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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/19/2013 Black And Blue Free verseanger,
9/21/2013 America Walking Free verselonging,memory,mystery,wo
9/14/2013 Tourists Free verseanger,dark,family,fear,he
9/7/2013 Traffic Lights Free verseanger,art,hate,how i feel
12/22/2012 AM Escape Art Verselife,
12/18/2012 9th Moon Versemystery,
12/18/2012 Now Versejourney,metaphor,
12/13/2012 On Versemystery,
11/12/2012 Pass The Tequila But Don't Spill The Passion Verseromance,
11/12/2012 Her Neck Screamed One Tune Though Her Thighs Screamed Another Verselife,
11/12/2012 But She Looked So Lovely Under The Lights Verselife,
11/12/2012 Her Hips Were Like A Motion Picture Verseromance,
11/12/2012 There Was A Tattoo Of Religion Upon Her Lips Verselife,
11/12/2012 Eight Track History Verseromance,
11/4/2012 Foolish Sex Of The Century Verselife,mystery,
11/4/2012 Between The Legs Of Dogma Verselife,mystery,
11/4/2012 Darkly Teat Of Misery Versemystery,
11/4/2012 A Strange Sunday Verselife,mystery,
11/3/2012 Graphic Barbie Versemystery,
10/28/2012 Technicolor 3 Versemystery,
10/25/2012 Cloud 33 Versemystery,
10/24/2012 The Ghostly Aura Versemystery,
10/24/2012 Happenings Versemystery,
10/24/2012 Voluptous Gothic Versemystery,
10/20/2012 A Red Minute Trois Versemystery,
10/19/2012 A Red Minute Deux Verselife,mystery,
10/16/2012 EQuiNOx Versemystery,nature,
10/15/2012 The Invitation Verselife,mystery,autumn,
10/12/2012 Titanium Roses In Her Pocket Verselife,mystery,
10/11/2012 Stabmesexy Verselove,romance,
10/10/2012 Letters To Lilith Verselove,
10/9/2012 A Red Minute Verselove,sound,sound,
10/8/2012 Sjofn Verselove,
10/5/2012 Bradypodion pumilum Verselife,
10/4/2012 Orphan Manor Versemystery,
10/3/2012 shakingblackfreaks Verselife,mystery,
10/2/2012 The Violinists Vendetta Verselife,
10/2/2012 I, Square Verselife,
9/28/2012 6 Trillion Dollar Condom Verselost love,
9/28/2012 Tachyonic Antitelephone Verselost love,
9/28/2012 A Thousand Funerals Verselost love,
9/18/2012 Mean Verselife,mystery,
9/18/2012 Famous Nightmare II Verselife,
9/18/2012 Leafless Verselife,
9/18/2012 Five Finger Death Punch Verselife,
9/18/2012 Sour Scars Verselife,
9/7/2012 Beatbox Of A Satanist Verselife,loss,mystery,
9/6/2012 Level V Versemystery,
9/6/2012 Sevens And Eights Verselife,
9/5/2012 English Dream Verselife,
9/5/2012 Major Motion Pornography Verselife,mystery,language,lan
9/5/2012 Microsex Verselife,autumn,
9/3/2012 Universal Phuckery II Verseangst,political,satire,
8/24/2012 The Colour Of Mockery II Versemystery,
8/24/2012 Bullet Eater Verselife,
8/24/2012 Cinematography Of A Memory Verselife,
8/18/2012 The Murder Diaries V Verseimagination,
8/18/2012 The Murder Diaries IV Verseimagination,
8/18/2012 The Murder Diaries III Verseimagination,
8/18/2012 The Murder Diaries I Verseimagination,
8/18/2012 The Murder Diaries II Verseimagination,
7/30/2012 2Face: An Imagistic Opinion Verseallegory,life,mystery,
7/30/2012 Wizard: Legend Of Literary Titans Verseallegory,life,
7/30/2012 The Colour Of Mockery Verseallegory,life,mystery,
7/30/2012 The Womanizer Verselife,
7/30/2012 Phuck God Verseallegory,life,mystery,
7/30/2012 Universal Phuckery Verseallegory,life,mystery,
7/30/2012 The Merchant's Lady III Verseallegory,fantasy,life,
7/30/2012 The Merchant's Lady II Verseallegory,fantasy,
7/30/2012 The Merchant's Lady Verseallegory,fantasy,
7/27/2012 Theater For Thoughts Verseeducation,life,mystery,
7/27/2012 The Great Black Swan Versefantasy,life,
7/27/2012 Lady Of Mine Verselife,
7/26/2012 The Originals Verselife,
7/26/2012 Jane Valentine III Versemystery,rose,
7/26/2012 Halfbaked Versenature,
7/25/2012 Skyscrapers Verseangst,hope,life,mystery,
7/25/2012 The Laws Of Time Travel Verselife,
7/25/2012 Lovingly As I Verselife,love,nature,
7/24/2012 The Text Message Verselife,
7/24/2012 We Made Love To The Beat Of The Pages Verselife,love,
7/24/2012 Breakfast Before Daybreak Verselife,love,
7/24/2012 Autobiography Of A Playwright Versefantasy,life,mystery,me,
7/24/2012 Brave II Verselife,
7/24/2012 Year Of The Pacifist Verselife,mystery,
7/22/2012 Patterns Verselife,loss,lost love,
7/22/2012 Murder In The Cinema Verselife,loss,
7/22/2012 Viva La Imagism Cubed Verselife,mystery,red,
7/21/2012 Brave Verselife,desire,love,
7/21/2012 Shall We Beget Sweet Summer Love Verselife,
7/21/2012 Hello, Fearful One Verselife,
7/20/2012 Snake Language Versefear,mystery,
7/20/2012 Lawless Verselife,loss,woman,
7/20/2012 Odyssey Of The Sprite Verselife,
7/20/2012 Classic Casanova Verselife,
7/20/2012 Red Sense Versemystery,
7/20/2012 Advance Verselife,
7/20/2012 Amy's Eyes Verselife,
7/20/2012 Autograph The Night Verselife,
7/20/2012 Shapes Verselife,

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