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Hi everyone.
Date Posted: 7/6/2014 5:07:00 PM

My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
6/20/2016 Egg for Breakfast I'm a Dad Free verseanimal,bird,birth,
5/26/2016 Snake in the Grrr ass Free verseanimal,funny,horror,humor
5/26/2016 Miss Ramsbottoms widget Free versefun,funny,humor,humorous,
5/24/2016 A very itchy poem indeed Free versefun,funny,humor,humorous,
5/15/2016 Junior School Free versechildhood,fun,funny,humor
5/13/2016 Getting on Free verseage,funny,hilarious,humor
5/10/2016 Stupid Sayings Free versefunny,giggle,hilarious,hu
5/9/2016 Dog pooing vs Cats Pooing Free verseanimal,cat,dog,humor,humo
3/30/2016 Thinking with the head Free versechildren,fun,funny,
3/3/2016 Ultimate Nightmare Free verseabuse,fear,
12/8/2015 Rata rats rats Free verseanimal,fear,
12/5/2015 My lonely years Free verseangst,depression,hurt,lon
12/2/2015 Resentment Free verseabsence,appreciation,conf
11/30/2015 Up on the roof Free versefun,funny,hilarious,humor
11/22/2015 Tribute to a brother Free verseappreciation,tribute,
11/20/2015 The Disease Free verseangst,hate,war,
10/29/2015 Wonders of the Universe Free verseadventure,appreciation,sp
10/29/2015 Lonely and Fed up Free verseblue,desire,loneliness,lo
10/19/2015 Why me Free verseabuse,angst,
10/8/2015 My Teacher fancied me Free verseappreciation,high school,
10/6/2015 Stupid questions Free verseangst,dog,guitar,humorous
9/25/2015 Hell and heaven secrets of a foreign feild Free versebetrayal,conflict,confusi
7/27/2015 Dead Drunk and Pickled Free versedrink,
7/13/2015 Luscious Linda Free versefunny,funny love,hilariou
7/9/2015 Broken Wheel Free versedeep,heartbroken,sad,
7/7/2015 Poor but Rich Free verseappreciation,wisdom,
6/29/2015 Healing Band Aid of Love Lyricemotions,feelings,forgive
6/26/2015 My Loneliness Free versehurt,loneliness,lonely,
6/25/2015 My Secret Affair Free versehumor,humorous,love,
6/23/2015 Mind Pollution Free verseangst,corruption,discrimi
6/21/2015 Clipped and Brainwashed Free verseabuse,angst,bullying,hurt
6/18/2015 Loves Sweet Repose Romanticismbeauty,care,love,romance,
6/17/2015 True Love Ways Free verselove,
6/15/2015 The Garden of Love in all it's Glory Romanticismbeauty,creation,emotions,
6/14/2015 Wondrous Luminous Moon Free verselove,moon,romance,romanti
6/11/2015 World in Chaos Spread your Love Free verseanxiety,care,caregiving,c
6/10/2015 Cry of the Lonely Heart Free verseangst,grief,loneliness,lo
6/10/2015 A Sacred kind of Love Romanticismabsence,love,romance,
6/9/2015 I Genius, Well Sort Of Free verseangst,funny,humor,
6/8/2015 Save the Human Race Today Free verseangst,birth,humor,lonelin
6/7/2015 Equal Rights for Men Free verseconflict,men,power,woman,
6/6/2015 The Unquenchable Thirst Romanticismlove,
6/5/2015 City Light Stories Free versecity,light,
6/5/2015 Oh to be a Humble Sparrow Free versebird,dedication,discrimin
6/4/2015 Wild Rugged Wuthering Moor Free verseadventure,beauty,creation
6/4/2015 Girlfriends Back Then Free versedepression,girlfriend,
6/3/2015 Bring back the 80's Free versegrowing up,music,youth,
6/2/2015 Oh Boy Sisters Free verseangst,bullying,growing up
6/1/2015 Died Again Today Free verseangst,confusion,depressio
6/1/2015 Teacher Creatures Free versehumor,school,planet,
5/31/2015 The Dreaded First Kiss Free verseanxiety,cute love,funny l
5/30/2015 Shopping Mayhem in Town Free verseangst,city,life,
5/29/2015 Day by the Sea Free versebeach,holiday,humor,sea,
5/29/2015 Art of Successful Arguing Free verseanger,angst,howl,humor,
5/28/2015 ATTITUDE Free verseappreciation,character,
5/26/2015 Poverty and Depravity Free verseangst,poetry,
5/25/2015 Tolerant and Complacent Free versecare,caregiving,encouragi
5/24/2015 Grey mottled Pastiche Free versebusiness,city,community,e
5/23/2015 Pretty and Pert Sightseeing Free versebeautiful,fantasy,girl,se
5/21/2015 Sitting at the top of the Stairs Free versememory,moving on,recovery
5/20/2015 Bella Donna Free versebeauty,love hurts,woman,
5/20/2015 Life Through a Telescope Free verseemotions,feelings,grief,l
5/20/2015 Suffocating a Gasp for Breath Free verseanxiety,emotions,fear,gri
5/19/2015 Orphan Separate from the World Free versegrief,
5/19/2015 Heart without a Home Free verseabsence,angst,cry,grief,l
5/18/2015 Cursed at Birth and Lonely Free verseconflict,confusion,heartb
5/18/2015 Perpetual Wheel Free verseangst,depression,heartbre
5/17/2015 Mein Kampf My Sruggle Free verseabuse,bullying,discrimina
5/17/2015 Hell on Wheels School of Doom Free verseabuse,anxiety,fear,horror
5/16/2015 Human Punch Bag Never Good Enough Free verseangst,feelings,grief,sad,
5/16/2015 She As Warm as the Summer Sun Romanticismbeautiful,devotion,love,r
5/16/2015 Night Clubbing Huh Free versefunny,growing up,hilariou
5/15/2015 The Nit Nurse An Itchy Poem Free versehair,humor,humorous,imagi
5/15/2015 School Dinners Free versechildhood,food,funny,gigg
5/14/2015 Busting my Zip Free versechildhood,clothes,educati
5/14/2015 Failure as a Man Free verseconflict,emotions,feeling
5/14/2015 Do we really know someone Free versebest friend,character,con
5/13/2015 Carpet John Free versefriend,funny,high school,
5/13/2015 Girls Yuk Free versechildhood,giggle,girl,hil
5/11/2015 My Female Stalker Free versebetrayal,confusion,fantas
5/10/2015 Good Home Wanted Free versedesire,hilarious,howl,hum
5/10/2015 Still not nosey Free versecrazy,fun,funny,giggle,ho
5/9/2015 If Women Rule the World Free versechange,fantasy,fun,funny,
5/9/2015 Barbers Chair Free versebio,childhood,funny,hair,
9/17/2014 Prunes and other things Limerickbaby,fun,humor,humorous,
9/8/2014 I'm not nosey but Free verseclass,crazy,england,eve,
8/26/2014 Curry flavoured computer Free verseangst,humor,humorous,
8/24/2014 Quotes by peter Dome Free versefun,funny,gender,
8/23/2014 My cursed nightmares Free verseabsence,dream,for her,gir
8/21/2014 Not everyone's cup of tea Free versefun,humor,humorous,
8/21/2014 Why do we have to grow up Huh Free verseage,childhood,children,fu
8/18/2014 Gina the toilet cleaner Free versefun,funny,humor,humorous,
8/18/2014 Chastity belt fitter part 2 Free versefun,funny,
8/18/2014 Every day i die Free verseconfusion,dark,deep,emoti
8/18/2014 Fading away Free verseabuse,blue,conflict,cry,d
8/13/2014 Depression someone cares Free versedepression,emotions,encou
8/13/2014 Change of clothes Free verseimagery,nature,tree,
7/31/2014 Chastity belt bespoke fitter Free versebody,fantasy,fashion,funn
7/28/2014 All man well almost Free versebody,character,funny,gigg
7/26/2014 Nathaniel Bains Free versecharacter,fun,funny,hilar

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