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  1. Date: 9/21/2013 11:16:00 PM
    By the way, why didn't you put silly caps on K.G.B.....Gotcha!

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  1. Date: 9/21/2013 11:13:00 PM
    I'm against dictators nuclear weapons,chemical weapons oil for blood. bombs beneath the veil of religion. the gap between the classes mass starvation Syntax Nazis and smart***** that wear silly hats.. just kidding. I used pseudo because Obama really did nothing to earn it.. as a matter of fact a week or so after he received the award he sent an additional 5000 troops into battle. My poetry and blogs are filled with blunders, that's just me... i'm pretty lazy in that sense... by the way you may want to flip-flop you and didn't in the second line of your first response.. a good movie.

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  1. Date: 9/21/2013 10:44:00 PM
    You won't believe me! The captcha is kgb! : D

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  1. Date: 9/21/2013 10:05:00 PM
    Pseudo Nobel prize winner? Why you use the word "pseudo"? ... and why you didn't capitalize United States? I can't understand your point ... are you against Putin, against Obama, again Alfred Nobel, against USA, against Moe, Larry, and Curly, against my friend Craig? : D

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  1. Date: 9/21/2013 9:06:00 PM
    We're involved in two wars and two civil wars. If the united states isn't at least a beta wolf then it is for certain an alpha coyote. Getting back to the blog. Don't you find it ironic that an x-K.G.B official is brokering peace between a pseudo nobel peace prize winner and a dictator with chemically induced domestic policies. It hasn't been that "good" since Moe, Larry and Curly...yuk...yuk...yuk..L.o.L

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  1. Date: 9/21/2013 6:12:00 PM
    Craig, I'll express my political satire wherever I please. If you don't like the blog stay out of know don't come into the barn just go around it...where your more comfortable.

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  1. Date: 9/21/2013 4:48:00 PM
    Hi Catie, thanks for getting the joke. Relax Craig, putin(sic) away that little stinger of yours, have a cup of prune juice or tea(party)and loosen up a bit. Thanks for the opportunity to worm my way into your heart. Anthony

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  1. Date: 9/21/2013 8:51:00 AM
    Of course Putin has ulterior motives being Syria's strongest ally. But wot a power-play it was to push for civil diplomacy like that. Wot kind of sociopathic morons would purposefully attempt to further destabilize an area like the M.E., possibly sparking a massive international skirmish?(the international arms dealers). I also wonder why so many people severely look down on Assad. Wot is their point of reference? Do these people know Assad personally? Are people only going by wot the media feeds them? For 42 years, Bashar and his father had Sunni, Shi'a and Christian living peacefully together, while in the rest of the M.E. they are at each other's throats. And why does Bashar even have chemical weapons?(I am not condoning chemical weapons). Because the Israeli government is a psychopath frothing at the mouth, consistently funded by America, Britain and France. Every bloody two weeks Israel wants to invade Syria. Where is the international talk surrounding Israel's chemical weapons with "Made In America" stamped on them? I wish more people weren't hypnotized by mainstream media and the propaganda machine. The people who deserve a real Prize collectively, are not Putin or O.bomb.a, but "Doctors Without Borders" and the infrastructure rebuilding programs linked to it. Those brave people risk their lives to pick up everyone else's God-forsaken mess. If I've ever seen a noble cause to support that benefits the entire human species, it is Doctors Without Borders. Please support them.

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
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10/25/2016 substance x Free versecat,growing up,imaginatio
10/24/2016 Canaries of a jagged mind Rhymelife,
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10/12/2016 cribs and mustard seeds Rhymebible,dark,
10/7/2016 bruised not broken Rhymehope,
10/3/2016 Hurricane Haiti Free versenatural disasters,
10/1/2016 Flint Monkeys Free versedream,
9/30/2016 myku Haikunature,
9/30/2016 bird house blues Rhymenature,
9/22/2016 When Bees Make More Than Honey Free verseadventure,
9/18/2016 Just a Cloud Free verseimagination,
9/18/2016 crayons and city buses Free versecity,people,
9/9/2016 Barqs Like a Chicken Prosememory,
9/3/2016 bearded brats Rhymerelationship,
9/2/2016 nothing Free versework,
9/2/2016 Bottle Cap Sunday Prose Poetryfather son,nostalgia,
8/28/2016 prophets of Death Rhymeanger,community,
8/26/2016 games harlots food Free versefood,games,women,
8/18/2016 wobbly clowns Rhymelife,time,
7/31/2016 diamonds and piss Rhymeadventure,
7/29/2016 pom pom mountain Rhymepain,youth,
7/25/2016 Midnight moth Free verseangst,
7/25/2016 Footbridges of The Mind Rhymelost,
7/19/2016 the art of rolling leaves Free verseanalogy,
7/10/2016 interview with an artist Free verseart,
7/9/2016 scented ash Rhymeanalogy,
7/8/2016 a fresco promise Rhymeappreciation,
7/4/2016 bait ball Rhymedeath,freedom,
7/2/2016 unborn song Didacticbird,
7/2/2016 march of the mirrors Free versemen,women,
7/1/2016 INTEGRATION Free verserace,
7/1/2016 the intentions of clouds Free verseimagery,
6/18/2016 red dish poem Free versered,silly,
6/13/2016 when hell slammed into Orlando Rhymeangst,
6/11/2016 The Immaculate Hike Rhymenature,
5/28/2016 Crows of the Common Senses Rhymeadventure,
5/22/2016 sandbar Rhymeadventure,
5/22/2016 brown recluse dream Rhymedream,stars,
5/22/2016 box canyon heart Rhymepeace,
5/20/2016 To a Little Brown Flier Rhymebird,death,
5/14/2016 Orange Peels and Baby Stars Free versefaith,stars,
5/12/2016 Cherry Bombs and Paper Souls Rhymelife,
4/30/2016 Tiger God Rhymeabsence,art,
4/30/2016 Black Pearls For The Taking Rhymeanalogy,
4/24/2016 A Crag Called Me Free verseblessing,
4/19/2016 Temporary Gems Senryupoverty,
4/11/2016 myku Haikuflower,storm,
4/9/2016 Aunt Lucy and the Bee Rhymeangel,eulogy,
4/9/2016 silly little sun song Free versesong,sun,
4/8/2016 The Clack of Time Rhymefor her,
4/4/2016 boomerang heart Rhymelost love,
4/4/2016 A Pillow Case Narrativegarden,
4/1/2016 weathered Rhymeweather,
3/28/2016 boxing gloves and dead sea scrolls Free verseheart,hurt,
3/25/2016 Unhatched Poem Haikubird,
3/19/2016 Little Wings Rhymeabuse,
3/13/2016 Sky Horse Rhymehope,horse,
3/8/2016 Teaching Sincerity Free versesin,
2/16/2016 an odd little poem or two Free versedeath,funny,life,
2/16/2016 infinity path Rhymelife,
1/15/2016 Egg tooth Free verseabsence,
12/8/2015 above the gray Rhymedestiny,
12/1/2015 this poem is about winter -not a person Coupletwinter,
10/20/2015 I Dream in Tornado Elegymother,nature,pain,
4/26/2015 Walking Stones Shapenature,
1/11/2015 Origami Tigress Rhymebaptism,desire,earth,
1/4/2015 Peaceful Illusions Prose Poetryearth,war,
12/21/2014 Armless Nation Rhymeusa,
12/18/2014 Star 51 Rhymeabuse,earth,
12/6/2014 A Sparrow Poem Rhymerelationship,
12/6/2014 Barometer Deer Narrativedeath,miracle,planet,
12/4/2014 Popcorn Carolyn Free verseaddiction,confusion,
12/3/2014 CrissCrossed Rhymelife,
12/1/2014 Oh Ferguson Free versecommunity,conflict,confus
11/30/2014 Winter Wizard Beach Haikubeach,winter,
11/22/2014 enoughs Rhymepeople,
11/14/2014 the rarity of recognition Rhymebaptism,
10/29/2014 love Leaves Rhymelost love,
9/13/2014 petrified feathers Free verseabsence,
9/12/2014 ugly poem Free verseabsence,war,
9/8/2014 Blue Seals Rhymeadventure,
9/3/2014 mud star Free verseabuse,
8/31/2014 kilns and violins Rhymecrazy,life,
7/4/2014 bloodhound nose Rhymebereavement,
6/2/2014 Black Fingered Pond Free versedeath,grandmother,
4/17/2014 An Enchanted little Poem Rhymehope,nature,
3/23/2014 The Lost Flight of Hope Free verseallegory,space,
3/20/2014 Avalanche Preoccupied Rhymearabic,art,feelings,natur
3/17/2014 grave heart Rhymeanger,death,
3/3/2014 snow egg Senryubird,family,snow,
2/24/2014 Yellow-fins Rhymeallegory,business,conflic
2/12/2014 Huddling Senryuwinter,
2/8/2014 Crows feet Haikudeath of a friend,
2/7/2014 winter crumbs Haikunature,
10/12/2013 Uluru Haikunature,

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Fav Poems

Upon the sand Rhymelost love,
The Darkroom Free verseintrospectionme,red,
Obscurity in the twilight hours Narrativelovenight,night,
Forever Verona Sonnetlove
The silent cry Free verseconfusion,emotions,farewe

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