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  1. Date: 2/14/2013 8:50:00 AM
    Hello Gail..dn't worry avoid her she is doing it on purpose to make you notice her..Just what you want to do..and yes ignore her and avoid talking to her..she is surely jealous..she can't force herself on you she is just a neighbour and lives not in our house but nextdoor afterall ..avoid..ignore that's all..she will stop it..

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  1. Date: 2/13/2013 10:00:00 PM
    Hi Gail, you are a very pretty woman, and i think she is jealous from you, maybe she does not even have a boyfriend, moving would be the safest way, as she can be unpredictable if you start avoiding her, or not talking to her, she may react.....hope you find a solution real quickly, because it is not fun at all to be living with a neighbor that jealous....Take care.. Love Terry xoxo

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  1. Date: 2/13/2013 8:24:00 PM
    Wow, this does sound like a scary situation and unfortunely it sounds like one of those situations you can't do much about unless you are willing to move. That's why I always counsel people rent a house and never let people live with you. Especially family, no matter how great people are conflict arise and you are stuck.

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  1. Date: 2/13/2013 12:13:00 PM
    Gail Run and like Lot's wife don't look back....David

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  1. Date: 2/13/2013 9:09:00 AM
    I would waste no time. I would move. Far away. Joyce

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  1. Date: 2/12/2013 9:28:00 PM
    Sure hope you can move, Gail. It does not sound good at all!! I see everyone is telling you to move. Get proof and documentation of things in case there is a problem with a lease or something. then talk to a lawyer what can be done if that is the case.

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  1. Date: 2/12/2013 9:13:00 PM
    unless you are locked into a lease , MOVE !!!. give your 30 days notice and get out of there. If its a financial burden to do so, hey! so are funerals... she has a screw loose, possibly a couple and poisoning an animal , egging a window, stuff like that escalates, next your car, harrassing calls and then an out and out attack could be in the cards. We have just gone through something similar with a tenant in my mothers building. Crazy people are out there and its hard to prove anything till something awful happens, get out before something awful happens

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  1. Date: 2/12/2013 4:38:00 PM
    I would move immediately. Your safety is important. Some people can be helped, but I would fear helping her. It would put you more in her cross hairs. Some times it's better to be prudent and careful... rather than to be sorry if something goes wrong. I once worked in a mental institution. You can't tell if they'll hurt you by looking at them... but I knew too many people hurt even by those they loved. I worked on the floor with the killers and drug addicts. It was quite sobering... I would move immediately... and not talk to her... avoid her. I know it's not the christian thing to do... Just the safe thing. To the landlord she is a paying tenant... he won't make her move.

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  1. Date: 2/12/2013 2:35:00 PM
    she sounds as if she is very jealous of you and your life - out to either get you or become you or both!(how is she w/ur boyfriend?) if you get her thrown out, it will only escalate her behavior, so it would be better if you could move so she that she 1, is not blaming you for being homeless and 2, it takes you out of the situation. don't think on it, move if you can and until you do, keep a log of everything she does!

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  1. Date: 2/12/2013 12:22:00 PM
    Oh! Gail. This is very worrying. Is it possible for you to move? One cannot reason with the mentally ill (that is what you are describing here). Do you have a Social Services that you can discuss this matter with? I doubt it that you would get anywhere by confronting this lady - in fact, I think that it might be darn right dangerous. Thinking of you, love, Su

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  1. Date: 2/12/2013 12:18:00 PM
    Hi Gail lock the doors, she sounds kinda crazy to me, you are braver than me I would have moved when she started copying my hair and stuff, good luck with it, all the bet Owen

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