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My Past Blog Posts

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Date Posted: 9/8/2016 6:55:00 AM
Happy Birthday, Demetrios Trifiatis
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In Joy and in Sorrow
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Happy Birthday, Charmaine
Date Posted: 5/1/2016 9:20:00 AM
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A Favor, Please...
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Lessons from Malta
Date Posted: 3/29/2016 10:33:00 AM
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Spread the Mush, Please
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Date Posted: 2/8/2016 12:07:00 PM
Update on Flo...Feb 4
Date Posted: 2/4/2016 9:24:00 AM
Update on Flo- January 25
Date Posted: 1/25/2016 4:29:00 PM
Update on Flo
Date Posted: 1/16/2016 2:07:00 AM
Updates on Flo on this Blog from Now On *
Date Posted: 1/9/2016 10:29:00 AM
A Short Message from FLO!!!!
Date Posted: 1/8/2016 10:04:00 AM
A Request Regarding F J Thomas (FLO)
Date Posted: 1/6/2016 2:51:00 PM
To the Ones I Love at Christmas Time- PS Dedication
Date Posted: 12/18/2015 6:03:00 PM
If Jesus Had not Come
Date Posted: 12/17/2015 3:14:00 PM
Why Leave?
Date Posted: 12/8/2015 8:54:00 AM
What Will You Do?
Date Posted: 12/2/2015 9:27:00 AM
Date Posted: 11/13/2015 11:07:00 PM
Poetry Soup and "Real Life"
Date Posted: 11/1/2015 2:44:00 PM

My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/21/2016 I Loved You Once Iambic Pentameterlost love,love hurts,
10/16/2016 Do Men Cry Quatraincharacter,men,truth,
10/15/2016 Little Ticked Boxes Senryuhow i feel,memory,
10/15/2016 Rumored Rumors Quatraincommunity,
10/10/2016 Stream of Memories Iambic Pentametermissing you,
10/6/2016 The Zenith of my Prime Iambic Pentameterencouraging,truth,
10/6/2016 What's in a Day Iambic Pentameterbirthday,blessing,daughte
10/3/2016 For an Angel Sonnetangel,beauty,
9/30/2016 My Silence Speaks Free verseheartbreak,relationship,
9/26/2016 Too Much Sadness for Me- Video Free versetruth,
9/17/2016 Adored to Abhorred Rhymecourage,woman,
9/9/2016 No Other Free verseanalogy,books,relationshi
9/9/2016 As You Undress Me Rhymepassion,
9/9/2016 The I Love You Conversation Rhymei love you,
9/8/2016 Friendships take Two I do not know?birthday,blessing,friends
8/23/2016 Beautiful Two Timer Rhymecommunity,friendship,poet
8/23/2016 Put On Your Warrior Spirit Rhymerelationship,
8/21/2016 Bursting into Paradise Rhymepassion,truth,
8/12/2016 You Cry Alone Rhymemental illness,sympathy,
8/3/2016 The Body Shame Game Dramatic monologueimage,slam,
6/30/2016 Ecstasy Acrosticsenses,sensual,
6/29/2016 Warrior Princess Rhymecharacter,
6/27/2016 Bless Me Free versepassion,poetry,
6/25/2016 You are Perfect Iambic Pentameteri love you,love,poetry,
6/22/2016 I Slipped on a Tear Quatraincry,
6/22/2016 For My Daughter Rhymedaughter,love,
6/13/2016 what did I do wrong Free versesad love,
6/12/2016 All About Knights Rhymeromance,truth,
6/11/2016 Distant Things Iambic Pentameterfreedom,
6/11/2016 Ecstasy and You and Me Free verserelationship,
6/10/2016 I Miss Charmaine Sonnetpoetess,sister,tribute,
6/3/2016 I'm a Little Flower Quatrainflower,
5/31/2016 A Soft Spot Free verseemotions,
5/30/2016 The Woods are Lovely Free verseblessing,creation,god,
5/27/2016 The Grand Piano Narrativeanalogy,love,
5/26/2016 The Paradox of Love Quatrainlove hurts,
5/25/2016 Mirror, Lie to Me Quatrainidentity,
5/25/2016 The Name You've Given me Sonnetname,
5/22/2016 Your Hate Consumes You Free versetruth,
5/22/2016 You Don't Like Me Dramatic monologuetruth,
5/21/2016 I Awake Alone Free versehow i feel,loneliness,
5/21/2016 To Anonymous You- Dedication for Lin Sonnetfor her,love,poetess,
5/21/2016 Dreamy Dream Dispatcher Dramatic monologuedream,encouraging,
5/14/2016 The Zenith of my Prime Carpe Diemhow i feel,
5/14/2016 I'll Die in Peace Sonnetbeauty,daughter,
5/12/2016 There is a Softness Free versefeelings,love,
5/5/2016 Sweet Oblivion Senryupassion,romance,
5/5/2016 I'd Like to Help You Free versehumanity,
5/2/2016 The Brave Sonnettruth,
5/2/2016 It Would Not be So Painful Free versehumanity,truth,
5/1/2016 Indulgent Love Free versepassion,sensual,words,
4/27/2016 Wanton Wantings Quatrainpassion,sensual,
4/26/2016 No Body Parts Rhymeart,
4/24/2016 The Rest is Silence Free versehistory,remembrance day,
4/19/2016 You Took Rhymebetrayal,sorrow,symbolism
4/15/2016 Blinded by Hate Free versecommunity,hate,
4/10/2016 The Maltese Moon Free versebeautiful,introspection,t
3/30/2016 You Tempt Me Free versepassion,sensual,
3/14/2016 The Body Shame Game Free versebeauty,slam,society,
3/14/2016 Where Has She Gone Free verseage,how i feel,
3/13/2016 To My Favorite Poet Rhymefriend,tribute,
3/13/2016 Your House of Rhyme Iambic Pentameterbetrayal,
3/12/2016 Colorfication- Not for Contest Sonnetpassion,
3/11/2016 Famous Last Line Iambic Pentametercommunity,conflict,funny,
3/10/2016 You Clip My Wings Sonnetbetrayal,
3/10/2016 Where it Hurts Free versehow i feel,hurt,pain,
3/9/2016 Breathtaking Night Acrosticsky,stars,
3/6/2016 Black and White Free verseidentity,judgement,
3/6/2016 I'll Celebrate Carpe Diemcelebration,life,
3/4/2016 The Other Cheek Couplethow i feel,
3/4/2016 Celestial Spheres Free versepassion,sensual,
3/3/2016 Inflicted Wounds Sonnetpain,psychological,words,
3/2/2016 You're HOT Footlepassion,
3/2/2016 Spare a few Kinds Words for Me Free verseblessing,philosophy,
3/2/2016 Love is the Victor Senryuanalogy,love,
2/29/2016 Test of Character Iambic Pentametercharacter,
2/29/2016 Blue Free verseblue,
2/29/2016 Tranquility Sonnetblessing,introspection,
2/28/2016 Courtesy Counts Quatraincommunity,
2/27/2016 Of Stargazers and Starshooters Narrativeanalogy,appreciation,poet
2/27/2016 Dead to Me Sonnetgothic,pain,
2/25/2016 Just Be You Rhymecharacter,
2/25/2016 Shame and Honor Sonnetcommunity,
2/24/2016 The Knights are Dead Sonnettruth,
2/22/2016 Crossed Lines Senryubullying,
2/21/2016 Poop Scoop- For Limerick II Contest Limericktribute,
2/20/2016 A Tomb of Ancient Bloom Iambic Pentametertrue love,
2/19/2016 How Do I Love Thee Rhymelove,
2/19/2016 Always, Sometimes, Never Iambic Pentameterfriendship,
2/18/2016 My Muse Sonnethumorous,muse,
2/12/2016 Must it be for Contest Rhymecommunity,poetry,
2/12/2016 To Hell Questionkuhate,jealousy,
2/12/2016 Kisses Senryukiss,
2/10/2016 Soup's the Place Rhymemystery,valentines day,
2/9/2016 Valentine 1rst Place Contest Win of 2015 Iambic Pentametervalentines day,
2/8/2016 Valentine Delicacies Acrosticlove,passion,
2/8/2016 To those Who Love and Read Me Quatrainappreciation,
2/5/2016 By Any Other Name Senryutruth,
2/5/2016 They Come and Go Free versefamily,poetry,travel,
1/31/2016 Rock Me In Your Love Iambic Pentameterlove,sensual,

My Photos

Fav Poems

FEELINGS Epigramimagination,introspection
The Mirror is a Liar Rhymededication,metaphor,
The Wedding Ring Quatrainangst,marriage,night,
The Perfect Womens Club Free versewomen,change,
IF I WERE ASKED Epigramgirlfriend,love,wife,
SNOWFLAKES Epigramangel,grief,love,
THE DREAM I LIVE Epigramdevotion,dream,love,dream
Cliches Debunked Quatrainhappiness,humorous,old,bi
Space Rhymedream,space,
Forever Demands Nonetlove,
Beyond Infinity Free verseintrospection,
Walk a Mile Free versephilosophy,
In Your Poems Free versededication,words,
Super Soupers Prosefantasy,writing,girl,me,p
Powerless Villanellelove,me,dream,dream,magic
Love Returned Senryulove,
The Real You Senryudevotion,
Fireflies Haibunlove,nature,me,light,ligh
Locked in a Jar Terzanellelove,heart,dark,dark,hear
What is this Space Quatrainblue,inspirational,
Paint Your Dreams On a Canvas Free verseart,beautiful,inspiration
Friend Free versefriendship,perspective,
Every now and then Lyriclove,miss you,
Hurricane Eileen - The Storm I do not know?dedication,
Five Stars Quatraindedication,poems,
Hidden Key Free versecreation,dance,dream,
Ghost Guitar Coupletlove,
A Thousand Dark Secrets Dramatic Verseanger,angst,bereavement,p
Lifegivers Response Free versebible,celebration,drink,j
Red is the colour of passion Free verselove,lust,passion,
HAIKU VERSUS RHYTHM AND RHYME Haikuon writing and words
MIRAGE Free verselife,lost,love,
She Whispered Light Poetryinspirational,life,women,
Little Star Light Poetrylove,memory,
Fire Rises Rhymepassion,passion,
Cinder Girl Rhyme 
The Teacher Free verseteacher,
Marhaba Light Poetryheaven,history,mystery,
THE QUESTION MARK Light Poetrylife,success,
A PLACID LAKE Epigramintrospection,philosophy,
Articulation of Tears Free versehope,life,sad,
Delicate Versefire,love,memory,
I Touch Your Existence Light Poetrylove,
Jesus, Our Savior Shapelife,religion,
The Force Blank versegrief,life,mystery,
That's Good Enough For Me Rhymefamily,marriage,proposal,
True Hearts Beating Terzanellededication,love,beautiful
A Quivering Heart Rhymelove,life,
Bliss Free versedesire,life,longing,lust,
Initiative Free versefriendship,life,longing,l
Fool the world Light Poetryphilosophy,poetry,
King Sun and Goddess Sea Coupletsea,summer,
Figment Free versebeautiful,
Lost in the World of Lonely Lyriclost love,
Stardust Drench me Versehope,imagination,
Warrior Princess Terzanellefantasy,
In the Absence of Moonlight Quatrainlove,
Bengal Personificationnature,
Half Of A Heart Concretehealth,heart,
My Mind A Ship In Darkness Free verseadventure,
Flower Song Free versebeauty,love,romance,
Ugly Acrosticbeautiful,image,
BEAUTY ABIDES Blank versebeautiful,desire,dream,em
Lace Acrosticsensual,
Betty Boop From Beirut Quatraindedication,love,
away Rictameterlife,
A Dream Weaved Free versebeautiful,celebration,for
My insolent heart ABCaddiction
Shabbat Shalom Free versebeautiful,devotion,love,r
Lately I've Been Feeling Like: Free verserelationship,
The Big Bang Free versebeautiful,creation,love,s
Opened Book Free versebooks,emotions,metaphor,
Rainbow Symphony Free versecolor,
I Want to Leave Light Poetryheart,lost,love,
James Bond the Poet Light Poetryhumorous,life,love,romanc
Dampened Sheets Free versebeauty,love,lust,sexy,
Paper Lion Quatrainfantasy,
AROUSE ME Imagismlove,lust,senses,
Eileen And I Quatrainlove,peace,
Woman Quatrainwoman,
Wild Rose Free verseallegory,
How I Miss You Free versepassion,romantic,
Kiss the Wind Light Poetrybeauty,cry,desire,love,
The Mourning After Narrativeloss,drug,
Another Man's Clothes Free verseintrospection,
The Ghost of You, a love letter Free versebeautiful,loneliness,love
Lament of My Life Kyrielledestiny,sad,
Clerihew Soup Clerihewtribute,
warm solar love Free verselove,moon,romance,romanti
All I Want For Christmas Coupletchristmas,
rosebuds Free verseromance,rose,
Simple Words For Simple People Proseanalogy,beach,beautiful,b
That Exquisite Moment Narrativelove,romance,
Unlimited Narrativelove,
In Search Free versebeautiful,bible,god,
bewitched by beauty Free versedream,romance,romantic,
The Lives We Choose Free versefreedom,
To Be With You - Balladdesire,
A beautiful truth I do not know?poetry,
Torchlight Free versebeautiful,love,romance,

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