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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/17/2016 The Ironic Death Rhymedeath,irony,jesus,life,
10/16/2016 Satan Is Coming After You Rhymecorruption,evil,religion,
10/16/2016 Priceless In The Eyes Of God Rhymegod,love,people,
10/9/2016 The Offspring of Demons Rhymebirth,religion,religious,
10/6/2016 When God Forgives, He Forgets Rhymeforgiveness,god,sin,truth
10/6/2016 Magnificent Mother Rhymefamily,love,mother son,
9/22/2016 Mom Wouldn't Have a Tomorrow Rhymedeath,goodbye,mom,tribute
9/18/2016 Blameless In The Eyes of God Rhymebible,god,religious,truth
9/18/2016 Undeserved Kindness Rhymegod,religion,truth,
9/9/2016 When a man walks with Jesus Rhymegod,jesus,religious,
8/23/2016 I Went To The Cemetery Rhymedeath,family,father,grave
8/21/2016 The Worship of Animals, Plants and Other Things Rhymeanimal,god,religion,truth
8/21/2016 144,000 Rhymegod,heaven,paradise,relig
8/17/2016 Goodbye Kenny Baker Rhymecelebrity,death,goodbye,
8/6/2016 God's Glorious Government Rhymegod,paradise,religious,
8/5/2016 You're A Hypocrite, Bernie Sanders Rhymeanger,political,truth,
8/5/2016 Bobby Boyd Rhymedeath of a friend,dedicat
8/5/2016 Twenty-Eight Rhymebeautiful,beauty,mom,moth
8/2/2016 Satan Is Working Overtime Rhymecorruption,evil,religion,
8/2/2016 Happy Birthday, Mom - Part IV: Precious As A Flower Rhymebirthday,family,love,moth
8/1/2016 Religion Is Dying Rhymegod,jesus,prayer,religion
7/31/2016 I Will Only Pledge Allegiance To God Rhymegod,religion,religious,
7/31/2016 Two-Face Bernie Rhymepolitical,truth,
7/19/2016 Leprechaun Rhymefunny,humor,humorous,
7/17/2016 If I Was A Celebrity Rhymegod,religion,truth,
7/14/2016 It's Important To Please God and Jesus Rhymegod,jesus,people,religion
7/14/2016 Paul and Silas's Imprisonment Rhymebible,god,prayer,prison,r
7/10/2016 Denial of Jesus Rhymebible,jesus,religion,
7/2/2016 Moses's Punishment Rhymebible,god,religion,
7/1/2016 My Wife's Hairy Chest Rhymefunny,humor,wife,
6/29/2016 Solomon's Sin Rhymebible,god,religion,
6/17/2016 Jesus and The Blind Man Rhymebible,jesus,miracle,relig
5/24/2016 Trial By Fire Rhymeangel,bible,fire,god,trut
5/22/2016 I Took The Bullet Rhymedeath,love,violence,wife,
5/20/2016 Two Decades Without Jon Pertwee Rhymecelebrity,death,dedicatio
5/18/2016 Gifts From God Rhymegod,truth,
5/16/2016 You Will Have Egg On Your Face Rhymegod,jesus,religion,
5/13/2016 We Can Have What Satan Can't Rhymegod,people,truth,youth,
5/11/2016 This Tick On My Nose Rhymefunny,humor,humorous,
5/10/2016 Are You Prepared Rhymegod,jesus,paradise,religi
5/8/2016 My New Dog Rhymeanimal,dog,pets,
5/6/2016 Happy Mother's Day, Mom - Part III Rhymelove,may,mom,mother son,m
5/4/2016 Overboard Rhymebible,god,religious,storm
4/29/2016 Jonah and The Ninevites Rhymeevil,god,religious,truth,
4/14/2016 You Decided To Shun Me Rhymemoney,woman,
4/9/2016 The Ransom Rhymegod,jesus,sin,
3/29/2016 I Am Proud To Applaud God Rhymeappreciation,god,jesus,re
3/28/2016 Pappy's Purse Rhymeclothes,dad,funny,hilario
3/17/2016 Bernie Sanders Rhymepolitical,
3/17/2016 I'll Kick Your Butt If You Pinch Me Rhymefunny,holiday,humor,
3/10/2016 Elijah, The Prophet Rhymebible,god,religion,
3/8/2016 From Sinner To Saint Rhymeforgiveness,jesus,murder,
3/8/2016 My Lust Rhymelust,sin,truth,woman,
3/6/2016 Rest In Peace, Mom - Part II Rhymedeath,dedication,family,m
3/5/2016 Return Of The Prodigal Son Rhymebible,father son,funny,hu
3/5/2016 Goat Rhymeanimal,funny,humorous,
3/2/2016 People Still Have False Idols Today Rhymegod,religion,
3/2/2016 Families Who Pray Together Rhymefamily,marriage,people,pr
2/29/2016 I'm A Rich Man Rhymegod,love,religion,truth,
2/29/2016 I'm An Eleven Year Old Adult Rhymefebruary,funny,humor,
2/28/2016 It's A Curse To Own A Hearse Rhymecar,funny,humorous,women,
2/28/2016 I Don't Trust Hillary Clinton Rhymepolitical,truth,
2/27/2016 I Still Believe In You Rhymegod,people,religion,sin,t
2/26/2016 I'm Partly Responsible For My Son's Death Rhymebullying,death,father son
2/26/2016 It May Not Have Been Apples Rhymedeath,food,god,religious,
2/24/2016 People Look Down On You Rhymepeople,poetry,
2/24/2016 One Of The Things That Jesus Taught Rhymegod,jesus,name,religion,t
2/23/2016 I Will Not Vote For Hillary Rhymepeople,political,
2/23/2016 What The Future Will Have In Store Rhymeanimal,future,god,paradis
2/21/2016 What Jesus Has Always Wanted Rhymegod,jesus,religious,truth
2/20/2016 Dust Beneath His Feet Rhymegod,people,religion,
2/19/2016 Not Drinking And Driving Rhymefunny,humor,prison,drug,
2/19/2016 He Married Herself Rhymefunny,humor,wedding,
2/17/2016 God's Tolerance Rhymegod,people,sin,truth,
2/15/2016 Slain Dog Rhymeanimal,dog,prison,
2/15/2016 Women Who Scam Rhymeanger,money,truth,women,
2/15/2016 How Do You spell Benevolent Master Rhymeevil,god,people,truth,
2/15/2016 Racist Barber Rhymefunny,hair,humor,racism,
2/14/2016 Disgusting Neighbor Rhymefunny,humor,
2/13/2016 Satan's Failure Rhymejesus,religious,sin,truth
2/13/2016 Satan Rules The World Rhymeearth,god,people,truth,
2/11/2016 A Prank That Went Horribly Wrong Rhymedark,death,
2/10/2016 How Do You Spell Wonderful Human Being Rhymedeath,mom,son,
2/10/2016 The Man Who Cried Bear Rhymefunny,humor,people,
2/8/2016 Every Day Is A Good Day Because I Have God Rhymegod,happiness,happy,truth
2/7/2016 An Old Geezer Tried To Steal My Freezer Rhymefunny,humor,old,
2/7/2016 Let's Make God Rejoice Rhymegod,happy,religion,
2/6/2016 Wax Dummy Rhymefunny,humor,people,
2/5/2016 Turn Away From Sin And Turn To Jehovah Rhymegod,paradise,people,sin,t
2/5/2016 She Wants A Brand New Rolls-Royce Rhymecar,funny,humor,wife,
2/4/2016 Jehovah God Will Have To Endure The Future Rhymefuture,god,people,
2/3/2016 Cement Overcoat Rhymedark,god,
2/3/2016 Death Is Only Temporary Rhymedeath,religious,truth,
2/3/2016 God Can Take Away Your Pain Rhymegod,pain,truth,uplifting,
1/31/2016 Only God Knows Rhymegod,people,religion,truth
1/30/2016 An All Sushi Diet Rhymefood,funny,
1/30/2016 God Can Give Peace Of Mind Rhymegod,religion,
1/25/2016 The Darn Sun Rhymechildhood,funny,school,sn
1/23/2016 My Son Stole My Credit Card Rhymefather son,funny,humor,
1/23/2016 Envy Is A Sin Rhymepeople,sin,truth,

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