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Hypercatalectic - Definition

The definition of: Hypercatalectic is below.
There are 6 syllables in the word Hypercatalectic.
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Definition of: Hypercatalectic

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Poetry Definition

Line possessing an extra syllable after the last, normal foot of the meter. Such lines can also be known as hypermetrical or extrametrical.


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Standard Definition

[adj] (verse) having an extra syllable or syllables at the end of a metrically complete verse or in a metrical foot

Misc. Definitions

\Hy`per*cat`a*lec"tic\, a. [L. hypercatalecticus, hypercatalectus, Gr. ?: cf. F. hypercatalectique. See {Hyper-}, and {Catalectic}.] (Pros.) Having a syllable or two beyond measure; as, a hypercatalectic verse.