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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/1/2013 Courtship Free verseconfusion,girl,girlfriend
11/7/2011 Only Kidding Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
10/24/2010 The Wedding I do not know?husband,life,love,people,
10/24/2010 Worrying I do not know?life,love,people,romancem
10/24/2010 You're A Projector Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
10/24/2010 Plans Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
10/24/2010 The Silence Speaks Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
10/24/2010 Remember Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,loss
10/24/2010 Dear, I Can Do Better Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
10/24/2010 If I Could Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,loss
2/17/2010 Lovers Departed Lyricdedication,devotion,faith
1/29/2010 An End Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
11/25/2009 You Sink, I Swim I do not know?dedication,devotion,girlf
10/14/2009 The World and I Free versenature,peace
6/23/2009 You're the Only One for Me Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
6/13/2009 You Are My Candlelight Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
8/7/2008 Sand Castle Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
5/20/2008 Can I Keep You? Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
5/16/2008 Affirmative Action Lyrichistory,life,political,sa
4/23/2008 (M)indless (T)enuous (V)oices Lyricpeople,satire,social,song
4/14/2008 Time Stood Still Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
2/20/2008 Rosetta Stone Romanticismgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
2/6/2008 Come Complete Me (Come to Me) Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
1/31/2008 Where I Long for You to Be Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
1/31/2008 Always and Forever Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
1/28/2008 You're Beautiful Romanticismgirlfriend-boyfriend,love
1/23/2008 I'm Alive Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
1/18/2008 My Flower (Til the Last Beat of My Heart) Romanticismgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
1/15/2008 Drive Home Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
1/14/2008 Phone Call Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
1/8/2008 Reap What We Sow Romanticismgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
1/7/2008 Don't Wake Me Til I'm Home Again Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
1/3/2008 Dead in My Heart Lyricangst,depression,introspe
1/3/2008 Your Eyes Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
1/3/2008 Empty Space Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
1/3/2008 You Are My Color Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
1/3/2008 Staring at Your Picture Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
1/3/2008 You Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
1/3/2008 Jetplane Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
12/13/2007 It's Saturday and 2:00 A.M. Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
12/6/2007 My Thoughts Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
11/29/2007 Into Depression Lyricdepression,introspection,
11/28/2007 Final Day Lyricangst,depression,health,l
11/12/2007 You Are My Home Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,hope
11/8/2007 Writing Once Again (Have a Start but Know No End) Lyricon writing and words,scho
11/8/2007 End of Discussion Lyricangst,girlfriend-boyfrien
11/8/2007 Rainbow Lyricangst,life,people,
11/8/2007 Never Let Go Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
11/8/2007 Skedaddle Lyricangst,girlfriend-boyfrien
11/4/2007 Dreaming To Lyriclife,love,people,places,d
11/1/2007 Hold On Lyricdepression,girlfriend-boy
11/1/2007 Sweet Girl Lyriclife,love,people,social,t
10/31/2007 I Never Asked to Play This God Lyriclife,people,sad,social,
10/31/2007 Denton Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
10/29/2007 So Lost Lyrichope,life,sad,school,teen
10/21/2007 Make Fun of Me Lyricangst,girlfriend-boyfrien
9/27/2007 The Only Way to Get Over You Lyricdepression,girlfriend-boy
9/27/2007 Where Do You Want to Go From Here? Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,intr
9/27/2007 I'm So Confused Lyricconfusion,girlfriend-boyf
9/27/2007 As I Am Dying Lyricdeath,girlfriend-boyfrien
9/25/2007 Hiding Lyricconfusion,girlfriend-boyf
9/25/2007 God and the Devil Lyricconfusion,girlfriend-boyf
9/25/2007 Forsaken Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,lost
9/25/2007 Flat-line Lyricconfusion,death,life,love
9/25/2007 Eggshell Heart Lyricangst,depression,lost lov
9/25/2007 Done to Me Lyricangst,death,depression,gi
9/25/2007 Changed Lyriclife,people,social,happy,
9/25/2007 Atmosphere of Why and How Lyricangst,depression,introspe
9/25/2007 Cancer Lyricdepression,girlfriend-boy
9/24/2007 I Just Don't Know Lyricconfusion,girlfriend-boyf
9/24/2007 It's Time Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
9/18/2007 No Light Is Shed Romanticismdepression,introspection,
9/18/2007 Lonely Highway Lyricdepression,girlfriend-boy
9/18/2007 I Love You (Despite All Your Hate) Lyricangst,depression,girlfrie
9/18/2007 Gripe and Groan Lyricangst,girlfriend-boyfrien
9/18/2007 Mend Him to Break Him Lyricdepression,girlfriend-boy
9/10/2007 Dying Candle's Flame Lyricdepression,happiness,hope
9/2/2007 It Will Take Time Romanticismgirlfriend-boyfriend,hope
8/30/2007 Some People Definitely Aren't Naturalists Haikufunny,life,nature,parody,
8/30/2007 This Can't Be the End Lyricconfusion,depression,girl
8/30/2007 The Other Guy Lyricangst,girlfriend-boyfrien
8/30/2007 The Break Up Lyricangst,girlfriend-boyfrien
8/30/2007 One Day (You Will Know) Lyricangst,girlfriend-boyfrien
8/29/2007 Losing My Mind Lyricangst,depression,girlfrie
8/29/2007 Far Away Lyricangst,depression,girlfrie
8/29/2007 Romeo and Juliet Lyriclove,passion,teen,sweet,l
8/29/2007 Stuck in this Prison Lyricangst,confusion,death,dep
8/29/2007 Alive Lyricangst,depression,introspe
8/29/2007 My Inner-Peace Lyricangst,death,depression,li
8/29/2007 Birth Lyricchildhood,life,social,tim
8/29/2007 Son of Babylon Lyricfather,life,mother,sad,so
8/29/2007 Dreaming a Dream Lyricangst,depression,life,lov
8/29/2007 Like a Tomb Lyricangst,depression,girlfrie
8/29/2007 Music in My Head Lyricangst,imagination,music,p
8/29/2007 Fairytales Lyricangst,life,sad,teen,
8/29/2007 Mend His Heart to Break It Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
8/29/2007 Discarded Treasure Lyriclife,loss,lost love,love,
6/24/2007 Dear Free versehappiness,hope,life,love,
5/28/2007 Sitting Silently Haikulife,parody,time,
5/28/2007 This is the End Lyricconfusion,life,lost love,

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