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Quote Left There's a good reason why the good sighted say Love is Blind Quote Right
Quote Left The bravest thing I ever had to do took standing alone...And now I'm proud to say I was wise enough. Quote Right
Quote Left "Complicated me Am I just a misunderstood person or am I just hard to understand" Quote Right
Quote Left What is patience? It is accepting delay,denial,rejection,anger and annoyance with calm,peace,hope,fortitude and faith. It is letting God have his way in-spite of the turmoils,pains and doubts raging within our minds. It is remembering that no matter what things are like now,you will yet be a winner. Need I remind you that even when it seems God is missing in action he will always be on time to favor you. He is never late. Quote Right
Quote Left Love isn't in the spoken words but in the action, the ability to give without asking for anything in return. Quote Right
Quote Left I just wanna continue on my mission connecting my heart to this world! Quote Right
Quote Left it hurts...hurts like hell but its all right if i suffer... because this was a love that never should have been... feelings i never should have had... but even still you were are my one and only love Quote Right
Quote Left Family is sometimes like the relationship between the rose and the thorn. There may be sadness from time to time, but the beauty from within family is like a rose where the bloom and scent makes you smile. Quote Right
Quote Left We chase unreachable heights, in the hope to find happiness, only to find we are still the same, because in fact we are chasing ourselves. Quote Right
Quote Left I'm waiting for facebook2 to come out Quote Right
Quote Left words break bones Quote Right
Quote Left Had better weeks but can only do what is in front of me and in front of me is next week onwards and upwards Quote Right
Quote Left Nothing hurts more when "I Love You" can only be expressed through countless sighs because you know the best thing you do is to deny. Quote Right
Quote Left What if you were to be paid 1.00 for every kind, word you have ever talked and pay out 0.50 cents for every unkind word you ever talked,,, would you be rich or poor? Quote Right
Quote Left Books are so stubborn they never let you live alone. Quote Right
Quote Left The beauty of tiredness and suffering is the strength to survive and the strength to reach the pinnacle. Quote Right
Quote Left Is there a lost and found for when you lose yourself? Quote Right
Quote Left On the God, we discuss and duel is certainly a mammoth social God, I am finding a far more spiritual one. Could it be atheism? Quote Right
Quote Left Communism through social revolution seems no more possible, now we have to achieve that through capitalism in good hand. Quote Right
Quote Left I always forget to take lunchbox but magically i never missed lunch for i have an angel who knows i can't stay hungry. Quote Right
Quote Left There is no one path to success. Once you realize that success is just a word and not an embodiment, you will know that as soon as you grasp it, you immediatly lose it. Quote Right
Quote Left Fight the real fight, never capitulate. Quote Right
Quote Left Hell rising up on every shore line, evil stacking the odds its' way, the children of God steadfast and professing peace, until the coming of the Lord's day. Salah Quote Right
Quote Left Autumn is so beautiful in its own way as it decorates land below you with different colours and textures. Quote Right
Quote Left You are the valve that controls the transformation of your dreams into reality yet nobody but you can be a lid on such transformations. Quote Right
Quote Left My glass doesnt persuade me am old Quote Right
Quote Left Do everything you can do and want to do today, and do it good. You never know if there is a tomorrow. Quote Right
Quote Left In the seas of open dreams, the waves that toss us are rarely seen. Quote Right
Quote Left I can't sleep, i can't awake i can't understand its insomnia or my heart's addiction of your heart. Quote Right
Quote Left Its when you are absent, your presence is valued. Quote Right