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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/27/2016 NOTHING WOULD EVER BE Monokudeath,life,
10/27/2016 THE TWILIGHT Monokudeath,life,
10/26/2016 HILARY CLINTON Limerickpolitical,power,world,
10/26/2016 DONALD TRUMP Limerickpolitical,power,world,
10/25/2016 VOTING AND DEMOCRACY Monokupolitical,power,
10/25/2016 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES Quatrainpolitical,power,
10/24/2016 UNFOUNDED FEARS Haikudeath,fear,light,
10/24/2016 AUTUMN LEAVES Dodoitsuautumn,life,memory,
10/23/2016 BIRTH OF COSMOS Haikucreation,world,
10/23/2016 ENDLESS FIGHT Haikuevil,world,
10/22/2016 BLUEPRINTS Monokudevotion,dream,future,
10/22/2016 DREAMS Monokubetrayal,dream,men,
10/21/2016 ALL IS POSSIBLE Monokulife,men,
10/21/2016 IMPOSSIBILITY Monokugod,world,
10/20/2016 THERE IS NOTHING Monokugod,world,
10/20/2016 BLIND AND DEAF Monokugod,men,truth,
10/20/2016 IDEAS AND REALITY Monokulife,men,truth,
10/19/2016 TORMENTING ABYSS Monokuevil,grief,pain,
10/19/2016 SYMPHONY OF SORROW Monokuevil,pain,
10/18/2016 FORGIVE US Monokuprayer,thanksgiving,
10/18/2016 GRATITUDE Monokumen,thanksgiving,
10/17/2016 DIVINE PLAN Monokugod,life,men,
10/17/2016 HEALING POWER Monokugod,happiness,love,
10/16/2016 UNIVERSAL REASON Monokucreation,life,
10/16/2016 THY WISDOM Monokufaith,men,wisdom,
10/15/2016 NO GREATER Monokufaith,god,men,
10/15/2016 EACH TIME Free versefaith,god,men,
10/14/2016 TO GLIMPSE THE TRUTH Monokugod,men,truth,
10/14/2016 DOOR OF KNOWLEDGE Monokulife,men,truth,
10/13/2016 NO FEARS THAT GREAT Monokudevotion,love,
10/13/2016 FLAMES OF LOVE Monokufire,heart,love,
10/12/2016 AUTUMN Haikuautumn,change,summer,
10/12/2016 SEASONS Haikuseasons,time,
10/11/2016 ACTS OF KINDNESS Monokujudgement,love,people,
10/11/2016 CAUSING PAIN Monokuhurt,people,
10/10/2016 INTROSPECTION Monokugod,introspection,
10/10/2016 LONELINESS Monokuimagination,loneliness,
10/9/2016 AS PROFITABLE AS Monokufreedom,spiritual,
10/9/2016 ENTRUSTING OUR LORD Monokugod,trust,
10/8/2016 WHAT IS LOVE ALL ABOUT Monokugod,happiness,love,
10/8/2016 LIFE Monokugod,life,
10/8/2016 DIVINE TRUTH Monokucreation,god,truth,
10/7/2016 AN EVENTFUL LIFE Monokulife,longing,
10/7/2016 THE ROAD Monokuage,life,
10/7/2016 ADVANCED AGE Free verseage,old,
10/6/2016 THE ONLY MIRACLE ONE NEEDS Monokugod,miracle,world,
10/6/2016 LACK OF FAITH Monokufaith,god,miracle,
10/5/2016 THE CHARIOTEER Monokumen,wisdom,
10/5/2016 ANGER Monokuanger,introspection,
10/4/2016 JUSTICE Monokuendurance,judgement,world
10/4/2016 THE VIRTUOUS Monokugod,peace,world,
10/4/2016 MISUSE Monokujudgement,people,world,
10/3/2016 UNITED Free versehappiness,love,together,
10/3/2016 ACTS OF LOVE Monokulove,people,truth,
10/2/2016 POLITICIANS Monokupeople,political,
10/2/2016 THE POLITICIAN Monokujudgement,life,people,
10/2/2016 WISER IT IS Monokulife,men,
10/1/2016 THE DEPARTURE Dodoitsuabsence,love,solitude,
10/1/2016 HER NAME TO CHANT Epigramdeath,life,love,
9/30/2016 COSMIC JUSTICE II Monokumen,nature,world,
9/30/2016 HOW COULD WE Monokuenvironment,men,nature,
9/29/2016 PERPETUAL DARKNESS Monokulight,men,passion,
9/29/2016 ENLIGHTENMENT Monokugod,light,men,
9/28/2016 LOST BATTLE Monokudesire,heart,sensual,
9/28/2016 INVINCIBLE HEART Monokugrief,heart,strength,
9/27/2016 THY HOLY WORD Monokufaith,god,men,
9/27/2016 IT IS A CRIME Monokucharacter,introspection,l
9/26/2016 NO HEART Monokudeath,heart,pain,
9/26/2016 THE PARADOX II Free verseallegory,death,life,
9/25/2016 THE PLAYGROUND Monokucharacter,evil,heart,
9/25/2016 MORAL DUTY Monokudevotion,god,life,
9/24/2016 WISE SOUL Monokuhappiness,heaven,wisdom,
9/24/2016 BLESSED SOUL Monokuhappiness,life,peace,
9/23/2016 OUR LORDS CALL Monokugod,life,men,
9/23/2016 INDIFFERENT GOD IS Monokugod,life,men,
8/26/2016 FOLLOW AS CLOSELY Monokujoy,life,
8/26/2016 ENJOYMENT OF LIFE Monokujoy,life,
8/25/2016 IN AWE BEFORE GOD Monokugod,life,men,
8/25/2016 WHATEVER LIFE IS Monokugod,life,men,
8/24/2016 FICKLE HEART Monokuheart,love,
8/24/2016 BROKEN HEART Monokudream,heart,lost love,
8/23/2016 FORGIVENESS II Monokuforgiveness,god,peace,
8/23/2016 FORGIVENESS Monokuforgiveness,freedom,peace
8/22/2016 UNIVERSAL LAW Monokugod,love,world,
8/22/2016 LOVE OUR FELLOW MAN Monokulove,
8/21/2016 GOD SENT PANACEA Monokugod,love,world,
8/21/2016 SPRING OF LOVE Monokuage,love,spring,
8/20/2016 INJUSTICE Monokujudgement,truth,
8/20/2016 THE JUST Monokulight,truth,
8/19/2016 YOUR HOLY WORD Monokufaith,spiritual,truth,
8/19/2016 PRAYING FOR Monokufaith,god,prayer,
8/18/2016 ATTACH NOT Monokuspiritual,world,
8/18/2016 CARNAL PASSIONS Monokubody,passion,spiritual,
8/17/2016 INTO THE OCEAN OF LOVE Monokugod,loneliness,love,
8/17/2016 BREEZE OF LOVE Monokuhate,love,
8/16/2016 OUR PURPOSE Monokubody,life,spiritual,
8/16/2016 BIRTHDAYS Monokubirthday,god,life,
8/15/2016 ETERNAL THANKSGIVING Coupletage,birthday,thanksgiving
8/14/2016 ON GODS PATH Monokugod,joy,love,
8/14/2016 HEAVENLY HARBOR Quatraingod,heaven,love,

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Fav Poems

The WITCH- collaboration with Liam Mc Daid Free versegothic,scary,
MAGICAL MOONLIT GARDEN Rhymefairy,fantasy,fun,garden,
A fathers fear Coupletfather daughter,
Love's Alchemy is Eternal Sonnetdream,emotions,god,heaven
The Bewitching Call of the Siren Canzonedark,death,evil,god,heave
Illicit sin Free verseangst,lust,
Rosewood Quaternbetrayal,black african am
Love's Dance Free versedance,love,
I CAN SEE CLEARLY - FOR NOW Diamantesenses,
You Diamantebeautiful,care,flower,lov

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