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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/17/2016 BODY BEARS SHADOW UNDER LIGHT ONLY Monokuphilosophy,truth,visionar
10/17/2016 MY QUESTION Rhymebusiness,god,self,society
10/16/2016 NEEDS LIFE HANGS TO PAVE Haikuencouraging,life,philosop
10/16/2016 BLUE PEAFOWL'S FEATHERS Haikubird,blue,nature,
10/16/2016 AN OLD ELEPHANT Haikuanalogy,animal,identity,m
10/1/2016 IN MIDST GAME'S OBLIVION Haikulife,philosophy,
10/1/2016 ROSE'S THE QUINTESSENCE Haikurose,
9/26/2016 EVERYONE'S MIRROR OF OWN SELF Versemirror,
9/23/2016 IS IT NOT THAT RIGHT OF STRONGER'S JUSTIFIED Versejudgement,rights,
9/17/2016 VIVACIOUS SIGHT Tankalove,
9/7/2016 SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY Haikujourney,life,success,
9/1/2016 VAMPIRE'S POLITICS Verseanalogy,political,world,
9/1/2016 ALL ATMOSPHERE RESTS ON Rhymeanalogy,change,nature,
8/31/2016 WEB-TIDE OF BRINY IN CEREBELLUM Versefeelings,
8/29/2016 AT THE END FINDS THE SAME THING Rhymelife,philosophy,spiritual
8/29/2016 FOR LOVE'S THIRST HEART ON FIRE Haikufire,longing,love,red,ros
8/28/2016 FROM SIX DEDUCT FIVE EQUALS TO ONE Versegod,philosophy,
8/28/2016 TO FIND AGAIN SELF Haikufeelings,wisdom,world,
8/27/2016 BLESSING FALLS FROM SKY Haikublessing,rose,
8/27/2016 PETALS' LOVE'S GESTURE Haikurose,
8/26/2016 SONG OF POLITICS Senryuphilosophy,political,worl
8/25/2016 UNIVERSE'S SPIRIT Haikuheart,rose,smile,universe
8/24/2016 UNTIL JOURNEY ENDS Haikuadventure,faith,life,phil
8/22/2016 DANCING MAY BE OF WALTZ Rhymelife,love,trust,
8/20/2016 WHO WILL BE THEN CRIMINAL Verseeducation,philosophy,soci
8/16/2016 now i am in devotion Rhymedevotion,self,
8/14/2016 UNTIL OPENS DIVINE THIRD EYE Rhymehumanity,philosophy,world
8/14/2016 REGRETTING CAKE Rhymefunny,love,
8/7/2016 WORLD'S DREAMING WITH PRIDE Rhymelove,world,
8/7/2016 ALL ARE MY GOOD FRIENDS Senryuday,friendship,
7/22/2016 MY ALL LONELINESS Senryuloneliness,
7/20/2016 EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING Rhymecourage,inspirational,
7/17/2016 YOU MY LOVE Tetractyslove,
7/16/2016 HEAL Verselife,success,
7/16/2016 DESERT FLOWERS' BEAM REFLECTS Haikuflower,
7/15/2016 WISDOM'S AWED Rhymeangel,god,wisdom,
7/14/2016 CLAIMS AS BEST OF ALL Senryurace,world,
7/12/2016 GOD GIVEN BOMB OF LOVING Haikugod,love,world,
7/12/2016 MY HEART'S BEATING Rondeaulost love,
7/9/2016 SUCCESS IS IN YOUR BOTH HANDS Rhymeinspirational,life,
7/9/2016 BEHIND HAZY MIRROR'S SCREEN Senryuheart,life,time,
7/8/2016 TO ESTABLISH PEACE Haikugod,hate,humanity,love,pe
7/7/2016 HEAVENLY ROSE'S SMILE Haikubeauty,rose,
7/4/2016 MORNING KISS HAS SOFT RED LIPS Haikuflower,red,rose,
7/1/2016 MY BIGGEST MISTAKE Rhymeemotions,life,love,
6/27/2016 PASSION'S THRILL'S PASSION Haikuflower,red,rose,
6/25/2016 MOTHERS FOREVER Haikuchildren,mother,
6/22/2016 NOTHING CAN STOP LOVE Haikugod,love,wisdom,universe,
6/20/2016 MISTAKE IN THE WAY OF LIFE Monokuphilosophy,truth,
6/20/2016 SUNDAY PARTY'S ON Haikuchildren,fun,garden,
6/16/2016 SWEET HEART OF MY HEART Haikuflower,
6/15/2016 HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO Haikufriend,happy birthday,
6/15/2016 MY EAR HEARD LOVE MEDICINE Tankafunny,i miss you,love,
6/13/2016 COMPLETENESS RESTS IN DEBT Monokumissing,self,
6/13/2016 BETTER TO BE NOTHING Monokuphilosophy,spiritual,
6/13/2016 SILENT SOUL HERALDS Haikuhope,philosophy,time,univ
6/12/2016 WISDOM SPEAKS Monokuwisdom,
6/12/2016 WITNESSES Senryugod,judgement,life,philos
6/11/2016 WE CAN FEEL GOD ONLY IF Monokufaith,god,
6/11/2016 FISHES SWIM IN SKY Haikufish,imagery,moon,
6/11/2016 HIBISCUS CONNECTS KALI Haikudevotion,flower,
6/10/2016 DOWNSIDE UP OF CONFUSED WORLD Tankanature,people,philosophy,
6/9/2016 RUINING SELF CONSCIENCE Senryuconflict,muse,self,
6/9/2016 UNCONTROLLABLE Senryuhyperbole,
6/9/2016 WISDOM OF IGNORANCE Senryuwisdom,
6/9/2016 FAITH IS THE INHERENT POWER Monokufaith,god,
6/9/2016 SUN GLEAMS ON FLOWER Haikubeauty,flower,insect,sun,
6/8/2016 WISDOM'S EXECUTION Rhymelife,wisdom,
6/8/2016 A PARADISE OF FLOWERS Haikubeauty,flower,garden,
6/6/2016 MISSED YOUR LOVING DELIGHT Rubaidream,love,
6/3/2016 TRIPLE ACROSTIC OF LIFE Acrosticfunny,life,wife,
6/3/2016 UNION OF DISGUISING FACES Rhymeboyfriend,games,girlfrien
6/2/2016 FIREWORKS BEAUTY Haikubeauty,love,
6/1/2016 MY NIECE AND NEPHEWS' CHILDHOOD'S LAUGHING SOUND Monorhymechildhood,fun,niece,
5/27/2016 LIT UP SKY IN GREEN LEAVES' MIDST Haikuflower,sun,
5/25/2016 SILENT BROUGHT NICE CAKE Senryufriend,happy birthday,lov
5/24/2016 DREAMS COATED IN HEART Haikuart,dream,love,
5/23/2016 MAIN THING'S LIKES AND DISLIKES Senryuphilosophy,social,
5/23/2016 MASTER OF GARDEN Haikufriend,love,poets,
5/23/2016 LAUGHING SUNS' LAUGHING Haikuflower,
5/23/2016 SWEET KISSES Haikuflower,
5/21/2016 SOUL POWER NEVER DIES Rhymephilosophy,universe,
5/20/2016 FORGET ME NOT Haikuflower,
5/19/2016 IT IS BETTER NOT TO KNOW Monokulife,
5/19/2016 UNTIL CONQUERS Versephilosophy,visionary,wisd
5/18/2016 LOVING MEMORIES Rhymememory,
5/16/2016 SUMMER HAIKU Haikusummer,
5/16/2016 BUTTERFLIES' KALEIDOSCOPE Haikubutterfly,
5/16/2016 SPACE'S HANGING COUNTRY Haikuspace,universe,
5/15/2016 LONELY NIGHT'S INSANITY EVERMORE Dizainsad love,
5/14/2016 RHAPSODY OF LOVE Haikulove,
5/12/2016 YOU ARE MY LOVELY FAIRY Coupletfairy,love,
5/11/2016 TRUE FRIENDSHIP'S A GOOD LUCK Monokufriendship,
5/10/2016 THERE IS SOUL'S NO DOWNFALL Rhymelove,
5/10/2016 ANTS TAKE THEIR OWN SHARE Haikuinsect,
5/9/2016 BRINGS AUTOMATIC UPDATES Haikunature,

My Photos

Fav Poems

Friendship's Rose Tankafriendship
The Shell Haikumusic,nature
My PoetrySoup Acrosticfriendship,on writing and
- SWEET DANCE - Light Poetrychildhood,dance,family,fo
New World Senryuangst,war,
My Heart Free versehappiness,husband,love,pa
Totality Versefaith,love,
JOURNEY Free verseadventure,sweet,journey,s
A Bed of Pink Petals Sonnetspring,tree,
Artillery Rain Dramatic Verseart,deep,earth,epic,fire,
REFLECTION Epicabuse,death,epic,for her,
Dinosaurs Haikuhistory,life,mystery
The Playground Monokucorruption,dance,epic,evi
Sea In Life Rhymefuture,hope,inspiration,
You May Not Agree Senryulife,
Eyes of Kaleidoscope Free versebeauty,color,deep,devotio
ICE KING Lyricpain,uplifting,
Of Ink Free versebeauty,feelings,inspirati
White Picket Fence Free verseadventure,art,beauty,body
I Wish Quatraindesire,relationship,roman
- Beatle Mania - Light Poetrymemory,music,
Changing Face Winter Tankanature,winter,
Poet Convention 2014 Free versecelebration,character,ded
- A Love So Great - Blank verselife,love,
Toddler Sky Free verseblue,body,childhood,how i
Waif of Life Free verseabuse,hope,loss,
- CRYSTAL - Free verselife,metaphor,
Memories on Branches Quaternfamily,life,seasons,
MASK Rhymefreedom,
A Wish -re-post- Free verseangel,baby,death,deep,pai
Poet -This Poem is About You Free versededication,deep,inspirati
Morning Song Acrosticinspirational,
- When The Backpack Feels Heavy - Free versemoving on,
LIGHTS OUT Elegyanniversary,appreciation,
The Church is Alien Tankaanger,angst,
What is a Woman Epicwoman,
Scroll Of Life Sonnethope,lost,
Midnight Poet Free verseaddiction,character,devot
My Song Free versebetrayal,conflict,depress
Love secre, No more Epicmemory,mystery,sad,
RELIGION Free versereligion,universe,
Time Travel Free verseage,body,happy birthday,o
My Poems Are Children To Me Free versepoems,
UPbeat Sestinagod,inspirational,introsp
Winged Warrior Verseadventure,fantasy,
The Fiddler's Cat Coupletimagination,
IMAGINATION Imagismimage,imagination,introsp
To Be With You - Balladdesire,
I SURRENDER Dramatic monologuechristian,faith,feelings,
One Day To Last Forever Rispettorelationship,
Grandfather Speaks with Eagles Free verseart,environment,native am
Leader Of The Pack Tankapower,
Blessed Outcomes Alexandrinedesire,devotion,love,myth
Thank You - The Bell Versedevotion,spiritual,
- The living and the dead - Versehalloween,history,
HER SOFT CANAL Free versepassion,places,romance,
Whisky Moment Free verseabuse,addiction,celebrati
Hope Diminished Hexaversehope,world,
Two Pathways Destined Sonnetlife,love,
Touch Me Free verseabsence,confusion,imagina
Spiritual Things Rhymebible,christian,
Love in the Silence of the Soul Narrativedeath,love,sorrow,
Pirate Bay Haikuadventure,anti bullying,b
Like A Girl Free versebeautiful,girl,identity,r
JEALOUSY Tankaabuse,anger,conflict,dark
AMBER PRINTS Sapphic stanzabeauty,seasons,
CARMEN Acrosticchild,dedication,love,mot
Only if the world was filled with a little more love Lyricinspirational,life,love,w
Infamous Icon Quintain (English)introspection,
I AM YOUR SERVANT Free versechristian,desire,god,insp
- Every Breath You Take - Free versebeauty,life,love,romance,
Earth Day Acrosticadventure,blessing,corrup
ONLY HEALTH AND JOY Light Poetrycharacter,desire,god,jour
Quarantine of the Soul Free versedepression,emo,epic,futur
- I'm Sure It Is A Lady - Light Poetrybeauty,care,flower,women,
Philosopher's Stone Alliterationart,deep,desire,epic,lust
Nature Odenature,
In Opulence You Lie and Dream Epiclove,sensual,
Life is Fine Carpe Diembeautiful,life,
Giant Animals - The Elephant Iambic Pentameteranimal,emotions,tribute,
FINALLY Dramatic Versedark,deep,evil,horror,mur
A DAMSEL ENCHANTS FELICITY ABCfeelings,love,relationshi
BLUE OCTOBER Rhymeadventure,beautiful,blue,
The Age of Poet Destroyer Epiccommunity,pride,princess,
Midnight For Me Rhymefriend,good night,growing
Love One Another I do not know?death,depression,hate,hop
My Rose Was Not Seasonal Free verseabsence,
- Peace, Love, and Gods Greatest Gift - Terza Rimacelebration,christmas,dec
Come to me my Angel come Rhymeangel,love,
Lost Value of Words Epicbetrayal,character,evil,h
You Are My Whole Life There Is No Goodbyes Verseloss,love,
A LIFE WORTH LIVING Epigramlife,philosophy,
HAPPINESS Acrostichappiness,
Apple Worm Versesad,
DEEDS OF KINDNESS Epigramchristmas,love,people,
Star Free verseimagery,star,
IN A MILLION WAYS Free versedream,hope,life,
Laminated Love Ekphrasisbeautiful,desire,imaginat

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