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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
7/7/2016 Joy in Weakness Free verseabuse,farewell,joy,moving
6/22/2016 Let's Just Pretend June Never Happened Free verseangst,
6/15/2016 Beneath the Radiant Lyricangst,identity,
6/10/2016 Louder Hopes and Softer Dreams Lyricfear,longing,love,
5/25/2016 March of a Devil Survivor: Act 3: Fall of the Millennial Kingdom Lyricabuse,loss,
5/14/2016 March of a Devil Survivor: Act 2: Flowey Smiled Lyriclost love,memory,suicide,
5/10/2016 March of a Devil Survivor: Act 1: October 2015 Lyricfear,
5/1/2016 Solid Stone Free verseabuse,anger,
4/17/2016 Glass Curtain Lyricfuture,memory,
4/3/2016 On All Levels But Physical, I Am Dead Free verseangst,introspection,loss,
2/16/2016 Regret Free versedepression,suicide,
1/16/2016 My Name Is Derek Lyricconfusion,introspection,
12/13/2015 Farewell, Year of Turmoil Free verseintrospection,
12/9/2015 Turbulent Heaven Lyriclove,
12/6/2015 Wrapped Around Her Finger Lyriccrush,lost love,
11/29/2015 Crucified in Time Lyricsuicide,
11/29/2015 Stranger in a Foreign Land Lyricconfusion,fear,loneliness
11/25/2015 Requiem of Gold and Silver Lyricangst,betrayal,lost love,
10/19/2015 All Quiet Lyriclost love,
8/5/2015 Full Moon Queen Lyricangst,dream,memory,
5/11/2015 The Infinite Deaths of Adam and Acid Jazz Lyricaddiction,angst,pain,
3/17/2015 Empty Blue Lyricfriend,future,introspecti
2/1/2015 Let Go Lyricfarewell,growing up,memor
12/22/2014 Memory Beat Lyricmemory,
12/17/2014 Goodnight, Year of Change Lyricintrospection,memory,
11/8/2014 Midnight Bar Lyricangst,death,introspection
10/19/2014 2014 Style Breakdown Lyricanger,angst,fear,life,
10/14/2014 Hallway Free versememory,
9/30/2014 Despair Trigger Lyricaddiction,angst,depressio
9/15/2014 March of Futility Lyricaddiction,angst,
9/9/2014 Among the Waking Lyricself,
8/8/2014 On the Cusp of Something Greater Lyricfear,growing up,leaving,
7/30/2014 Snow Clouds over a Volcano Lyricangst,growing up,memory,
7/18/2014 Confessional Tale from the Mouth of Redemption Lyricanger,angst,betrayal,lost
7/7/2014 Change Lyricangst,change,growing up,
6/22/2014 Desperate Escape Lyricangst,fear,loneliness,,dr
5/23/2014 Gotta Get Away From This Town Lyricleaving,self,youth,,drug,
5/13/2014 Having Lived A Life Without Ever Living A Day Lyricangst,desire,growing up,s
3/26/2014 Confessional Tale from the Mouth of a Sinner Lyricaddiction,growing up,leav
3/22/2014 What I Swore That Day Lyricdeath of a friend,
3/15/2014 Fourth Lyricanger,angst,pain,
3/2/2014 Death of an Innocent Lyricgrowing up,innocence,self
12/27/2013 Wake Me When I'm Cured Lyricaddiction,
11/18/2013 Somewhere I Belong Lyricaddiction,hope,lost,pain,
10/23/2013 Candlelight Lyricgod,life,thanks,
9/17/2013 Untold Lyricadventure,
8/10/2013 I'm So Afraid Lyricangst,fear,
6/19/2013 Jisei Lyricangst,memory,pain,
5/19/2013 Acid on my Tongue Free verselove,passion,
5/5/2013 Flower Plateau Free verseanniversary,introspection
3/26/2013 I'll Be Waiting Lyricangst,friend,me,day,frien
3/16/2013 Stranger In My Own Skin Lyricangst,words,stress,
1/31/2013 I Don't Owe You Anything Lyricgoodbye,growing up,journe
1/24/2013 Two and a Half Lyricangst,growing up,memory,c
1/9/2013 Persona Lyricintrospection,lost,lost,t
12/17/2012 Death Within Lyricdeath,health,pain,stress,
12/16/2012 The World's Gone Crazy Lyricdeath,fear,
12/5/2012 Radiant Historia Free verseadventure,courage,fantasy
12/4/2012 Deeper Into Addiction: Finale, The Cure Free versedeath,introspection,life,
12/3/2012 Thorn Within Free versefear,health,pain,me,me,
11/29/2012 Deeper Into Addiction: Just Out of Reach Free verseintrospection,
11/20/2012 Deeper Into Addiction: From Where I Stand, I See Free verseconfusion,
11/17/2012 Deeper Into Addiction: Free Fall Free versedepression,introspection,
11/13/2012 Deeper Into Addiction: Perfect Memories, Hollow Reality Free verseintrospection,halloween,m
11/11/2012 Deeper Into Addiction: Consequence Free verseintrospection,
11/7/2012 Deeper Into Addiction: Condemnation Free verseintrospection,me,world,li
10/31/2012 Addiction Free verseintrospection,
10/19/2012 Right Where It Belongs Free verselove,
9/28/2012 Just One More Time Lyriclove,nostalgia,me,me,
9/21/2012 Blast Away Lyricangst,lost love,love,
9/6/2012 Dancing in my Dreams Lyricangst,time,me,time,
8/26/2012 Third End Twelfth Beginning Lyricgrowing up,me,time,
8/16/2012 Ninth Inch Lyricangst,me,me,
8/8/2012 Negative Lyricangst,me,heart,time,self,
7/20/2012 One Year Frozen Free verseangst,hope,me,me,
7/15/2012 How Far Will I Let You Drag Me Free verseangst,me,car,me,
6/24/2012 Vaccine Free verseangst,depression,
6/21/2012 The Downward Spiral Rhymeangst,me,me,
6/15/2012 Doubting My Faith Rhymereligion,me,
6/7/2012 Captain Vanisher Rhymeangst,
4/25/2012 Rotten Apple Rhymeangst,words,
4/22/2012 Breaking Away Rhymeangst,
4/17/2012 Dust Rhymeangst,
4/14/2012 Zero Part 1 Epicadventure,epic,imaginatio
4/5/2012 Some Things Never Change Rhymepassion,heart,heart,
4/1/2012 Empty Words Lyricintrospection,me,me,
3/28/2012 Path Lyriclifeold,old,
3/25/2012 Sweet Vanilla Free verseangst,me,time,trust,
3/21/2012 No Time Lyricangst,me,time,me,time,
3/19/2012 Hateleaf Lyricangst,health,me,
3/18/2012 Happier Stoned Lyricintrospection,
3/16/2012 Snuff Rhymeangst,lost love,life,me,n
3/11/2012 Entering the Real World Rhymeangst,life,nostalgia,worl
3/8/2012 Behind the Wall Lyricangst,me,me,,drug,
3/6/2012 Finishing the Fight Lyricangst,
3/3/2012 Choosing Between Two Fates Lyricintrospection,
2/24/2012 Worlds Colliding I do not know?introspection,old,me,old,
2/18/2012 Armageddon Lyricangst,people,hope,vacatio
2/16/2012 Tired Free verseangst,,drug,
2/16/2012 Where I Stand and Why I Am Rhymeintrospection,me,me,smile

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