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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
9/23/2014 Impact Concretedevotion,history,mother d
9/23/2014 The Genius Concretestrength,
6/1/2013 Funeral Baked Epiccourage,
5/20/2013 Citadel Quatrainpassion,philosophy,poets,
5/1/2013 Shituation Concreteabuse,bullying,freedom,
5/1/2013 Eventually Concretecrazy,love,
5/1/2013 Music Concreteinspirational,
5/1/2013 The Exchange Concreteangel,anniversary,celebra
12/5/2012 Song Bird Epicbeauty,nature,song,bird,b
12/4/2012 Cram yourself Lyricart,lyric,self,self,
12/4/2012 Free Loader Concreteart,political,
12/4/2012 The derserving Concreteart,courage,dedication,fa
12/4/2012 This Future Concreteart,goodbye,
8/2/2012 One Wave Concreteart,passion,visionary,sea
7/31/2012 When eyes meet Concreteart,passion,visionary,
7/31/2012 Summer Star Concretehope,visionary,
7/4/2012 The mask of your voice Concretepassion,visionary,
7/4/2012 Advance Fear Concreteart,faith,passion,me,
6/20/2012 The Power of the Morning Concretelife,passion,power,endura
6/20/2012 Nanas Rosery Concreteart,love,passion,god,god,
6/13/2012 Retrieve yourself Concreteart,life,passion,self,sel
6/13/2012 The Promise Concreteart,life,passion,
6/13/2012 Alongside Me Prose Poetryart,love,passion,
6/13/2012 Tomorrows Tomorrow Prose Poetrylove,passion,love,
6/13/2012 Hear the body talk Concreteart,passion,body,
6/12/2012 Fleeting Sunrise Concreteart,passion,
6/12/2012 In the treachery Concreteart,introspection,peace,s
6/12/2012 Myth Uncovered Prose Poetryanniversary,love,wife,lif
6/12/2012 The Traveller Concreteart,passion,
6/12/2012 Torn Concreteart,life,passion,
6/12/2012 Into the frey Concreteart,faith,hope,passion,
6/11/2012 Tears are out of place Concreteangst,love,passion,sad,he
6/7/2012 A lot within Concretelife,work,work,
6/7/2012 Paid thought Concretelife,
6/6/2012 Deep in the Shallows Prose Poetrylife,
6/6/2012 The Wolf Concretelife,red,
6/6/2012 Tea Party Concretechildhood,
6/6/2012 Secrete Concretelife,
6/6/2012 In Solice Concretelife,self,self,
6/6/2012 Look out Concretelife,
6/6/2012 Peruse Prose Poetrylove,love,
6/5/2012 Knowledge base Concreteart,introspection,me,life
6/5/2012 Acronym Mad Concretepeace,
6/4/2012 Stylised in Passion Epicart,faith,
6/3/2012 Delusional Concreteart,work,
6/3/2012 Voice outside alone Quatrainart,work,self,life,self,
6/2/2012 Persian Exotic Concreteanimals,art,love,passion,
6/1/2012 Armed Concreteart,passion,peace,
6/1/2012 Pain deliver unto us Beauty Epicart,forgiveness,peace,
5/30/2012 Beating the Alarm Clock Concreteart,life,dream,dream,
5/30/2012 The undergrowth Concreteart,life,passion,
5/30/2012 Pay Attention Quatrainart,time,
5/30/2012 In Search Concreteart,love,love,
5/29/2012 Dispel the myth of darkness Light Poetryfunny,myth,
5/29/2012 The Curtains raise and fall Concreteart,life,
5/29/2012 Contra diction Light Poetryart,people,
5/29/2012 Stampede to the Rainbow Concreteart,passion,
5/29/2012 The reservoir of mind Concreteart,passion,
5/29/2012 Bystanders Concreteart,passion,peace,
5/29/2012 Chessmen Concreteart,forgiveness,
5/29/2012 Tandem Toys Concreteart,faith,self,self,
5/29/2012 Tragectary Concreteart,passion,
5/29/2012 To Conquer Concreteart,passion,
5/29/2012 Mind the Brain Quatrainart,dedication,life,
5/29/2012 Pruned the Root Quatrainart,faith,life,tree,autum
5/28/2012 The code Concreteart,history,nostalgia,
5/28/2012 Binge Taxes Concreteart,funeral,
5/28/2012 The Traveller Concreteart,
5/27/2012 The Stare Quatrainart,death,nature,
5/27/2012 The Pied in the Piper Quatrainart,death,
5/27/2012 Vibes of Internment Concreteart,introspection,
5/26/2012 The Piper Quatrainpeace,political,men,
5/26/2012 Soloist Quatrainpassion,
5/25/2012 The Me in Me Concreteart,faith,imagination,pas
5/22/2012 Stardust Concretefaith,time,star,star,
5/22/2012 Confess Concretefunny,people,
5/22/2012 Memories Draped Concretefaith,
5/22/2012 Starlight is Brighter Concretefaith,imagination,
5/22/2012 Children there will be Tears Concreteforgiveness,
5/22/2012 Precious Memory Concretefather,funeral,me,memory,
2/21/2012 Woop Woop Days Off Concretepassion,recovery from...,
2/7/2012 Over a Barrel Concretehope,peace,
2/7/2012 Out the other side Concretefaith,
2/7/2012 Overdose the Nudge Concreteart,philosophy,
2/7/2012 In Rememberance Concretededication,faith,child,ch
2/6/2012 Essential Concreteart,faith,hope,
1/25/2012 Salvage Concreteart,history,time,
1/21/2012 Divide Light Poetryart,dedication,faith,hope
1/20/2012 InsurGance Light Poetryart,faith,hope,
1/20/2012 Without Fold Light Poetryart,forgiveness,lost love
1/18/2012 Fields of Rain Light Poetryart,faith,passion,
1/18/2012 Inner Remedy Light Poetryart,business,forgiveness,
1/18/2012 How Prose Poetrylove,wife,
1/18/2012 Embark Light Poetryart,faith,love,day,
1/18/2012 Passages to Paragraphs Light Poetryart,dedication,life,words
1/17/2012 Beneath Light Poetryart,love,passion,wife,hea
1/17/2012 This Rose Light Poetrylove,
1/17/2012 Wading Light Poetrylife,
1/10/2012 Nuance Quatrainbusiness,imagination,pass
1/10/2012 The globe Light Poetryhappiness,peace,love,

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