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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
1/25/2013 A WALK IN THE DARK Classicismdark,dark,body,dark,
1/10/2013 An Endless Chase Free versedark,
1/10/2013 Tears From The Middle East Biodeathsun,
1/9/2013 Zombies Blank versedark,
1/9/2013 Freestyle I do not know?art,
1/7/2013 A Letter to Ana Biodepression
1/5/2013 The Ghost Town Grookchristian,
1/5/2013 The Lost Diary Didacticlost loveheart,lost,heart
1/5/2013 Pride Chokarelationship
1/5/2013 The Sunset Imagismbeautiful
1/2/2013 Overseas Love Classicismfriendship,me,body,love,m
1/2/2013 TEARS IN THE RAIN Classicismfriendship,me,heart,rain,
1/2/2013 THE STRANGER Classicismlove,time,me,time,univers
11/9/2012 The Unknown Namefaith,
11/2/2012 Void Classicismlove,life,
11/2/2012 Sullen Biolove,
10/26/2012 Lagos, A Confuse City Prose Poetryplaces,
10/19/2012 THE NAUGHTY PEN Classicismlove,baby,heart,night,bab
9/8/2012 THE DYING ATHOUR Elegydeath,
9/1/2012 TENANT Elegydeath,cousin,
7/13/2012 RETURNING HOME I do not know?angst,
7/13/2012 SLAUGHTER Elegydeath,
6/12/2012 THE FIGURINE Imagismlove,romance,red,
4/16/2012 Moribund Classicismdedication,
4/12/2012 The Unknown Classicismallegory,
4/4/2012 Chi Classicismlove,
4/4/2012 WALL Classicismromance,
4/4/2012 RAINS Classicismart,april,universe,
1/31/2012 Angel Swoop Classicismpassion,
1/25/2012 Am Running Out Of Dreams: Classicismangst,
12/10/2011 Not Illusion: Classicismlove,
12/10/2011 A holy Illusion Classicismlove,romance,
12/4/2011 At Sunset Classicismdedication,
11/30/2011 Submit Classicismlife,
11/14/2011 Cult: Classicismnature,
11/12/2011 he Mystery Classicismscience fiction,
11/12/2011 The Wind: Classicismnature,fear,
11/12/2011 From my Garden Classicismlove,flower,flower,love,m
11/3/2011 Calabar Biodedication,
10/21/2011 EDEN I do not know?love,
10/12/2011 Imagine Classicismlove,
10/12/2011 Fellowship Chokalove,heart,heart,
10/8/2011 ACCIDENT BY BIRTH, I do not know?life,world,angel,angel,id
10/7/2011 Her Arrival Imagismlove,for her,heart,for he
10/6/2011 Territory Invaded I do not know?love,
10/1/2011 Cobham Idyll (Idyl)lost love,
10/1/2011 This is my Home I do not know?dedication,universe,
9/27/2011 Enigma I do not know?imagination,
9/27/2011 Sissies Quatrainpeople,
9/27/2011 Imigiantion I do not know?introspection,universe,
9/26/2011 A scrpit I do not know?people,metaphor,
9/24/2011 Eve Classicismdepression,
9/24/2011 Friendship Biofriendship,
9/24/2011 A Wall I do not know?devotion,me,me,
9/22/2011 Her Labour Light Poetrydevotion,me,
9/22/2011 Decision I do not know?life,
9/17/2011 It is Friday I do not know?satire,
9/15/2011 Finding a Home I do not know?life,peace,peace,
9/14/2011 Pretend I do not know?lost love,universe,
9/14/2011 Fidelia Grooklost love,me,
9/14/2011 I Brood Quatrainfaith,
9/14/2011 Restless Light Poetryfaith,fear,
9/10/2011 Obudu Cattle Ranch I do not know?fantasy,
9/9/2011 It was in September Elegyloss,rain,rain,
9/6/2011 Confinment Imagismallegory,
9/5/2011 Jos I do not know?death,
9/5/2011 silent I do not know?love,
8/26/2011 Idi I do not know?dedication,
8/25/2011 Musa's Death I do not know?death,
8/24/2011 Fulfilment I do not know?life,
8/23/2011 Sleep I do not know?nature,
8/22/2011 Arab Spring I do not know?depression,
8/22/2011 Thougths I do not know?religion,
8/19/2011 Brother Quaternangst,
8/19/2011 Oak trees Imagismallegory,
8/19/2011 Amachara I do not know?places,me,me,cousin,
8/18/2011 Not Yet I do not know?death,voice,voice,
8/18/2011 Idea I do not know?inspirational,
8/18/2011 When I Died I do not know?death,
8/18/2011 Black I do not know?people,me,me,
8/17/2011 Aladura I do not know?religion,
8/17/2011 My Life I do not know?life,
8/16/2011 Iips Imagismlove,
8/16/2011 0kro Soup I do not know?food,
8/9/2011 Love Quaternlove,
8/8/2011 Vultures I do not know?history,
8/8/2011 Calabar I do not know?dedication,
8/8/2011 REVENGE Imagismsorry,
8/8/2011 Victorial Island I do not know?places,
8/2/2011 Search for Truth Imagismadventure,
7/29/2011 Mourners Elegydeath,beauty,beauty,
7/29/2011 The Author Died Elegydeath,
7/27/2011 Oyenchi I do not know?love,night,night,
7/27/2011 Strange Child Imagismmystery,
7/27/2011 A Letter to god Dramatic monologuereligion,
7/26/2011 Africa Biohistory,
7/21/2011 Umuahai Prose Poetrypeople
7/21/2011 Religion Layfaith
7/20/2011 Nature and Sounds I do not know?nature
7/20/2011 Waiting in Tripoli Elegysympathy

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Sanity Forsaken I do not know?depression,
Mother You Are Free versemother,mother,mother,

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