought them
Together so perfectly
It is Love, respect and Honesty
Both of them
Have these admirable Qualities

To your future my friends
May you live in blending love