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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
7/15/2016 See You Bye Later Free versedaughter,emotions,
7/1/2016 None Is Evil Free versehumanity,peace,
6/24/2016 Page of Life Free versedream,
6/24/2016 God and His Play Free versereligious,
5/20/2016 To My Rulers Free versepolitical,
11/22/2015 RAIN Free versenature,
11/22/2015 Cry not, Baby Free versefather daughter,
10/15/2015 Seven Line of My Way Free versephilosophy,
11/28/2014 Who Is He Free versegod,
11/12/2014 Little Rani Wants To Play Free versechildren,
11/11/2014 The Rise of New Bharath Free versehope,
10/14/2014 God will welcome you Free versefaith,
9/27/2014 Let my angel make me cheerful Free versedaughter,
9/25/2014 Glories to My Mother India Free versefuture,
4/15/2013 Oh Lord keep my daughter in your hands Free versedaughter,father,love,
4/8/2013 We What a people we are Free versegod,dark,dark,
4/3/2013 A Day with My Daughter Free versedaughter,father,father da
3/26/2013 I missed You Free versedaughter,father,lonely,me
2/28/2013 Rise My Dear Fathers Free versefather daughter,fathers d
2/23/2013 Days and Nights Free versenature,
12/29/2012 New Year 2013 may welcome Peace Haikufaith,may,new year,
12/23/2012 Need Of This Hour Free versefaith,love,religious,eart
10/31/2012 WOMEN'S LIBERATION Free versesocial,
10/27/2012 Oh It Is Democracy Long Live Free versesocial,
10/21/2012 Time Free versenature,world,child,
10/19/2012 Reasons Free verseinspirational,may,
10/19/2012 The Rain Free versenature,may,
10/15/2012 You will be the Hero Heroic Coupletshope,hero,
10/15/2012 Let us be Men Free versesocial,care,care,
10/4/2012 God's call to souls Free versefaith,religion,
9/25/2012 In a funeral Free versedeath,funeral,me,lost,lea
9/20/2012 To Our Mother Free versemother,words,
9/6/2012 My Pond in a slum Free versesocial,people,people,
8/25/2012 I Free verseinspirational,
7/31/2012 A young man between a father and daughter Free versefather,fear,for children,
7/31/2012 A young man between a father and daughter Free versefather,fear,for children,
7/27/2012 BE PRECIOUS Free verselife,name,name,
7/19/2012 Pay Anything For It Free versepeople,home,home,
7/3/2012 We will be the leaders of the globe Free verseinspirational,life,may,
7/2/2012 IGNORANCE Free verselife,religion,birth,money
7/1/2012 To My Weeping Angel Free versefather,love,anger,
6/28/2012 NOTHING IS HARD Free verseinspirational,may,
6/26/2012 DEVILS Free versereligion,
6/25/2012 Am I in Your Heart Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,roma
6/25/2012 Am I in Your Heart Free verselove,love,
6/25/2012 Am I in Your Heart Free verselife,love,love,
6/23/2012 AHALYA Free versedepression,social,sympath
2/9/2012 SHED NOT Free verselife,
1/27/2011 To My Sweet Angel Free verselovemorning,
3/2/2010 The Birth and Death of Love I do not know?love
3/2/2010 Dear Angel flies Free versenatureangel,angel,
3/2/2010 Lips 2 Lips Free verselove
3/2/2010 My Emperor's Way Free versehope
3/2/2010 Pray for Us Free versesad
3/2/2010 Love in a mutiny Free verselovelove,may,
12/30/2009 My Last day in The Hell Free versehopecar,day,me,
12/30/2009 Good bye Horrible 2009 Free versesadhome,home,
12/24/2009 Merry christmas Free versepeacemay,
12/24/2009 I love you because Free verselovelove,
12/24/2009 Just a kiss from Her Free verseloveme,kiss,me,
12/19/2009 My Confession before a calf Free versefaithme,dark,dark,me,
12/17/2009 Onions You are better than the invisible God Free versesatire
12/15/2009 The Hell Free versesadname,money,name,
12/12/2009 I am for sale Free versesadme,may,me,
12/12/2009 The Soul Free versefaithme,me,
12/12/2009 The Prayer of an Orphan Child Free versefor childrenme,prayer,me,
12/2/2009 Iam In You Free versefaithme,me,
12/2/2009 Under a Banyan tree Free versesocial
11/25/2009 God in the form of a Man Free versefaith
11/25/2009 Thank you, my Lord Free versethank youdance,me,dance,d
11/25/2009 Searching Free versefaithme,me,
11/25/2009 Love truths, love only truths Free verselifefire,fire,love,may,sm
11/12/2009 Only One Free versephilosophy
11/12/2009 He is here Free versephilosophysmile,
11/4/2009 Brindha !My Daughter Free versedaughterlove,me,
11/2/2009 Last straw on the camel's back Free versephilosophywisdom,
10/30/2009 Tears for Him Free versesad
10/30/2009 A night with her beauty Free verseloveworld,night,night,
10/29/2009 Dream Free verseloveme,flying,me,
10/27/2009 Peculiars of Love Free versenaturedark,dark,love,
10/24/2009 First sin Free versefaith
10/22/2009 An Inquiry towards Truth Free versephilosophy
10/20/2009 Come On My Friend Free versenaturemusic,green,love,mu
10/19/2009 Warning of a Worm Free versenatureearth,
10/16/2009 Nancy & Manilal Free verselovefire,day,fire,love,
10/16/2009 Diwali Free versesociallight,earth,light,
10/13/2009 My first delivery Free versemothermay,me,
10/9/2009 Lullaby of my native mother Free versemotherson,sweet,sleep,son
10/9/2009 Nobel Prize to a Noble Free versehappinesspeace,peace,
10/8/2009 n hour with my Two pups Free verseanimalshappy,me,world,hap
10/7/2009 My Palace and my Servants Free verseimagination
10/5/2009 The Song of bangle seller Free versefatherson,smile,son,
10/2/2009 All are from His goodness Free versefaithlove,
10/2/2009 Holy Day of India Free versededicationday,power,
9/28/2009 Julie and Caesar Free verselovehome,home,may,
9/23/2009 There is my lollypop Free versephilosophymay,
9/22/2009 A Prince of a Night Free versephilosophy
9/21/2009 My own self written Verdict Free verselifeme,self,me,self,
9/19/2009 Testing Free verselifeme,me,
9/16/2009 God Free verseinspirational

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