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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
9/6/2016 My memories of you remain Iambic Pentameterbreak up,love,
2/6/2016 With simple heartfelt laughter Blank versecare,joy,poetry,
11/24/2015 In Dionysian sacrifice Iambic Pentameterphilosophy,
9/30/2015 I missed talking with you too I do not know?youth,
9/30/2015 Reka Gugora Free verselost love,
9/30/2015 Weary heart Alliterationloss,love,
7/26/2015 love of my heart Alexandrinelove,world,
7/26/2015 love uncorrupt Blank verseangel,loneliness,love,
5/17/2015 My only girl Blank versefear,feelings,love,
4/23/2015 Within our hearts blooms still love in this desolate world Prose Poetrylove,
3/23/2015 The greater fantasy Prose Poetrylove,
1/15/2015 Ma femme imaginaire Iambic Pentameterlonging,love,
12/21/2014 the chimerical swan Rhymeheartbreak,lost love,love
12/21/2014 Me llenas Rhymelove,
12/4/2014 Anxiously I wait for you Iambic Pentametergirl,
10/27/2014 Our love will die I do not know?lost love,love,
10/11/2014 You seem to me the fairest of the fair Iambic Pentameterbeautiful,beauty,girl,hop
9/6/2014 fallen from grace to rise with new love Prose Poetrylove,
7/29/2014 Catholica Vera Iambic Pentameterfaith,
7/29/2014 You are all I really have Prose Poetryhope,love,
7/23/2014 in green paradise Alliterationheaven,
7/23/2014 alone in your misery push me not away Prose Poetrylove,
3/28/2014 You may not believe me Iambic Pentameterlove,
3/22/2014 For you are my sun Rhymehope,love,
3/17/2014 To me you are the stars I do not know?love,
3/6/2014 No one will ever come to esteem you a star in their bosom Iambic Pentameterloneliness,lost love,love
2/25/2014 Isis Epiclife,prayer,
2/8/2014 Danse Macabre Alliterationdeath,
1/31/2014 When I love I love for a lifetime Blank verseloneliness,lost love,love
1/31/2014 Your promise is a veiled dagger Prose Poetrylove,
1/26/2014 Parachute jump Prose Poetrylost love,love,love hurts
1/8/2014 Shall we e'er be one like the moon Prose Poetrygirl,love,nature,trust,
1/7/2014 my heart alone is left to stand Verselonging,loss,voyage,world
12/26/2013 Love's corruption Prose Poetryimmigration,innocence,los
12/21/2013 You are so beautiful I do not know?voyage,
12/17/2013 a savage heart out in the wilds Epicnature,voyage,war,
12/3/2013 The embers of yearning Rhymelonging,love,passion,
12/1/2013 I am the poet of love and truth Rhymelove,
10/17/2013 Weep no more Blank versesorrow,truth,
10/17/2013 Whom I love more than myself Prose Poetrylove,
10/9/2013 The Lord of love Epiclove,
10/9/2013 All is bliss all is loss Prose Poetryworld,
10/9/2013 The truth Didactictruth,women,
9/30/2013 Hardship is a blessing not a curse Epiccharacter
9/27/2013 the heart breaking hardships that challenge us all Alliterationlife,
8/28/2013 Ruined heart Verselost love,
8/21/2013 The crows Alliterationsymbolism,
8/15/2013 Nothing but lies Verselove
7/17/2013 Mjolnir Alliterationmythology,war,
7/11/2013 Hera Iambic Pentameterart,beautiful,love,mother
6/24/2013 Love's a shadow of hope Verselove,
6/13/2013 Kith and kin Alliterationfreedom,friend,friendship
5/2/2013 Medieval Ages work still in progress Epicafrica,allegory,city,epic
5/2/2013 Be strong,but not violent Verseallegory,
4/5/2013 Love and fire Prose Poetrylost love
1/31/2013 The poet Blank verseadventure,
1/31/2013 Sagittaria Blank versedad,daughter,devotion,nat
1/10/2013 For your own gain a lover you desired Verselife,lonely,love,pain,peo
12/27/2012 Lifeless hiring centers Prose Poetryangst,family,social,work,
12/21/2012 ATHENA Blank versebeauty,courage,devotion,p
12/13/2012 People are like flowers Prose Poetryloss,pain,winter,summer,s
12/6/2012 The plea of all humans,satisfaction Blank verselife,me,
12/5/2012 A woman's beauty renders men disarmed Versebeauty,
12/4/2012 The Gods Versedevotion,faith,star,thank
12/4/2012 Oh the noble fight Versedeath,memory,visionary,wa
12/4/2012 The owl Blank versenature,spiritual,water,wr
12/2/2012 Happiness in insanity Blank verselife,
12/2/2012 Be happy,love Verseallegory,friendship,love,
11/26/2012 Bondage in love, Stella's poem corrected from the original Greeklish Verselife,love,me,me,
10/31/2012 The Gods do favor those of pure affection Verseallegory,life,philosophy,
10/26/2012 Your mesmerizing memories Prose Poetryadventure,angst,animals,p
10/26/2012 Division 3: Behold the biting bees Prose Poetryanimals,lost love,love,
10/5/2012 Victory causes fear Verseadventure,war,
9/27/2012 Black ashes Verselost love,love,
9/27/2012 Napoleon the powerful fighter Prose Poetryhistory,introspection,lif
9/27/2012 Courage is required and also pain to become a hero Prose Poetrylove,romance,
9/27/2012 I pretend to know of love Prose Poetrylove,
9/20/2012 To see the stars so pure and bright Epicart,epic,science,space,ti
9/16/2012 You are my faithful friends Versefriendship
9/13/2012 Oh anime surely you do brighten up my life Versefantasy,
9/11/2012 To write a play of dignified style Verseeducation,on writing and
9/5/2012 To love for love and not for self Prose Poetryhappiness,love,me,
9/5/2012 The holy sky Prose Poetrynature
8/29/2012 Aide-toi, le ciel t'aidera Verseloss,lost love,love,
8/27/2012 Ocean Sky book in progress Epicadventure,animals,life,lo
8/27/2012 Behind the pretty faces Versepeople,philosophy,

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