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Catalectic - Definition

The definition of: Catalectic is below.
There are 4 syllables in the word Catalectic.
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Definition of: Catalectic

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Poetry Definition

(or Catalexis) Where one or more unstressed syllables are missing from the end of a regular metrical line. Usually employed in trochaic or dactylic verse to avoid monotony. The terms derive from the Greek for 'stopping short'. Sometimes referred to as a truncated line. See acatalectic.


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Standard Definition

[adj] (verse) metrically incomplete; especially lacking one or more syllables in the final metrical foot

Misc. Definitions

\Cat`a*lec"tic\, a. [L. catalecticus, Gr. ? incomplete, fr. ? to leave off; kata` down, wholly + lh`gein to stop.]
1. (Pros.) Wanting a syllable at the end, or terminating in an imperfect foot; as, a catalectic verse.
2. (Photog. & Chem.) Incomplete; partial; not affecting the whole of a substance. --Abney.