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  1. Date: 3/31/2014 5:05:00 PM
    :D Welcome, Roger! Yes, this site can be nice. It's best to ignore the poets who crow their own worth, all while making $2 off an e-book they are trying to sell, or better yet, when someone puts up a nasty comment, do as I JUST DID, send it off to Soup Admin. I'm barely on the site these days, busy with writing projects. Glad I stopped by today. Will have to drop by your pages, soon. Cheers, Cyndi

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  1. Date: 3/31/2014 10:59:00 AM
    Roger, Dave ... it's almost the same. : D Kudos on your decision.

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  1. Date: 3/31/2014 12:10:00 AM
    Well now Dave it's so nice to know you as either name and read your fine poetry. I've been very ill so haven't been reading or commenting much lately but I am much better now .... so hope to read some more of "Dave Rodgers" work !!

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  1. Date: 3/30/2014 3:22:00 PM
    Wood Dave.. I don't think so but with you it worked but I glad you feel safe here. If it's not someone tell me and I'll change my name ;)

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  1. Date: 3/30/2014 2:38:00 PM
    Well I will have to check out some of your scribbles ;) lol

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  1. Date: 3/30/2014 10:49:00 AM
    Nice to meet you Roger Davis....... :) SKAT

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  1. Date: 3/30/2014 10:41:00 AM
    No! I wasn't bright enough to think I might be able use another name... But Whatever floats your boat and makes you happy... Wish I'd thought of it,tho... But it might have confused Dragon! Oh Well... Such is life. What you write is what's important... Well, and you of, course! Who ever you are!...LOL

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/21/2016 Fraser Free versefishing,
10/4/2016 Rainfall roulette and games for suits Prose Poetrypolitical,
7/20/2016 Not Nice Free versedark,
6/29/2016 Aubergine Free versefood,
6/21/2016 Cynosure Free versefish,
6/19/2016 His face remained in shade Trioletsin,sister,
6/16/2016 Timescale Free versetime,
5/17/2016 Seven Dog Lives Free versedog,
4/23/2016 Preemptive Worrying Free versestress,
4/22/2016 Earth day at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Haikuearth,
3/28/2016 Windbound on Wassaksina - expanded Quatrainfish,
2/23/2016 Untitled 2 Monokulife,
1/25/2016 Cold is the night Villanellelife,valentines day,
1/20/2016 is and isn't Free verselife,
1/11/2016 The big question for those of little faith Free verselife,
1/1/2016 Old beginnings Narrativechristmas,
12/15/2015 ne'er cry or whisper Free versedepression,environment,
12/10/2015 Headwaters Tetractyswater,
11/17/2015 History, Reality, Fantasy Free versebereavement,environment,f
11/11/2015 Moosewood Cookbook's Arabian Squash Casserole Versefood,
10/24/2015 Slim pickings Free verseautumn,
10/12/2015 The long way Senryulove,
9/16/2015 jaded Haikulife,
9/1/2015 Hexagenia HexSonnetta Sonnetfishing,
8/5/2015 Dragonfly Hero Free verseinsect,
8/3/2015 It's not the cup but the coffee within Free versedrink,
8/2/2015 heart unfolds Haikuflower,
7/29/2015 M'lady's Protests Quatrainsad love,
7/23/2015 Pretty Picture Postcards Free verselost love,
7/23/2015 Savin' sunshine Free versesun,
7/21/2015 Chinook Haibunmemory,weather,
7/18/2015 Canada Haikupatriotic,
7/18/2015 For U Johnny Free verseconfusion,
6/30/2015 dark matter fences Senryulonging,
6/28/2015 Summer rain Haikusummer,
5/5/2015 Looking for Miss Demeanour Free versespring,
4/6/2015 Anything but spring Free versespring,
4/2/2015 First warm day of spring and black was in the air Free versespring,
3/30/2015 Openin Day Free versebaseball,drug,
2/25/2015 River's end Free versedeath,fishing,
2/25/2015 Truckin Free versework,
2/25/2015 Fiction versus Friction Concretewords,
2/19/2015 What Happens Free verselife,
2/13/2015 Old love Sonnetlove,time,
2/12/2015 For my children Free versechildren,family,
2/5/2015 On this frigid night, Haikuvalentines day,winter,
2/5/2015 Seeds Free versegarden,
2/3/2015 The sweetest sign - concretized Concretewinter,
1/24/2015 Liberty's free Rhymesong,
1/22/2015 Facecord Free versepoems,
1/6/2015 This year - redux Quintain (English)future,time,
1/4/2015 This year - Scillian Quintain (Sicilian)future,time,
1/3/2015 Hands Free verselanguage,
1/1/2015 Witch wind Free versewind,
1/1/2015 Darkness falls Free versedark,night,
12/9/2014 Not too cold yet Free versewar,winter,
12/6/2014 Decemberpoem Free versedecember,
12/6/2014 Reading Lin Tao and thinking about depression Free verseintrospection,softball,
12/3/2014 The Dark Side Free versedepression,
11/18/2014 The desperate smugness of a recent convert Free versechange,november,
11/13/2014 If I had a Doberman Free versedog,
11/13/2014 Perfect Lover Free verselove,
11/9/2014 Les Demineurs Free verseremember,
10/20/2014 Mistakes of the heart Carpe Diemlife,
10/20/2014 First Frost Free verseautumn,
10/14/2014 Hawking Dreams Free versedream,
9/19/2014 The conjugation of ordinary Concreteself,
8/21/2014 Where Frozen Embryos Still Burn Coupletscience,science fiction,
8/19/2014 Consiglieri Free verseautumn,remember,
8/17/2014 M'Lady's shallot Rhymefood,
8/9/2014 Cat or not Haikuscience,
8/7/2014 Diastole Free verseintrospection,
8/4/2014 Oak lasts longest Free versenovember,
8/1/2014 Say it ain't so Joni Free versemusic,
8/1/2014 Passage Haikudeath,life,
7/28/2014 Dog days Tankasummer,
7/28/2014 Chapter and footnote Free versebreak up,
7/26/2014 Quantum rhyme Quatrainscience,
7/25/2014 Rice ain't nice and the NFL smells Rhymesports,violence,women,
7/24/2014 Far Away Haikujune,water,
7/20/2014 Ain't many days till my breakdown Rhymecowboy,depression,drink,
7/20/2014 It matters not Dramatic Versehero,
7/8/2014 Kananaskis is Haikumemory,
7/8/2014 A kite can't fly Free verseflying,
7/8/2014 Power Series Free verseage,
7/8/2014 Sisyphus' dream Epicwork,
7/8/2014 Spare change Rhymecity,
7/1/2014 Red becomes you Free versefirst love,
6/24/2014 Rivers Sijonature,
6/22/2014 The end of the beginning Free verselife,
6/21/2014 Custodial weekends Free versechildren,parents,
6/18/2014 Dallas - November 1993 Rhymeamerica,
5/19/2014 Wild Blueberries Free versenature,
5/19/2014 These lakes Free verseart,
5/18/2014 Whitewater time Free versetime,
5/15/2014 Hotwired Vogonslam,
5/13/2014 Entry for Spring Haiku Haikuplaces,
4/20/2014 Red Moon Free versemoon,
4/13/2014 Automaton green beans Free versescience fiction,
4/12/2014 Attack of the killer Sebelius Free versefriendship,music,my child

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