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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/2/2009 Promoting True Self Expression Senryuforgiveness,hope,inspirat
1/25/2009 Time Makes Pari Passu Free versehope,life,time
11/15/2008 Azure's Not Always Pretty I do not know?introspection,life,sad
11/3/2008 A Shell Doesn't Have To Be Hell Tetractyshope,life,recovery from..
10/29/2008 Take All Of You Verseintrospection,life,lost l
10/22/2008 Blight Before Feast Versehope,introspection,life,u
4/14/2008 Among All Of Mankind Free verseanimals,pets,visionary,
1/28/2008 In My Room Free verseimagination,introspection
1/17/2008 Trophies Free verseangst,introspection,peopl
12/17/2007 Helping Hand Cinquainholiday,people,work,
10/13/2007 Shrinking Violet Cinquaindepression,loss,sad,
9/19/2007 Like You Alliterationconfusion,imagination,int
12/1/2006 Cushions Please Senryufunny,imagination,introsp
12/1/2006 Sound Sleep Senryuconfusion,imagination,int
11/30/2006 The Game Of Life Cinquainfunny,introspection,philo
11/22/2006 Giving Thanks Terza Rimahappiness,hope,time,uplif
11/22/2006 Still In America Senryuangst,history,people,sad,
11/21/2006 Carnival Senryuadventure,introspection,p
11/17/2006 Around Here Senryulife,places,time,
11/17/2006 Becoming Quatrainhappiness,life,uplifting,
11/15/2006 Self MAP Terza Rimahappiness,hope,introspect
11/13/2006 Quiet Things Rictameterimagination,introspection
11/12/2006 Scents Senryuimagination,introspection
11/9/2006 Peace Please ABCforgiveness,friendship,ha
11/9/2006 Want To Bet? Senryuadventure,funny,introspec
11/8/2006 On The Smile Side Quatrainhappiness,hope,uplifting,
11/5/2006 Becoming New Free versehappiness,hope,uplifting,
11/4/2006 By And Large Senryuhappiness,on writing and
11/4/2006 A Trite Write Cinquainfunny,imagination,on writ
11/2/2006 Grateful Senryuanimals,nature,uplifting,
11/2/2006 Appreciation Cinquainintrospection,life,on wri
10/28/2006 Aging Senryuintrospection,life,time,
10/24/2006 Sty Animation Senryuimagination,introspection
10/24/2006 REM Shavings Terza Rimaimagination,life,upliftin
10/22/2006 Dare To Ensnare Tetractysintrospection,love,people
10/22/2006 Enthralling Appeal Cinquainimagination,introspection
10/20/2006 Disaster Scaled Down Tankaimagination,introspection
10/19/2006 Different Effects Tankaadventure,funny,introspec
10/16/2006 Seasons Sonnetnature,seasons,time,summe
10/14/2006 You Don't Have To Be A Star Tankahope,introspection,philos
10/14/2006 Not Always An Eyesore Dramatic monologueart,confusion,funny,intro
10/13/2006 Trust Acrosticintrospection,on writing
10/12/2006 Boo Acrosticseasons,time,halloween,
10/12/2006 Spooky Ratio Senryufunny,happiness,on writin
10/10/2006 With The Naked Eye Tankahusband,introspection,lov
10/7/2006 Annual Celebration Tankaanniversary,family,husban
10/7/2006 On Antibiotics Senryuadventure,funny,introspec
10/2/2006 My Dream Free verseimagination,life,philosop
10/2/2006 Area In The Periphery Tankaintrospection,life,nature
10/1/2006 See, When They're Around Haikufor children,funny,nature
10/1/2006 Unsettled Senryuintrospection,life,places
10/1/2006 Now Free verseintrospection,love,myster
10/1/2006 Void Where Prohibited Free verseintrospection,life,on wor
9/29/2006 How Solutions Can Be Born Senryufood,funny,imagination,in
9/27/2006 Premature Haikuconfusion,introspection,n
9/27/2006 Autumn Light Free verseimagination,nature,time,u
9/27/2006 Shine To Shimmer Tankaimagination,introspection
9/22/2006 A Schizophrenic's Cycle Free verseangst,confusion,introspec
9/22/2006 Creative Cosmetics Cinquainart,imagination,visionary
9/22/2006 Tiki Haikuanimals,funny,nature,pets
9/18/2006 It's A Fact Of Life But Take Care Free versefunny,happiness,introspec
9/17/2006 One Tracked Mind Tankaanimals,funny,uplifting,
9/17/2006 A Piece Of My Mind Senryuintrospection,life,people
9/17/2006 E. Coli Outbreak Senryuangst,food,funny,introspe
9/17/2006 Exam Outcomes Senryudeath,introspection,life,
9/15/2006 Dry Cleaners To The Rescue Senryufunny,imagination,introsp
9/14/2006 Chiromancy Hand In Hand Senryuimagination,introspection
9/14/2006 Why Not Everyday Senryulife,people,uplifting,
9/13/2006 Fright Light Senryuintrospection,life,love,p
9/13/2006 Rambunctious Theater Tankafunny,introspection,life,
9/12/2006 A Flounder Matured Senryuhope,life,love,
9/12/2006 Breaking The Ice Tankaintrospection,on writing
9/11/2006 Write Away Senryuimagination,introspection
9/11/2006 Perturbed Under Adoring Eyes Cinquainfunny,introspection,life,
9/10/2006 Strait-Jacket I do not know?life,people,sad,
9/10/2006 Impressions Cinquainfunny,imagination,on writ
9/10/2006 Pervasiveness Of Litter Senryufunny,imagination,introsp
9/9/2006 Making The Best Of Something Haikuanimals,imagination,natur
9/9/2006 Resolve For Some Cinquainangst,introspection,lost
9/9/2006 Misshaped Heart After Love Tankaangst,introspection,loss,
9/9/2006 A Matter Of Words Cinquainlife,loss,love,philosophy
9/4/2006 Nature Aside Haikuintrospection,loss,nature
9/4/2006 Cracked Thermometer's Risk Haikudeath,introspection,natur
9/4/2006 Behind The Skunk DIsplay Haikuanimals,funny,nature,
8/30/2006 Healing Crush Syndrome Senryuangst,introspection,life,
8/30/2006 Living Collage Haikuanimals,nature,seasons,
8/30/2006 Between Storm And Afterworld Haikudeath,loss,nature,
8/26/2006 Don't Wear Out Your Welcome Senryufunny,introspection,philo
8/26/2006 Thoughts Of Schadenfreude Senryuforgiveness,funny,introsp
8/26/2006 With Chamomile Tea Haikuanimals,food,imagination,
8/26/2006 In The Night Tankaanimals,confusion,imagina
8/26/2006 Peaches And Champagne Haikufood,imagination,places,
8/26/2006 Fingerprints On Glass Haikuimagination,people,places
8/25/2006 Medication Side Effect Usage Senryuconfusion,funny,uplifting
8/21/2006 Nostalgia Of A Blind Man Free versehope,life,loss,nostalgia,
8/21/2006 Aquatic Image Haikuanimals,imagination,visio
8/21/2006 Not Real Balladconfusion,introspection,l
8/19/2006 Fear That Takes A Home Quatrainlife,people,sad,
8/15/2006 Heighten Your Vocabulary Senryuintrospection,life,on wri
8/14/2006 Mythological Amour Refreshment Senryuintrospection,love,passio

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Fav Poems

A Mathematical Uncertainty Free verseconfusion,love,me,me,
Reviving The Senses Through Punctured Eardrums Personificationdevotion,imagination,insp
And You Will Know Me By The Trail Of Dead Verseallegory,death,history,pe
A Vessel Dreaming On Versepeople,sad,sad,
Forbidden Blank verselost love,love,passion,
Choosing the Path of Most Resistence Free verseintrospection,uplifting,
Downtime Free verseintrospection,loss,
Debts Paid Rhymeforgiveness,happiness,hop
Inattention Free verseconfusion,introspection,l
Drops I do not know?death,devotion,life,loss,

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