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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
8/16/2016 Dancing with the Spirit part 2 Didacticdance,faith,god,inspirati
8/9/2016 A WISDOM DRIVEN LIFE Carpe Dieminspirational,life,power,
7/27/2016 God says I'm Royalty Dramatic monologuedestiny,epic,faith,god,
7/20/2016 What is the altetnative Dramatic monologueamerica,black african ame
7/19/2016 DEAR AMERICA Dramatic monologueamerica,black african ame
6/21/2016 Pictures of a Good Father Dramatic monologueblack african american,fa
6/17/2016 Guns: out of control Dramatic monologueamerica,
6/1/2016 Dancing with the Spirit Dramatic monologuedance,gospel,inspirationa
5/25/2016 WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE Carpe Diemblessing,destiny,encourag
5/3/2016 A word from our Sponsor part 5: seek your strength in Christ Carpe Diemblessing,courage,encourag
4/27/2016 CALLED, CHOSEN AND COMMISSIONED Dramatic monologuechange,encouraging,growth
4/24/2016 The Power of Community Dramatic Versecommunity,devotion,god,in
4/14/2016 Hold on to your confidence when called to your mission Dramatic monologuebasketball,confidence,eve
3/7/2016 Women walking in confidence in the power and presence of GOD Didacticcity,courage,faith,hope,i
2/23/2016 The journey to a new you Didacticdestiny,encouraging,faith
2/23/2016 LET ME GO Dramatic monologueangst,encouraging,faith,g
12/14/2015 A DIVINE BREAKING Didacticencouraging,faith,inspira
11/16/2015 man's extremities are God's opportunities Carpe Diemabuse,addiction,encouragi
11/9/2015 stay on the battlefield Carpe Diemcourage,faith,jesus,
11/9/2015 when God takes you for a walk Didacticdestiny,faith,inspiration
10/18/2015 perfectly positioned: you are important to God Didacticencouraging,faith,god,ins
9/28/2015 A Growing Season Didacticangst,growth,life,spiritu
9/24/2015 a second opinion Carpe Diemassonance,bible,faith,hea
7/13/2015 living your dream in 2015 Carpe Diemchristian,devotion,dream,
5/25/2015 The Cross and The Lynching Tree Dramatic monologueblack african american,de
4/17/2015 we need to have a relationship with God Dramatic monologuechristian,devotion,faith,
4/2/2015 you can't tie me down Carpe Diemblessing,faith,freedom,go
3/27/2015 thank God for trouble Didacticcourage,faith,god,thanks,
3/25/2015 if you're a witness shout out Dramatic monologueeaster,faith,golf,jesus,g
3/21/2015 still standing and inhaling Didacticbio,blessing,encouraging,
3/8/2015 Greater is He who is in me Dramatic monologueabuse,black african ameri
9/22/2014 Griffinisms Didacticencouraging,faith,inspira
9/22/2014 A Covenant Fulfilled : A Witness to Christ Dramatic Verseblack african american,ch
5/6/2014 when a word is sent to Jesus Dramatic monologuedevotion,faith,jesus,
5/6/2014 your faith is the anecdote Didacticfaith,
5/6/2014 from an outsider into a daughter Didacticblessing,devotion,faith,h
11/22/2013 HOPE Carpe Diemhope,
11/22/2013 evil has no address Dramatic monologuedeath,evil,
11/22/2013 more than just a face behind the counter Carpe Diemencouraging,freedom,inspi
2/7/2013 what do you do when you are in the middle Didacticfaith,inspirational,intro
1/31/2013 LET US NEVER FORGET Dramatic monologueblack african american,fr
12/19/2012 SET ON FIRE Epicchristian,faith,inspirati
9/22/2012 little did they know Epithalamiumdedication,devotion,faith
8/22/2012 POWER UP Didacticfaith,hope,inspirational,
8/22/2012 Speak Life: the power of the spoken word Didacticinspirational,on writing
8/15/2012 give what you can Carpe Diemdevotion,faith,inspiratio
7/12/2012 SHUT UP AND MARCH Epicepic,faith,history,god,ch
5/7/2012 raised from the dead Epicdeath,devotion,epic,faith
5/7/2012 Crying Hosanna Epicdevotion,epic,faith,holid
5/7/2012 a real encounter with Jesus changes everthing Didacticdevotion,faith,hope,inspi
5/7/2012 PRAYER POWER: Initial Sermon of Deacon Bennetta Gipson-Carroll Didacticdevotion,faith,happiness,
5/7/2012 STOP THE INSANITY: It'sTime to Go All In Carpe Dieminspirational,people,poli
5/7/2012 For All These 23 years Bioanniversary,dedication,th
2/8/2012 WE STAND IN SOLIDARITY Carpe Diemdedication,inspirational,
11/28/2011 brother don't abandon brothers Carpe Diembrother,devotion,epic,fai
11/28/2011 I've Got to Give Him Thanks Didacticdevotion,faith,inspiratio
10/13/2011 Security: Respected No Longer Rejected Dramatic Versebusiness,dedication,passi
9/30/2011 sept 11 and heaven Odedeath,faith,forgiveness,h
9/30/2011 OUR GOD IS ABLE Dramatic monologueangst,epic,faith,hope,ins
9/1/2011 there's a whole lot of shaking going on Epicdedication,epic,faith,hop
8/30/2011 our eyes are on the prize Epicdedication,faith,inspirat
8/1/2011 GOD'S GIFT OF RESURRECTION POWER Didacticangst,confusion,dedicatio
7/18/2011 IT'S ALL ABOUT THE RIGHT RELATIONSHIP :part 6 learning to love yourself Didacticblack african american,fa
7/13/2011 THE DECLARATION OF MY INDEPENDENCE Dramatic monologuefaith,hope,inspirational,
7/12/2011 I LOVE ME, I LOVE ME NOT I do not know?devotion,faith,inspiratio
7/6/2011 are you at your wits end Didacticangst,epic,faith,hope,ins
6/16/2011 PENNY WISE AND POUND FOOLISH Dramatic monologueangst,epic,people,politic
6/16/2011 a kiss that showed no love Epicdevotion,epic,faith,forgi
6/15/2011 finding your rhythm Didacticfaith,inspirational,life,
5/6/2011 TWENTY TWO TEARS AND STILL COUNTING Odededication,faith,inspirat
5/6/2011 PROPS FOR OUR PASTOR Odededication,faith,inspirat
4/21/2011 WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR Dramatic monologueblack african american,ep
4/2/2011 A DIVINE HOOK-UP: Loyalty, Love and Devotion When Women Worship God Narrativedevotion,faith,family,god
3/25/2011 IT'S THE ECONOMY Dramatic monologuepolitical,socialmoney,pow
3/25/2011 A SECOND TOUCH Epicepic,faith,health,hope,in
3/24/2011 SHOW ME THE MONEY Didacticdedication,devotion,faith
3/18/2011 MAKING IT HAPPEN part 4: Take It to God in Prayer Didacticdedication,devotion,epic,
3/18/2011 ITS ALL ABOUT THE RIGHT RELATIONSHIP:part 5 Minding your mind Didacticdedication,devotion,faith
3/18/2011 TO WHOM OR WHAT ARE YOU BOUND: The Roadmap to Freedom Dramatic monologueangst,devotion,faith,hope
2/17/2011 trials and triumphs Didacticangst,faith,happiness,hop
1/30/2011 RISKY BUSINESS Dramatic monologuechildhood,for children,ho
1/30/2011 IT'S ALL ABOUT THE RIGHT RELATIONSHIP PART 4: Love The Lord Didacticdedication,devotion,faith
1/23/2011 LIVING WELL : In the Body of Christ Didacticdevotion,faith,health,ins
1/15/2011 MARRIAGE: A Meeting Of The Minds Epithalamiumdedication,hope,inspirati
1/6/2011 JOY FOR THE JOURNEY Dramatic monologuefaith,hope,inspirational,
12/20/2010 LEADERSHIP WITHOUT LOVE Dramatic monologueblack african american,de
12/20/2010 OUR CHILDREN: WORKS IN PROGRESS Didacticdedication,education,fait
12/17/2010 TO BE LIKE MALACHI AND ME Didacticdedication,devotion,faith
12/17/2010 be careful what you wish for Didacticfaith,hope,inspirational,
12/17/2010 BLESSED ASSURANCE Didacticdevotion,faith,inspiratio
10/29/2010 MAKING IT HAPPEN Part 3: How To Handle The Haters Didacticfaith,hope,inspirational,
10/26/2010 READY TO FIGHT Didacticangst,epic,faith,hope,ins
10/22/2010 rebuilding your torn down walls Dramatic Verseepic,faith,hope,inspirati
10/6/2010 WHAT WE OWE GOD: An Eternal Debt of Praise Odededication,devotion,faith
10/5/2010 THE SONS OF THE KING ARE MAKING IT HAPPEN Didacticdedication,devotion,faith
10/1/2010 WE CAN DO MORE: to fight that sin called greed Dramatic monologuededication,epic,hope,insp
9/16/2010 If I had to paint a picture of me loving God what would I see Odeart,faith,life,love,life,
9/13/2010 positioned in the path of Jesus Dramatic monologuedevotion,faith,hope,inspi
9/13/2010 DO YOU WANT TO BE HEALED? Didacticangst,faith,forgiveness,h
9/13/2010 Living In The City Dramatic monologueinspirational,on work and

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