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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
4/10/2009 Sestina: Green Dream Sestinafantasysweet,green,sweet,
12/29/2007 I Am Not Your Daughter Free verseangst,hair,me,red,hate,ha
12/29/2007 Je bois du café Rhymefunny,me,
12/29/2007 Speak Low Free verseintrospection,
12/29/2007 Cold Letters Free verseintrospection,planet,
12/29/2007 hiding in a glass box Free verseintrospection,
12/29/2007 America Free verseangst,
12/29/2007 Thanksgiving Day Free verseintrospection,thanksgivin
12/29/2007 A Charge Free verseintrospection,time,thanks
12/29/2007 I am playing with these words and grammar Free verseon writing and words,
12/29/2007 I Feel A Little Small Tonight Free verseintrospection,
12/29/2007 My Great Hunger Free verseintrospection,
12/29/2007 A Watched Pot Never Boils Free verseintrospection,
12/29/2007 Home All Day Free verseintrospection,day,family,
12/29/2007 To a Long Lost Friend Free versefriendship,me,people,cry,
12/29/2007 Mother's Day Free versefamily,love,world,
12/29/2007 Hard to be Stuck in the Middle Free verseangst,introspection,night
12/29/2007 Love and Fall Free verselove,nature,me,me,time,
12/29/2007 Love Is Blindness Free verselove,
12/29/2007 Future Hold My Hand Free verseangst,
12/29/2007 Hearts Amiss Free verseangst,lost love,me,heart,
12/29/2007 Words Like Poison Free verseangst,me,me,
12/29/2007 Keep Me off Your Mind Free verseangst,introspection,lost
12/29/2007 Modern Hippie Free verseangst,peace,peace,
12/29/2007 Selfish Eyes Free verseintrospection,me,
12/29/2007 Nothing Good Can Come of Smoking (2) Free verseangst,
12/29/2007 Nothing Good Can Come of Smoking (1) Free verseangst,me,me,
12/29/2007 Poetry Is A Necessity Free verseon writing and words,time
12/29/2007 I Forget My Dreams Again Free versedepression,introspection,
12/29/2007 Shrieking Face Free verseangst,rain,rain,
12/29/2007 Strange Girl Free verselove,
12/29/2007 I Close My Eyes to Look At You Free verseangst,depression,introspe
12/29/2007 I Have a Chance to be Happy Free versedepression,
12/29/2007 Expressionless Stone Free verseintrospection,nature,
12/29/2007 blind spot Free verseangst,depression,introspe
12/29/2007 230 dead storm nails Free verseon writing and words,stor
7/22/2007 Kissing the Ocean Coupletlost love,nature,
7/22/2007 Rain Coupletsad,seasons,me,
7/22/2007 Who Are You? Free verseconfusion,
7/22/2007 (This) Rest Stop Free versedepression,
7/22/2007 The Peaceful in Art Free verseart,grandmother,longing,l
7/22/2007 Our Mind Shall Perceive in Color Coupletconfusion,light,light,
7/22/2007 Thge Geometry of Silence Free versenature,science,
7/22/2007 Mid July Sestinaart,seasons,time,summer,a
7/22/2007 The Mirror Free versepeople,teen,hate,love,
7/22/2007 The Selected Poems of Whoever Free verseangst,care,dream,care,day
7/22/2007 Wedding Day Free versefamily,water,water,giggle
7/22/2007 Tiny Flowers Free verseangst,dream,dream,
6/8/2007 Close My Eyes Free verselost love,music,light,lig
3/6/2007 Tombstones of Modernity Free verseangst,
3/6/2007 THE STATUE Free versepeople,visionary,
3/6/2007 Holes Free versefriendship,
3/6/2007 Rock Plants Free versenature,visionary,
3/6/2007 Art Janitor Free versefriendship,people,sympath
3/6/2007 Lollipop Free verselove,
3/6/2007 Mini Tree Free versenature,on writing and wor
1/23/2007 Weight Free versesad,
1/23/2007 Rock and Roll Free versefunny,
1/22/2007 Flight Free verseangst,hate,me,
1/22/2007 2 Poems Written at Different Times but in the Same Place Free verseplaces,
1/22/2007 I Love You Free verselost love,love,me,
1/22/2007 Ugliness Free verseconfusion,
1/22/2007 Consider Time Wasted Waiting I do not know?introspection,time,
1/22/2007 Morning Snow Free verseseasons,me,me,
1/22/2007 Contemplate the Day Free verseintrospection,
1/22/2007 Dark Shadows are Dancing Coupletangst,me,me,
1/21/2007 Travelling Down a Windy Road Free verseangst,
1/21/2007 This Rest Stop Free verseangst,
1/21/2007 Teeth in the Ground Free verseangst,
1/21/2007 Feel Me Feel You Free verseangst,me,me,
1/21/2007 Color Reflections Free verseangst,me,me,mirror,
1/13/2007 So Old (lyrics) Free versemusic,
1/13/2007 Our Mind Perceives in Color Free verseangst,light,light,
1/13/2007 Obscure Jude Quatrainangst,
1/13/2007 Early Birds Free versenature,
1/2/2007 During a Franz Wright Reading Free verseconfusion,
1/2/2007 Learning to Swim (Again) Free verseangst,confusion,
1/2/2007 I Take these Trips Free verseangst,
1/2/2007 Skinny Girls go back to School Free verseangst,people,journey,me,p
1/2/2007 My Life is a Sink Free verseangst,on writing and word
1/2/2007 Lazy Summer Questions Free verseseasons,life,life,
1/2/2007 Sestina in the Jungle Sestinaon writing and words,gree
1/2/2007 Sestina of milk, nails, and copper Sestinaon writing and words,me,d
1/2/2007 Shattered Glass Free verseangst,
1/2/2007 Dear Brick Wall, Free verseangst,me,me,
1/2/2007 Chapstick in a Restaurant Free verseangst,me,smile,
1/2/2007 I can't go anywhere without my damn notebook Coupletangst,me,write,me,write,
1/2/2007 I Believe Coupletangst,me,beauty,prayer,be
1/2/2007 The Truth Coupletangst,truth,
1/2/2007 Playing with these words and grammar Free verseon writing and words,
1/2/2007 Hunger Coupletconfusion,
1/2/2007 Almonds Free versefunny,
1/2/2007 Everything is on Fire Coupletangst,fire,fire,me,suicid
1/1/2007 Winter's Bending Free verseseasons,time,death,death,
1/1/2007 Tired of Lying Free verseangst,me,write,me,write,
1/1/2007 This is Poetry Free versefunny,
1/1/2007 There's No Light Like I do not know?angst,night,winter,light,
1/1/2007 No More Oxygen Free verselost love,stars,
1/1/2007 Rust Coupletangst,cry,fun,
1/1/2007 A Poetic Retelling (very unfortunate) Free versepeople,

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