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Abecedarian - Definition

The definition of: Abecedarian is below.
There are 6 syllables in the word Abecedarian.
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Definition of: Abecedarian

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Poetry Definition

(Or ABCEDARIUS) Type of acrostic where each line or verse begins with a successive letter of the alphabet (a, b, c, d...and so forth) until the end of the alphabet is reached, thus using the whole alphabet. Sometimes known as an alphabet poem.


AN Geoffrey Chaucer

Standard Definition

[n] a novice learning the rudiments of some subject
[adj] alphabetically arranged (as for beginning readers)


alphabetic - (4 syllables), alphabetical - (5 syllables)

See Also...

beginner, initiate, novice, tiro, tyro

Misc. Definitions

\A`be*ce*da"ri*an\, n. [L. abecedarius. A word from the first four letters of the alphabet.]
1. One who is learning the alphabet; hence, a tyro.
2. One engaged in teaching the alphabet. --Wood.
\A`be*ce*da"ri*an\, Abecedary \A`be*ce"da*ry\, a. Pertaining to, or formed by, the letters of the alphabet; alphabetic; hence, rudimentary. {Abecedarian psalms}, {hymns}, etc., compositions in which (like the 119th psalm in Hebrew) distinct portions or verses commence with successive letters of the alphabet. --Hook.