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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/7/2016 Yesteryear Caught Up Lyricfamily,life,lyric,,drug,
2/16/2015 Faces and Masks Quatrainlonging,
1/16/2015 Almost Something Coupletanxiety,fear,
9/26/2014 Art in Dim Light Coupletsensual,
4/8/2014 Had To Be Coupletlost love,
1/15/2014 Simple Breath Blank versefirst love,friendship,
9/23/2013 Etherium Chokadream,
12/12/2011 Misty Days Coupletintrospection,life,lost l
5/6/2011 It's you I do not know?music
5/6/2011 Yonder I do not know?travelcar,
5/6/2011 a pulse of passion I do not know?romance
5/5/2011 Host I do not know?deathme,me,
2/14/2010 So Lonely I do not know?lovelove,
2/14/2010 Two Hearts I do not know?love
2/14/2010 Your Lips I do not know?loveme,
2/14/2010 Softly Kissed I do not know?love
9/19/2009 Ha Ha I do not know?angst
9/8/2009 Nothings Idyll (Idyl)lost love
8/10/2009 Jigsaw Lover Lyricloveme,love,me,i love you
8/10/2009 Beautifully Desperate I do not know?hopebeautiful,beautiful,
8/10/2009 Little Runaway Lyriclife
8/10/2009 Rocksteady Lullaby Lyriclove
8/5/2009 Slumber Elegydeathheart,autumn,heart,l
5/23/2009 Enchant Pastorallovelife,
12/9/2008 Dirty Reggae Lyricsatire
12/8/2008 Perfidia In Blank I do not know?parodywords,love,
9/12/2008 Curtains Lyricdeath
9/12/2008 Everything You Bring Lyriclovesmile,
9/11/2008 Were Lyricfriendshipfear,love,
9/11/2008 Magumbo Grookhopelost,fear,lost,
9/11/2008 Memory Elegylost love
5/6/2008 Poser (censored ska lyrics) Lyricmusic,philosophy,song-lyr
5/6/2008 My Last Good Try (censored ska lyrics) Lyrichope,life,loss,lost love,
3/8/2008 Martyr Clerihewloss,war,
1/10/2008 away with me Heroic Coupletsintrospection,loss,lost l
12/25/2007 November December Rhymelife,lost love,time,visio
12/22/2007 Little Darlin Lyriclost love,me,me,
11/15/2007 Bruised Rhymeintrospection,loss,lost l
11/9/2007 Cursed Cause Rhyme royalcaregiving,introspection,
11/8/2007 Bound Rhymelost love,autumn,love,
11/6/2007 To Write Rhyme royalart,introspection,on writ
11/6/2007 No Woe, No Sadness Rhymedeath,loss,lost love,sad,
11/5/2007 Fickle Thing Rhymehappiness,sad,
7/26/2007 Haver Balladeinspirational,introspecti
7/23/2007 what was left Balladloss,lost love,light,ligh
7/20/2007 What could be Rhymeforgiveness,hope,life,pea
5/12/2007 Words Escape Free versephilosophy,visionary,poet
5/8/2007 to the Point Chastushkalife,philosophy,
5/8/2007 Down to This Alliterationlife,lost love,me,
5/8/2007 Only a Glimpse Bioart,mystery,
4/18/2007 Fallen Fields Verseloss,sympathy,men,heart,h
4/2/2007 No Place For a Hero Grookconfusion,death,loss,sad,
2/24/2007 Does it Now? Diamantelove,dream,dream,love,
2/24/2007 Stay Waking Rhymesea,visionary,dream,dream
2/4/2007 The Empty Love Didacticlost love,
1/19/2007 Wake Me Up When This Dreaming Ends Lyrichope,love,dream,dream,lov
12/25/2006 Empty Holliday Rhymelost love,sorry,christmas
12/20/2006 Simple Love Chastushkalost love,lost,lost,love,
11/13/2006 Distant Quatrainfriendship,me,
11/13/2006 Waiting Here Coupletfriendship,nostalgia,than
11/12/2006 Your Beautiful Morning Couplethappiness,hope,life,love,
11/10/2006 Oi! Pantoummusic,song-lyric,life,
11/9/2006 Silk and Lace Canzonefriendship,passion,heart,
10/1/2006 The Benediction of Sin Pastoraldevotion,faith,forgivenes
9/30/2006 I know Lyriclife,love,mystery,life,me
9/28/2006 Frost Rhymelost love,
9/26/2006 Love, Actually Is All Around Us Lyrichappiness,love,thank you,
9/23/2006 The Only Way ABCintrospection,life,philos
9/15/2006 Stir Laylost love,
9/11/2006 In Your Kiss Cinquainfriendship,love,me,love,m
9/11/2006 What else to say Free verselove,words,me,heart,heart
8/25/2006 Surrender Blue Rhymelove,time,
8/22/2006 The Fate of the Seductress Burlesquedeath,
8/20/2006 Decension of Midnight Villanellemystery,
8/20/2006 An Ode to Beauty Ethereeart,life,love,thank you,
8/18/2006 The Conversation Between God and the Devil: chapter one Epicvisionary,god,god,me,
8/6/2006 About Once Was Pastoralnostalgia,
8/6/2006 My Peace Coupletlove,
8/6/2006 Strewn Rhymeconfusion,death,nostalgia
8/6/2006 Repose in Twilight Idyll (Idyl)friendship,prayer,autumn,
7/27/2006 Angry Sea Lyriclove,me,love,me,
7/26/2006 Tear in the Hourglass Quatrainlost love,sad,visionary,h
7/21/2006 Never Did Balladlost love,me,me,
7/21/2006 Edie's Song Rhymemusic,nostalgia,song-lyri
7/15/2006 Cupid Lyriclost love,love,song-lyric
7/11/2006 A stranger place Quatrainangst,confusion,mystery,p
7/11/2006 Except You Lyricfriendship,life,love,song
7/11/2006 You should have staid Lyricfriendship,lost love,love
7/11/2006 Retrospection of a Loving Mind Lyricintrospection,lost love,l
7/11/2006 Afterlife Refrain ABCdeath,introspection,praye
7/10/2006 Between You and I Coupletdevotion,friendship,love,
7/10/2006 Between Us Quatrainfriendship,
7/10/2006 Parables in Sign Lyricmusic,philosophy,visionar
6/28/2006 The Chorus of Death Tail-rhymedeath,philosophy,visionar
6/23/2006 A Streetlight in the Dark Lyricfaith,lost love,song-lyri
6/22/2006 Iron Tear Quatrainsad,social,
6/18/2006 Her Knife Quatrainloss,
6/16/2006 She's a Pretty Little Thing Rhymesocial,me,me,
6/15/2006 A Day in the Sun Classicismpeace,day,god,tree,prayer
6/15/2006 Spindles and Seas Rhyme royaldeath,lost love,visionary

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Love Along the Way... Rhymehappiness,life,love,peopl
Life and Death Across the Sky I do not know?death,friendship,imaginat

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