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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
4/13/2010 A soul that loves you and will forever! Rhymelife,philosophy,time,upli
12/2/2009 I am so souless Free verselife
12/2/2009 Walk the green wreathed marble back! Free verselifegreen,
12/2/2009 Business Round! Free verselife
12/2/2009 Creeks in your heart Free verselife
12/2/2009 Healing Back In Free verselifeheart,heart,me,
12/2/2009 Resurrected Free verselifeme,
12/2/2009 Woo is Frying! Free verselifewoman,me,rose,
12/2/2009 Midnight Whisper Free verselife
12/2/2009 Receive back,in the end Free verselife
12/2/2009 He was to and has lost the bet Free verselife
12/2/2009 Swell Chick Free verselifeme,
12/2/2009 Poems do not matter Free verselife
12/2/2009 Nipped Bud Haikulife
12/2/2009 Some Miss Free verselifeworld,
12/2/2009 Target Missed Haikulife
12/2/2009 Point of View Haikulife
12/2/2009 Bewitched Haikulife
12/2/2009 Over the Edge Haikulife
12/2/2009 Birth of a love poem Free verselife
12/2/2009 Quaking the bad Scum Free verselifesick,
12/2/2009 Hollow poetry Critiques-Brutal and Wrong Free verselifeme,
12/2/2009 Invite to Mornin' Repast Free verselife
12/2/2009 Our Life Station Free verselife
12/2/2009 A woman at her best I do not know?life
12/2/2009 Sequel To Hollow Commenting I do not know?lifeme,self,me,self,
12/2/2009 She is royally consorted and orgasmic I do not know?life
12/2/2009 Green of the poison can invade deep I do not know?lifeme,
12/2/2009 A poem Limp I do not know?funnyme,
12/2/2009 Sun Following the Shadow I do not know?inspirational,lifeautumn,
12/2/2009 Faceless as the mist I do not know?lifeme,
12/2/2009 And they beat the Cold Free verselife
10/19/2009 Topaz Free verselifebetrayal,love,
10/19/2009 You are still mine Free verselife
10/19/2009 A bawdy expose'. Free verselife
10/19/2009 Not a Scaffold Free verselife
10/19/2009 Like woman and man Free verselifelove,
10/19/2009 The Collapse Free verselife
10/19/2009 Needed More Free verselife
10/19/2009 Is it a dream that I take! Free verselife
10/19/2009 Over the Bend Free verselifecare,me,care,me,sad,
10/19/2009 Self made strife Free verselife
10/19/2009 Till Death do us away Free verselife
10/19/2009 Hunting and Hunted Free verselife
10/19/2009 Whispered Knowledge Free versephilosophymay,
10/19/2009 Garden of Hate Free verselife
10/19/2009 Insanity Free verselife
10/19/2009 Joint ache Free verselife
10/19/2009 Long lasting girls and guys Free verselifetime,time,
10/19/2009 Chronometrical Aging Free verselife
10/19/2009 Care for the Sad.... Free verselife
10/19/2009 Her beatific brown eyes. Free verselife
10/19/2009 Uprooted and windswept in the storm you caused Free verselifeme,life,me,
10/19/2009 Random shades of basic colors Free verselife
10/19/2009 A story old and worn! Free verselifeold,old,
10/19/2009 Tears hold the lusture of two meteors Free verselife
10/19/2009 The Golden Silence Free verselife
10/19/2009 The Black Silence Free verselife
10/19/2009 Tense and hence Free verselifemay,
10/19/2009 Tortured Soul Free verselifeday,
10/19/2009 Screw brained and gets in brain Free verselife
10/19/2009 Blessed Soul Gels Free verselifeme,
10/19/2009 Foreign Perfume Laylife
10/19/2009 Growing Stronger with you Free verselifeme,me,
10/8/2009 Awkward Star Smiles and Melted Night Mist Free verseinspirationalme,night,lon
10/8/2009 Chilled Will Free verseinspirational
10/8/2009 Chronometrical Aging Idyll (Idyl)inspirational
9/4/2009 Etched in Mind as I unwind Free verseinspirational,life
9/4/2009 Right Heaven Free verseinspirational,life
9/4/2009 Eyes make hearts Roll Free verseinspirational,life
9/4/2009 Recognize Free verseinspirational,life
9/4/2009 Please come over Free verseinspirational,life
9/4/2009 Contradictory Free verselife,philosophy
9/4/2009 speck Free verselife,philosophy
9/4/2009 Code Free verseinspirational,life
9/4/2009 Shambles to Glory to Shambles Free verseinspirational,lifeme,
9/4/2009 To Err Free verselife
9/4/2009 I mean it Free verseinspirational,life
9/4/2009 Razor Sharp Free verseinspirational,life
9/4/2009 Bloody Guess (do it and tell me) Free verseintrospection,life
9/4/2009 Trouver Free verseintrospection,life
9/4/2009 Purged and delivered Free verseinspirational,introspecti
9/4/2009 Pore Free verseinspirational,introspecti
9/4/2009 Spirit I do not know?introspection,life
9/4/2009 Remnant Free verseinspirational,life
9/4/2009 Speak Up Free verselife,philosophy
9/4/2009 Timorous & Amorous Free verselife,philosophy
9/4/2009 Mighty me & Puny me Free verselife,philosophyme,me,
9/4/2009 Almirahed Free verselife,philosophy
9/4/2009 In life we shared and in death we part Free verselife,philosophyme,dream,d
9/4/2009 Who made it all Free verselife,philosophyprayer,
9/4/2009 Love and hate-now and then Free verselife,philosophy
9/4/2009 Mural Free verselife
9/4/2009 Uncomplicated Person I do not know?life,philosophy
9/4/2009 Take off in another City Bus Free verseinspirational,life
9/13/2008 bright sun Free verseinspirational
9/13/2008 The tears Free verseinspirational
9/13/2008 Starving Free verseinspirational
9/13/2008 Summers Free verseinspirationalsummer,summe
9/13/2008 Haunting the GHOST Free verseinspirational

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