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Hello Soupers
Date Posted: 3/9/2015 9:31:00 PM

My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
12/4/2016 Before The Falling Sun Lyricappreciation,emotions,how
11/29/2016 Of Course Contours Like Mine Rhymedesire,future,how i feel,
11/24/2016 So Long My Quiet Love Lyriccrush,emotions,feelings,j
10/11/2016 The Eve Of Poetry Personificationlonging,passion,poetry,wr
10/3/2016 The Like Button Lyriccrush,desire,emotions,how
9/6/2016 How Many Stories High Lyrichow i feel,inspiration,po
9/1/2016 Picture Perfect Lyricabsence,how i feel,longin
7/29/2016 Emergence Parallelismus Membrorumdesire,future,hope,how i
7/16/2016 Making Sense Parallelismus Membrorumart,how i feel,jewish,poe
7/13/2016 Walk Of Life Parallelismus Membrorumintrospection,journey,lif
7/5/2016 Living In The Write Moment Quatrainhow i feel,inspiration,po
6/20/2016 Eyes Of Amber Lyricbeauty,how i feel,passion
6/14/2016 Dear Lovebird Lyricadventure,how i feel,long
3/24/2016 Disorder Of Importance Lyricfuture,health,how i feel,
3/21/2016 I Like You On Purpose Lyriccrush,desire,emotions,fee
1/5/2016 The Heart I Made Believe Lyricheart,me,people,poems,poe
12/17/2015 Genesis Lyricchristian,desire,happines
10/26/2015 Forsake Me Not Lyricbeauty,desire,heart,how i
10/22/2015 Everywhere There's Poetry Lyrichow i feel,inspiration,po
10/21/2015 Ink Written On My Heart Cinquainappreciation,desire,how i
10/7/2015 Paper, Pen, And Pencil Skirts Lyricemotions,inspiration,me,p
10/4/2015 Womanhood Lyricemotions,feelings,happine
10/2/2015 Only For You Lyricdesire,devotion,for her,h
9/6/2015 I Give Up Lyricchristian,emotions,how i
8/16/2015 Forever More Than Enough Lyriccrush,emotions,feelings,h
8/13/2015 AMID THE TWILIGHT SKY: A Collaboration With Jay Loveless Romanticismadventure,desire,feelings
8/11/2015 Adelaide, Wait For Me Lyricdesire,future,hope,how i
8/9/2015 The Causeway Lyricfuture,how i feel,journey
8/5/2015 Contradictionary Lyrichow i feel,humor,irony,po
7/10/2015 The Voice Inside Lyricinspiration,life,poems,po
7/10/2015 Andromeda Rhymedesire,emotions,how i fee
7/2/2015 Are My Scars Not Enough Lyricchristian,conflict,growth
6/7/2015 Clockwork Lyricgrowth,how i feel,introsp
5/18/2015 Paradigm Lyricadventure,appreciation,fo
5/13/2015 If Your Eyes Were Opened Lyricadventure,feelings,histor
5/5/2015 Soldier Lyricamerica,conflict,courage,
5/1/2015 Vocal Chords Lyricdevotion,how i feel,journ
4/30/2015 If I Were A Phoenix Personificationculture,life,poems,poetry
4/27/2015 Crazy Love Lyricappreciation,conflict,emo
4/25/2015 The Number One Figure Lyricemotions,feelings,friend,
4/12/2015 Dear Miss Fit Lyricemotions,how i feel,life,
3/9/2015 Read Me With Your Eyes Rhymeconflict,how i feel,journ
3/4/2015 WHEN THE BLUE JAY SINGS: A Collaboration With Eileen Manassian Lyricadventure,desire,emotions
3/2/2015 A Day In The Life Lyricadventure,happiness,journ
3/1/2015 Once You Were That Girl Lyricadventure,crush,friend,he
2/19/2015 Intoxication Lyricadventure,appreciation,ha
2/9/2015 Firestorm Lyricchristian,conflict,corrup
2/4/2015 Would You Smile Today Rhymeappreciation,emotions,for
1/13/2015 Notice By A Poet Rhymeadventure,appreciation,fo
10/22/2014 Muse Quatrainemotions,inspiration,jour
10/20/2014 What Does It Take Rhymecare,emotions,friendship,
10/17/2014 LIGHT YEAR: A Collaboration with Eileen Manassian Rhymeadventure,desire,emotions
9/29/2014 Like Lambs To The Slaughter Lyricadventure,growth,how i fe
9/23/2014 Speaking Words Personificationhow i feel,journey,passio
9/17/2014 Perennial Rhymechristian,good morning,in
9/11/2014 The Cloudiest Day Lyricdeath,emotions,funeral,gr
8/29/2014 Ghostwriter Rhymedesire,how i feel,image,j
8/28/2014 Paradise Fallen Quatraindesire,emotions,freedom,h
8/27/2014 Constellations Rhymecreation,seasons,sky,spac
8/21/2014 Vixen Quatrainappreciation,happiness,ho
8/20/2014 Equinox Lyricadventure,emotions,how i
8/14/2014 Sunrise Quatrainaugust,desire,dream,for k
8/11/2014 Summer Dream Quatrainadventure,desire,happines
8/2/2014 Poet Verses The World Lyricappreciation,desire,frien
7/31/2014 Around Every Curve Rhymeadventure,conflict,desire
6/4/2014 Memories Buried Alive Coupletfor him,how i feel,life,m
5/29/2014 Battle Tested Lyricdesire,emotions,how i fee
5/27/2014 As The World Turns Lyricconflict,for her,for him,
5/19/2014 BRAINSTORM: A Letter To A Poetess Rhymefor her,friend,how i feel
5/4/2014 Totem Pole Quatrainadventure,conflict,courag
3/7/2014 Speak No Evil Quatrainhow i feel,journey,judgem
2/16/2014 Shield Quatrainchristian,hope,journey,li
2/11/2014 With Every Step Rhymeadventure,desire,how i fe
2/10/2014 Idiosyncrasies Rhymeconflict,how i feel,journ
1/31/2014 Open Book Test Rhymeadventure,how i feel,life
1/23/2014 Cinquain 03 Cinquainadventure,desire,for her,
1/23/2014 Dead Winter Lyricadventure,december,dream,
1/19/2014 The Latest Trend Rhymeadventure,community,how i
1/19/2014 Transform Quatrainadventure,how i feel,jour
1/12/2014 Spanish Rose Quatraindesire,how i feel,life,me
12/22/2013 Learning Curves Lyricadventure,confusion,journ
12/19/2013 Man Of Your Dreams Lyricadventure,age,for her,how
12/14/2013 More Than Just Words Sonnetadventure,how i feel,jour
12/2/2013 MENTAL TATTOO: A Collaboration With Eileen Manassian Rhymeadventure,emotions,how i
11/21/2013 Grand Finale Rhymecharacter,how i feel,pass
11/15/2013 Promise The Moon Lyricdesire,for her,how i feel
10/20/2013 When The Sun Rises Rhymeadventure,care,character,
10/11/2013 2009: My Senior Year Proseaugust,farewell,growing u
10/3/2013 Rhyme XOX Lyricadventure,community,desir
10/2/2013 For Always Rhymeadventure,care,courage,de
9/20/2013 My Message To You Lyricemotions,feelings,for her
9/20/2013 The Break Of A New Day Quatrainbeautiful,beauty,creation
8/20/2013 Solar Eclipse Quatraineducation,feelings,for ch
8/18/2013 Lewis And Clark Rhymeadventure,america,boat,co
8/13/2013 When Is Right Now Rhymechristian,emotions,first
8/10/2013 Supernova Rhymeadventure,desire,emotions
8/8/2013 Wherever You Are Rhymecaregiving,christian,comm
8/8/2013 Black Diamond Rhymebeautiful,beauty,desire,d
7/29/2013 You're Beautiful Coupletbeautiful,beauty,desire,f
7/26/2013 One World Rhymeamerica,for her,for him,f

My Photos

Fav Poems

Queen of my Eternity Rhymelove,passion,me,love,me,u
Under September skies Rhymeromance,moon,september,ti
When He Came Rhymelove,me,me,
The Dream Rhymelove,ocean,
Emptiness of Living Rhymelife,men,
Radiate El Shaddai Rhymefaith,nature,
For What's Worth Breathing Free verseconfusion,depression,epic
Still Waiting Rhymelove,me,me,
The Poet I do not know?on writing and words,pass
The Nameless Pain Rhymedark,pain,recovery from,s
Behind These Prison Walls Rhymeemotions,feelings,slavery
My Soul Has A Yearning Rhymelonging,
Be on Guard Against Poets Free versemother daughter,poets,
TO CONTEST SPONSORS- YEA YOU Prosehow i feel,poetry,univers
AM I Verseconfusion,emo,emotions,fe
Best Friend Defined Rhymefriendship,hope,love,frie
I Wait for You Sonnetlonging,
Lonely Dreams Quatrainchristian,courage,cry,dre
The Written Face of Love Sonnetlonging,love,words,
Great Write Rhymepain,parody,poetry,
Hello, January, We Need To Talk Free versechange,character,forgiven
A Poem, The Poet Free verseinspiration,introspection
My Heart Beats For You Rhymebereavement,loss,love,
Love Free verseappreciation,dedication,d
Your Undying Legacy Narrativedark,deep,
We Push The Pen Quatrainpoems,poetry,poets,senses
Happy Birthday Quatrainbetrayal,birthday,depress
Returned Free verseabsence,sad,sister,symbol
Messengers of the Muses: A Poet's Worth Free verseidentity,imagery,inspirat
Birth of the Poet Free versepoetess,poetry,poets,
Tongue Twister Alliterationdesire,drink,kiss,longing
Tender Free versebeautiful,love,sensual,
The Obscure Little Poetess Rhymehow i feel,identity,
You Cry Alone Rhymedepression,
Not about a man Free versebetrayal,hurt,people,trus
The power of words Free verseanger,forgiveness,hurt,
The Love In My Heart Burns In Vain Rhymeabsence,allegory,anxiety,
Say you love me Free verseheartbroken,i love you,lo

Fav Poets

Mustapha Mohammed Trinidad and Tobago Flag Trinidad and Tobago Read
FJ Thomas United States Flag United States Read
Jack Ellison Canada Flag Canada Read
Marquis MC Mills-Cooper United States Flag United States Read